Chapter 966. The Gifted Student


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Caso felt that this unusual breath of fire emanated from a small fiery fucker.

There was a spiritual connection between the hetero girl and Mo Phan. In fact, she had not yet woken up, but when she felt that daddy was in danger, she tried her best to transfer her fire energy to Mo Fanyu so that he would get more fire power and control power.

Mo Fan felt that the power of the fireheater increased dramatically. Having absorbed her energy, Mo Fan became even stronger.

Ordinary magic, for example, the level of a flaming fist, could not harm the thick-skinned Caso.

Now the girl was half awake. Mo Fan thought that when she finally wakes up, her strength should be equal to the strength of the commander-level beast and the effect of her gain will increase many times!

Caso feared this creature.

Having absorbed the energy of the fiery musician, Mo Fan no longer feared the mutant Caso. Still using his fire wings, Mo Fan rushed at an incredible speed to meet the enemy.

This time, Mo Fan did not spend all his energy on the collapsed fist. Still, it was mid-level magic, and even strengthened, she could not inflict serious damage on Caso.

In the glow of the stars, Mo Fan with both hands in a flash formed a deadly silent lightning.

Two streams of deadly silent lightning merged together right in front of Caso and formed a thunderstorm of such strength that the whole port shook! Purple-black electric charges soared into the sky, an electrical storm raging everywhere. Lightning threw Caso into the air. Powerful electric waves passed through the body of the magician.

Caso soaring in the sky shouted angrily. He tried to control the heavenly veil. All soaring pebbles covered his body, creating an even denser protection over the skin, modified with the magic of poison and separated it from electrical waves.

With great effort, Caso sank onto the deck of the ship. From a sharp blow, the ship swayed and the bow of the vessel rose to the top.

Mo Fan was already standing on the higher platform of the ship, not lagging behind Kaso. His body, like a fiery sun, turned into a raging flame! He leaned forward …

– Mountain hammer!

Caso did not even try to dodge. In the blink of an eye, having formed a stream of stones into one giant stone hammer, he headed towards Mo Fan. Using remarkable strength, Kaso swung the stone with a hammer, throwing Mo Fang into the fireball straight into the sea.

Mo Fan, like a meteorite, fell into the sea, lifting huge waves out of water and flame.

– Die!

Caso jumped off the deck of the ship straight down. Blades of his elbow flew toward Mo Fan, cutting through the water surface.

The deep waters of the sea could have a strong effect on fiery magic, so Mo Fan moderated his ardor and under the shadow of the water column quietly moved back to the road.

Kaso perfectly possessed the magic of the heavenly veil! Having formed a stone bridge, he freely moved straight through the air, continuously pursuing Mo Fang!

Stone bridge connected to the road. The speed of moving Kaso using ground waves was simply amazing! He grabbed Mo Fan and threw him toward the ship.

Mo Fan flew through the air, piercing the nose of the ship with his body. Having formed a powerful electric charge with both hands, he pushed himself back to the top. With a wave of his hand, the magician sent a thunderbolt and lightning strike directly at the enemy. Electrical discharges spread across Mo Fan’s body.

Kaso did not fear the magic of the lightning element. His skills in earth element magic were much stronger. He was protected by a thick layer of the heavenly veil, and electric lightning could not break through it.

– Fuck you!

Realizing that the lightning bolts were absolutely useless here, Mo Fan sent a huge fireball to Kaso, which had already formed in the other hand.

Kaso did not even realize that this lad possesses the magic of several elements. Finally, Mo Fang managed to take him by surprise.

A wave of fire carried Caso into the sea.

Mo Fan didn’t have time to take a breath as the thug got out of the water and landed heavily on the wrecked deck of the ship. Water flowed from the robber. He again chased Mo Fane, cutting the air with blades! When will it end ??

– Flaming sword!

The flaming sword had tremendous power and was more than ten meters high. Usually the energy of the flaming sword was unstable and dissipated quickly. But this time, Mo Fan clearly felt the energy formed, as if he was holding a real sword! Wow! It seems that the energy of the fiery heterky has increased his controlling ability and extended the life of the fiery sword!

The blades of Kaso were only about a meter in length, and Mo Fane’s flaming sword was already reaching fifteen meters. To swing such a sword, both hands were required, as well as the magic of the element of space. In the hands of Mo Fan, the fiery sword was not like a tool for chopping off heads, but rather like a huge club. At the time approached Kaso, was knocked down a powerful blow.

– Oh!

Waves of fire raged around.

Fearing the flaming sword, now Caso did not dare to rush headlong at Mo Fan. Taking a few steps back, he waited for the right moment to use the power of petrification.

– The power of the night!

At this time, Mo Fan did not give the robber a chance to use high-level magic, hiding in a cloud of darkness.

Caso was trying to break out of the dark trap that suppressed his Mountain Eye magic. In the end, the magic of the earth depended on the shining of the eyes, and now he could not even consider the enemy.

Mo Fan still held the flaming sword in his hands. Under the power of the night, the flame of a sword was like a ghost that was moving.

Four shadows with bright glowing eyes attacked Caso from all sides. With a frightened glance, the robber could not understand which of the shadows was Mo Fane.

Using the flaming sword under the rule of the night, Mo Fan himself did not suspect that three more reflections could appear!

He knew that the power of the night could intensify dark magic, but he did not expect such an effect!

Kaso did not have time to use the magic and looked in horror at Mo Fang appearing right in front of him. A huge wave of fire threw Caso into the air while he tried to cover his head with both hands, awaiting execution.

The rogue screamed in horror. The flames burned through the armor and devoured his body!

Mages of the Temple of Freedom were stunned watching what was happening from their shelter. Where did this talent come from ?? He defeated Caso, who kept the whole Caribbean region at bay !!

“Such power … and is it a student?” Exclaimed the magician from the Temple of Liberty.

All this time, they watched aside, waiting for the right moment to grab Caso. The longer Mo Fan held out, the more likely their chance was, but they never expected such an outcome!

This is beyond the power of an ordinary student, even they themselves did not have an absolute chance of winning!

– Aluna, I think it’s time to act! – the man said.

“Yes, Kaso is now wounded and very angry,” Aluna nodded, dressed in golden-black clothes.

Kaso is not so easy to finish. As far as they knew, the robber still had trumps up his sleeve. He possessed the magic of another element, but did not always use it.

Now was the right moment. If Kaso reveals the cards, it will be their chance! Placing the net, they will not let him escape!

“If we catch him, it will be awesome!” It will be his merit! – whispered the magician.

– It must be the head of the state security team of China! He is not nearly inferior to our Assass! – Aluna said.


Mo Fan did not guess that two magicians from the Temple of Freedom stand in their positions not far from the battlefield. Seeing Caso rising to his feet, he felt that the gangster’s forces had not yet weakened. Mo Fan frowned.

The head of the Red Society is terribly strong!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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