Chapter 968


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It can be said that the demonic element is the most unnecessary magic element. This element only made Mo Fan’s body stronger, strengthening its vitality, allowing it to become more resilient than ordinary magicians.

Rising to his feet again, Mo Fan stared at Caso.

The fire rose and the fire menace flamed afresh on Mo Fan’s body, spreading bright flames.

“You’re the strongest guy I’ve ever seen.” But you need to cultivate another 10 years to become my real rival! – Caso took a step forward, the muscular armor on his legs arched, as if his legs were about to turn into a powerful iron tripod.


Suddenly, the ground cracked and Caso furiously flapped his wings, uttering a heart-rending roar.

Mo Fan ran back, setting a great distance.

Compared to Kaso, Mo Fan’s speed was very slow. He had not yet managed to sink to the ground, as Caso was in front of him.

Caso’s hands became much larger, filled with enormous strength. Stones, spinning on high sock, attached to the hands and soon his fists became huge.

Hefty stone fists fell on Mo Fan, but at that moment he hid in the shadow of the boat, merging with that shadow. Immediately divided into 4 shadows, the guy was sold on different sides.

Kaso’s stone fists hit the air without producing any effect. With his eyes he followed the shadows, trying to recognize in which of them the real Mo Fan was hiding. But at that moment, the thorns of the shadows silently flew out of the darkness, pinning Caso’s feet.

“Kaso is shackled, but this technique can only temporarily delay the pursuit of Mo Fane.” Although, you must first get rid of the thorns of the shadow, otherwise it will remain without movement!

“How many elements does this guy have in the end ?!” –

Caso tried to focus energy, but at the time when he dealt with the magic of the element of the shadow, lightning struck at his feet.

Caso went to a dead heat, but lightning struck again in front of him.

Ten lightning flashed one after the other, at the moment when Caso got rid of the shackles and continued to move quietly, the seventh lightning struck exactly Caso’s body.

But Mo Fan understood perfectly well that this magician is under the protection of the heavenly veil. The lightning element has no effect, the veil is impenetrable. It is better to quit trying to pierce it with lightning and try to drop this mage with a shock wave.

– Your attempts are like a mouse scuffle, I thought you would surprise me with your tricks – Caso laughed.

– I have no tricks. Let’s do this, I will give you Onni’s head and you will continue to practice your piracy, and I will go my own way. Said Mo Fan.

Caso looked at Mo Fan, the guy’s body was covered with wounds, his bones were also broken. I wonder how he still has the courage to continue the battle with a magician like him, Kaso?

– Haha, is this your decision? – At this moment a blade appeared from Kaso’s elbow. This time, he surely must deal with this kid, otherwise his brothers can’t stand it anymore. If you continue to waste time with this magician, then so you can lose all subordinates.

– Can I ask for something? How did you manage to direct your cultivation of the poison element into such a course that you turn into a monster? Does it hurt you? Mo Fan asked directly.

Jiang Shaoxu saw Caso and Mo Fan continue to engage in dialogue and she simply had no words.

Does this guy even understand what’s going on? He is seriously injured, but still continues to chat with Caso, apparently waiting for him to finally deal with him.

Run in the direction of Ai Jiang Tu, he, too, can fight with Caso! Now you show off here, and you will be killed!

Jiang Shaoxu could not budge and help Mo Fan, her rival was very cunning. He coped well with her magic element of the spirit, it was very difficult to fight with him, and it was not possible to help a friend.

Caso did not answer, his face showed no emotion.

Without knowing why, Kaso thought that Mo Fan was mocking him. It seemed to him that this guy was not so simple and that he did not pay enough attention to his abilities.

– These are your dying words? Caso asked.

– Hey, you two, do nothing! Do not move! – suddenly cried Mo Fan.

This cry put the two magicians of the Temple of Freedom in the dark into a dead end.

How does he know?

Caso, too, ohrenel, just at that moment, as he focused his energy to explore the circle for unforeseen dangers, strange light spots suddenly began to appear at a short distance from the mage.

These light spots spread around Caso, forming light chains. An experienced magician immediately realized that his affairs were bad!

– Damn it! “Caso was beside himself with rage, and he looked as if he had lost his composure.”

He was very focused on this whole fight, his body was wounded too. But he did not even suspect that the opponent has a secret trump card up his sleeve!

He did not even notice that light bands were created around him!

The reaction of Kaso was quick enough, he threw open the wings of the wind behind his back and rose into the air.

But above it, a black-golden light formed a cage, covering it with Kaso.

Kaso tried to break through this light cell, but realizing that this was impossible, he sank to the ground and, using the remaining force, rushed towards the sea. But the light cell covered him, as if trying to fly away a bird.

Caso did not despair, he again tried to run away to the other side. But the light trap chased him in all directions. The trap blocked all escape routes, creating a light prison in which Kaso was supposed to die!

– Chef!

– Chef in a cage!

Seeing this picture, Caso’s subordinates immediately rushed to his aid, trying to rescue him from this light trap.

Kaso was also very nervous, with the help of a muscular armor, he tried to break the shackles of this light cell.

But his armor was heavily damaged by Mo Fan’s magic, and now, striking a light cell, he inflicted unbearable pain, as the light burned through his armor.

That light had already penetrated his punctured shell and burned his body, it was difficult to endure such pain!

– Hold them up! – shouted the magicians of the Temple of Freedom to students.

Mo Fan was still full of energy. Seeing that Jiang Shaoxu continues to fight with that pot-bellied magician, he, with the help of thought control, raised the stern of the boat and lowered it to the pot-bellied.

That fat magician managed to dodge, frightened to death. Seizing the moment, Jiang Shaoxu took control of his thoughts and instilled fear in his head.

The fat magician resisted with all his might, but could not resist the force of control of Jiang Shaoxu. And the next second, he no longer allowed anyone from the Red society to Caso.

– I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

While in a cage, Caso started screaming crazy. Vessels burst in his eyes, and the whites of his eyes turned red. With these frantic eyes, he stared at Mo Fang, laughing at him.

Such an experienced Kaso did not suspect that in the darkness lurk two magicians of the Temple of Freedom. He now hated himself, because he had spent so much energy fighting a twenty-year-old magician. But most of all he hated himself for having committed a mistake and was captured by the magicians of the Temple of Freedom.

The light cell was getting stronger. Besides the fact that his subordinates did not kill these two magicians from the Temple of Liberty, so the magicians who were here were of a high level, many of them had already killed his fellows. Now Caso felt lonely and helpless.

At the very beginning, he would be able to break through this light cell with his own body, a modified poison. But he was too long in the battle and got too many wounds, now he could not escape from the light trap, which means that this light will burn his body to ashes!

– Bastard! – violently shouted Kaso.

We agreed to fight alone, while the magicians from the Temple of Liberty set up an ambush for him. Why did he not have time to dunk this young magician?

– Yeah, look at yourself first! Wash your ass and stay in your pen all your life! – Mo Fan smiled, despite the fact that his body was all in bloody wounds.

As soon as Mo Fan saw the light cell, he immediately remembered the words of the teachers that two magicians from the Temple of Freedom would be hiding somewhere on the battlefield. On the one hand, they were responsible for the safety of the students, on the other hand, it was a good chance to get away with the head of the Red Society.

Mo Fan’s wounds were very serious, if it were not for the demonic element, then he would have come to an end a long time ago.

– You’re doing fine! – The magician from the Temple of Freedom praised Mo Fan.

This time, Kaso failed to sneak away, and the magicians from the Temple of Liberty were elated. Now they can go and report on the work done. It was because of the Red society that the authorities constantly criticized them, and now, like a mountain, it fell off their shoulders.

Aluna, dressed in black and gold clothes, looked at Mo Fanya. Her light blue eyes sparkled with light. This time she owes it to this Chinese student!

She unconsciously became interested in Mo Fan. Not so many high-level magicians who can fight Caso. One not very experienced magician from the Temple of Free once died a cruel death at the hand of Kaso!

But so that the student could master the high-level magic so well, where did it appear?

However, Aluna had not yet had time to praise Mo Fan, as his words made her expression change.

– Half of the reward, which is due to his head, mine!

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