Chapter 964. The War of Caso!


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The main guard, Caso, stood on the deck and watched the battle in the port with a grin.

– Ha ha ha! Just look at them! Take a look! Themselves started a fight! Ha ha ha! – Caso laughed loudly.

The rest of the magicians in red clothes, too, amused. About five years ago, they, like trash rats, hid in the alleys, pursued by the government, other groups and magicians from the Temple of Freedom. Now they sat on the deck of the ship, drank beer and watched the military, like their tame monkeys.

– Chef, in the city of Baytou is a very dangerous situation with the sirens. Is it true that we will fight them? – asked a fat magician with a giant belly.

– Fight the sirens? What more! We just want to get some money here and be done with it. Does this fool Lao Lun really think that the post of military commander is important to me ?? With our money, we can build our city in a better place. Build your state! These mongrels from the Temple of Freedom dare not even come close to us! – fun Caso.

– Chief, you are just a genius !!

– Genius !!


The territory of the port of Baitou.

– Hold them up! I order to detain them! – Mayor Lao Lun angrily shouted.

A group of guard mages chased Mo Fan and the rest. They almost managed to catch this trinity, but suddenly a huge monster with a lion’s head popped out! The whole body of the animal was covered with armor.

No one understood whose call is this beast. He rushed in the direction of the guards, wanting to break them! The military were so confused that they could not use any magic.

Taking advantage of the chance, Mo Fan, Jiang Shaoxuy and Zhao Man Yan rushed after the night rakshasm, leaving behind the military guards.

They did not understand whether it was the strength of someone from their team, or if someone from the military thought badly of their actions. Finally, having broken into the port, they saw that there was not a single military magician here.

– Auuuuuu!

On the other hand an agile wolf appeared, a girl was sitting on his back. Mages instantly learned Onni! Not so long ago, she, too, was in their captivity.

Under the spiritual control of Jiang Shaoxu, Mo Fan grabbed Onni, as if she were not a magician, but an ordinary girl.

Reaching the crossing, Mo Fan glanced at the deck that had drowned in darkness.

He knew that there were a lot of people on the ship, but he didn’t feel even a drop of fear.

Taking the prisoner with him, he shouted in the direction of the ship:

– Oh, is it Onni?

– Oh, God, he caught her!

Several heads immediately popped out onto the deck to make sure that it was really her.

Onni was a high-level magician, but was still weaker than other magicians of the same level. In the Red Society she was greatly appreciated! Firstly, because the robber women could be counted on the fingers, and secondly, she was very personal. Many of the wizards of the Society dragged her.

As soon as they saw that she was captured, the magicians became enraged.

– Caso, help me! – cried Onni.

A huge black silhouette appeared on the deck. Eyes full of rage stared down at them.

Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxu were dumbfounded. This man was much taller than them and surely was very strong!

“Guys, if you let her go, I promise that my people will not chase you and I will not create any problems for you …” it seems Kaso, too, was not indifferent to the girl if he personally appeared before Mo Fane.

– You and can not create us problems. Today you all die! – Mo Fan did not hesitate.

– Wow, what plans! You understand that I …

– АААААА !!!!

Without waiting for Kaso to finish his rant, Mo Fan abruptly turned around and used the magic of the element of space to break the girl’s neck !!

Until the last moment, Onni did not suspect anything, hoping that Mo Fan and Caso would be able to agree. Her short death cry was terrified. The girl’s eyes rolled, and her head hung at an angle like it was about to fall off.

Caso, choking on a half-word, seemed to be choking.

Kaso was the chairman of the Red Society, he was used to the fact that all the people around him were afraid and idolized him. In self-confidence and folly he had no equal! Caso could not even imagine that someday such a day would come. The young magician, without saying a word and the floor, killed the person close to him right before his eyes!

– I’m sick of listening to this nonsense! I’ll turn you into stuffing! “Mo Fan threw Onni’s body into the sea.” They want to catch – let them catch.

“Mo Fan … did you say she would come in handy … for that?” – whispered Zhao Man Yan.

It was cruel. In truth, Zhao Man-yan’s feelings for this beautiful brigand have not cooled yet, even despite all her atrocities.

Mo Fan behaved very strange. It is so easy to kill a person just for the sake of demonstrating his power.

Too cruel!

– I’ll tear off your head with my own hands! – Kaso yelled beside himself with anger and rushed to run down from the ship.

At that moment a crowd of people in red clothes appeared. Their eyes were full of anger.

– This is a crucial moment! We are in business! – The nearby Japanese Ming Buson and Zhao Hegu joined the battle.

Several people also joined the girl from India, seeing that there are more and more people from the Red Society.

Mo Fan and Kaso have not yet met, but the rest of the Society already attacked the magicians from India and Japan. Waves of elemental magic were everywhere, randomly intersecting and intermingling.

– This one is on you, and I can cope with those myself! “Zhao Man Yan felt a powerful energy emanating from Caso, unlike a mage who had just cultivated to a high level.”

Zhao Man Yan quickly found an appropriate opponent for himself — fully dressed in a red black girl standing behind Kaso. He felt that there was not much power in her. Easy target!

“This little bastard doesn’t deserve such attention.” For your sake, I will tear it to pieces! – Said the fat man in red clothes.

– You take care of that girl. She has spiritual magic, ”Kaso pointed to Jiang Shaoxu.

“Spiritual magic … I will find contact with her,” the fat man laughed greedily, looking at Jiang Shaoxu from head to toe.

“Chief, let us try this guy for a start,” several magicians in red appeared appealingly in front of Kaso, ready to surround Mo Fanya at any moment.

Mages already prepared for an attack, but a small black creature appeared in front of them. The rapid wave of the black claw and one of the magicians in red is already bleeding to death.

Caso smiled.

– It seems you still have something worthwhile, but this is not important. You managed to piss me off. I’ll take your funeral!

Kaso prepared for an attack, his main goal was of course Mo Fan.

It is clear that the guy was strong, since he was able to grab Onni so easily. His brothers fought with other people, but Caso was not about to waste time. First he must kill this jerk! And then he will do the rest.

– Mountain eye: heavenly veil!

Caso with incredible speed formed a star cloud, his eyes, as if covered with sand, gleamed feverishly. At the same time, countless yellow stones rose into the air.

The stones were small in size, but accumulating together, they were a formidable weapon.

The stream of stones rushed towards Mo Fan, spinning around its axis. At tremendous speed, these stones were like small blades.

The stone wall behind Mo Fan was instantly shattered.

– Choking heavenly veil!

Kaso controlled the piercing stones with the help of the magic of the Mountain Eye.

At the last moment, surrounded by a stream of stones, Mo Fan covered everything with darkness and suddenly appeared in a different place.

Constantly cultivating in the magic of the element of the shadow, Mo Fan achieved considerable success. He was able to reach the level of the Shadow of the Four Paths. The assessor of the magical court Luo Myan had the magic of the element of shadow at this level.

Shadow of the Four Paths. Caso could not know exactly where Mo Fan is. He had no choice but to divide the whirlwind of stones into four streams, chasing at once four shadows of Mo Fang.

The power of the heavenly veil lies in its quantity. Divided into four parts, it became much weaker. Mo Fan suddenly appeared in one of the shadows. Concentrating his thoughts, he forced one of the streams surrounding him to dissipate without a trace.

– Petrify!

Caso had a terrific reaction, his brown eyes flashed. A giant stone barrier began to form around Mo Fan.

– Call of thunder!

Mo Fan’s body was filled with the purplish-black energy of lightning, and he himself turned into peals of thunder. Lightning flying through the barrier, lightning struck directly at Caso. A huge amount of energy soared in the air, this place was as if enveloped in an energy network. Simultaneously with Mo Fan’s attack, Caso evaporated in the shimmering air …

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