Chapter 965. Venomous Lats


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Destructive lightning sprawled around, enveloped the body of Caso, and pierced it with powerful electric charges.

But Caso was not going to retreat at all. The air around him began to thicken, lifting the sand, and turning it into a dense sand shield, isolating Kaso from the destructive lightning.

Electrical discharges could not pass through this sand shield, quickly losing any meaning.

In the middle of the sand shield, Kaso stomped his foot with force, and, having already managed to close tightly, the sand scattered into the grains of sand, and that terrible petrification effect scattered around again.

Mo Fan realized with horror that the case was smelled roasted, and hurried to activate the bloody boots.

Petrification spread very quickly, instantly turning everything into a stone about a hundred meters around, stepping literally on the heels of Mo Fanyu, gradually turning his foot into a stone.

“You’re not going anywhere!” – in the eyes of Kaso flashed a brown sparkle.

Mo Fan felt that continuing to run would be a completely wrong decision, because he immediately called on his shield of darkness.

Ordinary metals, like the one from which the shield of darkness was made, could not withstand the touch of the shining of the eyes, and the shield immediately turned into stone, disintegrating into small pieces.

Mo Fan was terrified. How great are the abilities of Kaso in the element of earth, since he applies a petrification to so much!

– Petrify!

The brown glow of his eyes reappeared, Mo Fan, dodging, tumbled to the side, and the wooden railing behind him turned into a stone, and immediately broke into small pieces.

– If you are not so agile, then your death hour has come! – Kaso’s physiognomy momentarily acquired a terribly angry look.

The color of his skin began to change, and blood-blue fog thickened around him. From what his silhouette dimmed in his eyes.

– The element of poison? “Mo Fan looked at Caso, and clearly felt a threatening aura emanating from him.

Caso waved his hands, the leather clothes on him began to tear, and the blood-blue fog turned into a storm.

– I said that you will not get away from here alive !! – Caso’s face began to twitch, and his muscles grew, as if they were about to break out of his skin.

His body also suffered an amazing transformation: his muscles acquired a light green shade, and grew stronger and stronger. In less than a dozen seconds, his whole body was covered with relief and solid, steel-like muscles, the skin became green, like a lizard, and covered with many nasty abscesses!

Other parts of the body have also changed. This immediately reminded Mo Fang of Fan Shaoli’s death on the estate!

“What a nightmare, he used high-level poison magic on himself.” Jiang Shaoxu whispered.

Apply on yourself the magic of the poison element, then devour the monster’s blood to turn into a terrible poisonous creature … This Caso is determined by a special understanding of the poison element!

“Ha ha ha, don’t even think about escaping.” With this beautiful poisonous metamorphosis, I’ll crush you like cockroaches! – growled Caso, and madly laughed.

– Blowing fist!

Mo Fan released a fiery dragon from his fist that struck the transformed Caso.

Kaso did not even wave, and stood with the same insane expression on his face.

The dragon’s flame had fallen straight through it, but its hardened, poison-covered skin was impenetrable, as if it had put on red-and-blue muscular armor. And Mo Fanya’s fierce collapsing fist left only a pale, dark mark on them!

Mo Fan could not even imagine that this could happen. Caso saw that he was scared, and in a moment he was right in front of him.


Mo Fang’s head had only that thought appeared.

Literally a millisecond ago, Kaso stood more than a hundred meters from Mo Fang, and bang, he was already there, in front of him, and from his elbows protruded sharp knives, ready to behead Mo Fanya!

Mo Fan only took a step back, a stone spike appeared behind him and hit him in the back!

My eyes filled up, my head was spinning, Mo Fan sighed sharply, lifted his head, and again saw the fierce look of Caso, who was already at the top, and was going to pierce his chest with sharp knives on his elbows!

– Snake mail!

Mo Fan activated the spiritual seal, and the snake skin pattern first appeared on his chest, protecting it, after which, these dark patterned scales covered his entire body.

– Oh! – sighed Caso, seeing how the chain mail protect Mo Fanya. Standing in a fighting position, he put his hand on his fist, as if he greeted him and hit the thorn!

** Babakh! **

Mo Fan as if fell from the sky, falling on the wreckage of the collapsed stone spike.

His whole body was terribly sore, it seemed that every bone was begging for help, this cunning bandit obviously was an experienced fighter, only seeing Mo Fane’s armor immediately changed tactics and did not use piercing techniques that were useless against her which is much more effective when your opponent is clothed with armor!

– This guy is strong! – Mo Fan got up, wiping blood from the corners of his lips.

Being also a high-level magician, Kaso was much more experienced and cunning, for half an hour, Mo Fan was not only unable to inflict damage on him, he was already pretty wounded.

On the other side of the harbor, a flag developed, under it, like a ghost in the night, stood a long-haired girl in a gold-black dress.

The girl looked intently into the distance, behind the battle on the other side, exhaled heavily, she said: “It’s impossible to cope with the most powerful Caribbean poison magician Kaso alone.”

“We need help, that young man is in mortal danger, even five such as he are not rivals for Caso,” came the voice of a man.

“Yes, I know … Only that dream will we let Caso escape,” said the girl in the golden-black dress.

– Nothing can be done … They hoped that with the help of the union, we could weaken the Red society, who knew that they would have a dispute between the states. Now we have to intervene, we should not allow the massacres of Kaso.

“Okay, we only … – only the girl in the black-and-black dress was going to agree, as she noticed that this guy, fighting alone, was covered with a bright flame, and his mighty aura was felt even here.

Seeing this flame, she froze in surprise.

“Wait, it looks like he can still fight,” said the girl in the ash-black dress.

The girl in the black-and-black dress was a native of the temple of liberty, and was a magician of this temple, and they were forbidden to help without urgent need.

Kaso was very cunning, because only by smelling the magicians of the temple, he immediately found a way to escape.

This time they wanted to cut down the Red society in the bud, and if this squad manages to squeeze Caso enough, then they will have an excellent chance to arrest him.

It seems now, this kid from China will be able to destroy the poisonous armor Kaso.

“This young man is quite capable, so we can wait a little longer,” said the man magician.

The girl in the black-and-black dress had very beautiful light blue eyes, and she looked them into the distance, at the battle …

– Do not think that you alone can transform!

– Winged crashing fist!

Two flaming wings lit behind Mo Fane’s back. The raging flames of nine dragons created a beautiful fiery tail. And it all struck the caso’s transformed poisonous body.

Caso stood with bulging eyes when the power of a raging flame pushed him a few hundred meters away, breaking through several trucks with him, eventually slamming him into an iron container!

– Control!

Mo Fan’s pupils widened, silver light crushed the thick walls of the container, and then slowly lifted into the air.

Controlling a multi-ton container, Mo Fan dropped it on Caso, then lifted it again and dropped it again!

The sound of the crash did not die down for a moment, the entire concrete platform of the harbor was broken into parts, and the crushed container Caso did not move …

In the distance, there was a girl magician from the temple in an ash-black dress, in surprise opened her sexy red lips.

Amazingly, it was that some international competitor could cope with the power of Caso, and in a similar way.

** bang! ** ** bang! **

Caso did not die, the poisonous metamorphosis gave him incomparable power, and he shook off the container that was on him, like a nagging fly, throwing him many meters away.

He stood up, on his body there were deep marks from the blows, and on the skin were dark marks.

The defense of this type was amazing, Mo Mo Fan could easily have dealt with the commander-in-chief level monster with this technique, but Caso couldn’t do that.

– Chief, are you all right? – asked the big-bellied magician.

They were his subordinates, and when they saw what had happened they were very frightened for their boss.

– Shut up! – voice Kaso became even more fierce.

He had never seen boys like this!

Kaso did not understand what Mo Fan used for the flames, but he felt a special aura of fire, and it was not clear to him, it is the magician himself who creates it, or there is some other source.

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