Chapter 963. Kill all!


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Mo Fan saw their big team stumped.

This whole situation was just ridiculous! The state military not only did not protect their people from the bandits, they also stood shoulder to shoulder, carefully guarding this gang. Mo Fang simply had no words!

– What should we do? Asked Min Buson.

– And what can we do? We need to tell all our leaders that they give us another task, ”said Shao Hegu.

“But we got this information with such difficulty, now is not the time to retreat!”

The teams of the three countries were forced to go home. They could not conflict with the local military, after all, this is their territory.

– Mo Fan, are you back ?? – Nan Jue sighed with relief when she saw Jiang Shaoxu intact and unharmed by his side.

Ai Jiang Tu was about to say something, but after seeing how Mo Fan, with an unyielding expression on his face, headed straight for the guarded ship, he decided not to stick.

– Hey, you! Do not come! Or we will use force! – the main military man shouted angrily.

Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the high mage guard. The soldier froze in surprise:

– You again?

Mo Fan also recognized him. How by the way! They met while transferring caught criminals to the government. It was from his hands that Mo Fan received that pitiful reward.

– Tell me, what did you do with those criminals? – Mo Fan looked guarded by a guard.

– It’s my business! – stubbornly answered the military.

“Do you know that some of them got to Nanjiao village and killed more than ten people?” They treated them like their slaves! Is this your doing? – Mo Fan stood his ground.

From the changed face of the guard, it was noticeable that he was confused. Looking over himself, he replied imperiously:

– And what if so? It doesn’t concern you anymore! Get out of here or we will arrest you.

The indifference of the magician to the death of his people angered Mo Fan more.

– You will pay for it! – a blow of a flaming fist landed right in a high guard.

Mo Fan could already use mid-level magic in an instant. The guard did not have time to react, trying to create a water defense at the last second. But this entry-level magic went unnoticed, under the fiery power of Mo Fang.

Tydysch !!

The powerful flame of a fist threw a guard into the sky. A fierce fire, fueled by Mo Fan Fan, instantly turned a military magician into coal! Large flakes of ash slowly fell right in front of the rest of the guards. They could not believe that this student dared to kill their boss right before their eyes!

The charred corpse was lying on the ground, the fiery flashes had not yet been extinguished. The blow of a flaming fist shocked both guards and magicians from the teams. There was deathly silence. For a long time no one dared to say anything.

– There is nothing to hide behind his military uniform, bl * d! – Mo Fan looked at the charred remains. It seemed to him that he was filled with hatred.

None of the guardian mages dared to do anything.

The face of the measure distorted the cramp.

Kill civil servants! Lawlessness !!

“You … you killed the security chief.” I have every right to arrest you! the mayor Lao Lun growled.

Mo Fan looked dismissively at the mayor.

“I will pass by you now and climb aboard the ship.” I will grab and kill every member of the Red Society. Just try to stop me. Nothingness! You must wear the same red clothes! Here is your true face!

– Outrageous! You think if you are a high-level magician, I dare not grab you? I’ll cut your head off! – the mayor shouted hysterically.

After these words, the military restructured and surrounded Mo Fan. The tension of magical energy was felt in the air.

Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaoxu immediately rushed forward and stood beside Mo Fang, ready to fight with him.

– Doodles! What are you doing? We should not conflict with the government! – Shaw Hegu swore.

Mages from China completely inadequate? Such behavior in a foreign country can lead to international problems!

– It is necessary to reason with them! – the magicians from India got alarmed.

– Yes, he completely mad, this Mo Fan! – angry Ji Jiming.

If you so want to die, do not drag others with you! What was he just thinking about, killing the military ??

Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue looked at each other and silently went forward, standing next to Mo Fang. Being Chinese military, they both were selfless, otherwise they would not consider themselves worthy of the rank of military!

Rogues accepted into the ranks of the military? Quite the contrary!

– You also could not stand? – Jiang Shaoxuy involuntarily smiled when she saw those who joined.

The death of the military commander was well deserved. He personally released the wanted criminals, it is unacceptable in any country in the world! But if Mo Fan is going to confront them all, then the situation is much more dangerous!

It was necessary to act carefully. Ai Jiang Tu tried to explain to Mo Fang that now it is better to leave these gangsters and not to conflict with the military.

“I understand, thanks,” there was logic in his words. Mo Fan understood that it was not worth making things worse.

“I also think their behavior goes beyond,” said a girl from Japan.

– Of course, kill the military! – responded Min Buson.

– No, I mean the military. They are obliged to arrest the criminals! – explained the Japanese woman.

… – Min Buson did not find the answer.

Shao Hegu gloomily watched as participants from China rushed into the port and realized that the matter was bad.

– I can not stand here anymore. I’m with you! – One of the Japanese joined the group facing the military.

– Such a mess without me? Ahaha! I’m with you too! – the girl from India laughed merrily. Controlling the celestial veil, she fluttered to them, the word angel descending from heaven.

Even if the whole team was against it, there was always someone as stubborn as Mo Fan.

Despite the security, they quickly penetrated the territory of the port of Baitou. The guys saw that most of the young mages are still standing still, but it was noticeable that they could barely hold back.

They have the main initiator, if that – all responsibility will be on him!

Yet it was necessary to teach these hypocrites a lesson. How dare they defend these cruel criminals, and they also justify themselves before them !!

– Well, then you all stay here and hold back the military, and we will try to enter!

“I don’t want to get involved in this rotten business … your mother, who did this?” Who applied the ice dungeon? – The magician of the wind element from Japan instantly transformed. A second ago, he was completely calm, and after the attack, he turned into a mad beast, rushing to the very center of the altercation.

The situation has changed dramatically. Most of the magicians from China, India and Japan joined them. It does not matter that they are breaking the law. First you need to deal with these fake military!

– Rakshas clears our way! “Jiang Shaoxiu saw the terrific contract animal Jiang Yu.

There was a tiny black silhouette just ahead. From time to time a small fire flashed in front of one of their guards, and the man fell to his feet. Unmatched speed!

– Well, bl *, we will not get anything like that! – Zhao Man Yan held a magical shield, repelling alone the attacks of the military.

Swearing came from all sides. Zhao Man Yan steadily followed Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxu. Without knowing why, he was still worried.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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