Chapter 967.


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… … …


A faint breeze of wind turned into scorching gusts. Strengthened by a powerful wind, the heavenly veil has become an even more terrible weapon.

– The magic of the wind! – breathed Mo Fan.

Kaso never used the third element in battles. Only now, having been injured, he decided to reveal all his cards.

It doesn’t matter if it was the magic of the earth element or the magic of the poison, Caso mastered them skillfully! If it were not for the energy of the fiery musicians, Mo Fan could not resist him. The unexpected magic of the wind was so strong that it could be compared with a real sea hurricane!

The most powerful element of Kaso was not the magic of the earth or poison at all, but the magic of the wind !!

– You were a worthy opponent, but let’s end it! I have played enough, – a false smile appeared on Caso’s stone face.

* whistling wind

Caso seemed to evaporate in the air.

Mo Fan was frightened. He used spatial magic to slow Caso’s movements, but even then he saw only vague outlines.

“Now let’s check how good your armor is!” – Kaso’s voice came out very close to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan did not have time to do anything, as Kaso’s powerful hands seized him by the throat.

The robber possessed superhuman strength! His stranglehold did not give Mo Fang any chance!

Mo Fan vaguely saw huge brownish-yellow wings forming from the wind and sand behind Kaso. Whistling from their sweeps was heard to the whole district!

Grabbing Mo Fan, Caso flew into the sky. Forces of a hurricane and a heavenly veil underfoot in a second raised it more than 300 meters !! At the level of clouds one could see the whole city of Baitou!

Snake mail did not allow Caso to turn Mo Fana’s neck. Covering it with a stone layer, Caso with all his strength threw him down, hoping that he would break!

Mo Fang did not have the ability to fly. Falling down rapidly, he noticed that something like a huge stone rock would fall after him. The edge of the rock was directed straight at him, and on the other hand, Caso stood on a flat stone surface. Energizing his energy, he further increased the speed of the fall of the rock !!

A giant stone cliff crashed into it in the air. The rapid fall of Mo Fang himself softened the blow, otherwise he would not have survived! He understood that when he reached the ground, he would be crushed alive by this lump!

Gusts of wind rang in his ears. The fall speed is so high that the collision will surely crush Mo Fan to all the bones !!

– Ha ha ha ha !!! A-ha-ha-ha! – Kaso went down standing on the surface of the rock and, holding his head, rolled with laughter.

Finally he will bury this jerk!

……… ..

– Mo Fan! – Zhao Man Yan screamed in fright when he saw Mo Fan falling down at a rapid rate, followed by a huge rock.

The rock looked like a meteorite. Nothing alive has a chance !!

– Protect him! – it cost Zhao Man Yan to open his mouth, as a wooden fish with carved ornament appeared in his hand.

The patterns on the totem vessel of the wooden fish were filled with a golden glow and the light image of a big fish soared into the heavens, picking up the falling Mo Fan.

The golden glow shrouded Mo Fang’s entire body like armor. The golden ornament pulsed on the surface, as if the defense was alive!

Tydysch !!

The shock wave spread throughout the port raising huge waves at sea.

– Mo Fan !!! – Jiang Shaoxu cried, looking at the place of defeat.

Such a blow no one could survive. Even Mo Fang had no chance of salvation!

– He killed him !!

– Heck! We did not have time! Our light chains were a fraction of a second late! This is our fault! – condemning herself, said Aluna.

They should have waited so long !! After all, he is just a student! Did they really think that he could handle Caso alone ??

– What now…

– Need to finish the job! Don’t let that bastard get away! – Aluna exclaimed.

They were not shown until the last moment, precisely because of the high abilities of Kaso in the magic of the elements of earth and wind. In this he had no equal! If the robber wanted to hide, no one could have prevented this. In addition, due to the action of the magic of poison, Kaso looked like a monster and had superhuman strength! Not a few magicians from the Temple of Freedom died from his hands!

They so hoped that this gifted student would be able to help them! Diligently setting up the trap of light, they did not even notice how Caso defeated this boy! They did not even have time to do anything!


“Mo Fan, don’t die, bitch * n you son !!” – Zhao Man Yan yelled.

They told him not to go into this business! He, as always, was overly confident and wanted to cope alone! Even having united all together they could not do it !!

– You are also trying to teach others! Yes, without this vessel, you are nothing! – grinned black girl.

The girl’s eyes flashed with cold light and ice spears appeared in her both hands. She destroyed all Zhao Man Yan’s defenses in a flash!

As soon as the ice spear touched the stone shield of Zhao Man Yan, he, as if made of their crystal, crumbled into thousands of ice fragments!

“Magic spear …”

Zhao Man Yan regretted that he was so carelessly left without protection. A deadly ice wave rushed toward him stepping on his heels! Ice fragments rushed past, leaving cuts all over the body.

Zhao Man Yang’s entire body was covered in bloody stains. And he thought it would be an easy target! Who knew she would be so strong! Left without a wooden fish, which doubled its protection, Zhao Man Yan realized that he had not calculated his strength.

“Not many in this world have as many magical items as mine!” – whispered Zhao Man Yan, in one second calling magical shoes and magic blade.

Both items belonged to the magic element of light, which allowed Zhao Man Yan to destroy the ice spear in one fell swoop.

– That’s not all! – Zhao Man Yan threw up both hands. Behind him, one by one, golden feathers began to appear and formed into giant wings. The golden metallic luster of the wings blinded everyone around.

The black girl was dumbfounded. Few could afford such expensive magic items, and even in such quantities!

Light shoes and the sword still all right. But to have golden wings at that age is too cool!

He could easily cope without wooden fish!

Let others laugh, that he has the lowest position in the team, but no one has such luxurious equipment!

– Blessing of light!

Three magical objects shone with a new force, as if not intending to dissipate. The blue ring on Zhao Man Yang’s hand radiated sacred light.

– Water shield!

Zhao Man Yang was surrounded by a water wall. Initially, he could create a four-layer or even a five-layer water barrier, but with a ring of light energy, about eight water barriers circulated around it!

– Storm wave!

The energy of the ring seemed to strengthen all the magic of the water element. The usual storm wave turned into a water demon rushing at the enemy!

The girl rushed to their heels, hoping to escape on the ship. Zhao Man Yan flew straight through the water waves swinging his lightsaber and illuminating everything in his path!

The lightsaber easily broke the nose of the ship and touched the fugitive’s hand even through magical armor! Scarlet blood spattered in all directions.

– Look at me! – Zhao Man Yan made fun of the girl who was whitewashed with fear.

The girl was shaking with horror. She has never met magicians with so many treasures! She realized that he had not even used many things, for example, those three rings on his arm, or that bracelet, or …

…… ..

* crunch sound

The bones made a strange crunch, or maybe they were stones. Mo Fan stumbled out of a pile of stones. His snake mail has turned into trash. There was no living place on the guy.

It hurts, everything hurts! As if the whole body is burning alive!

Thanks to demonization, his body became much more enduring than that of an ordinary mage. If Zhao Man Yan hadn’t had time to add the protection of wooden fish at the last moment, his chain mail would not withstand such a blow!

– So he did not die ?? Caso exclaimed in amazement, his eyes bulging.

This kid is like forged from iron!

Even two layers of protection would not have saved him!

But apart from a few severe injuries, he had no fatal wounds.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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