Chapter 969: The Untouchable Identity


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Mayor Lao Lun hastened to the scene, and when he saw everything with his own eyes, his face trembled with fear!

In his eyes, the magicians from the national team were just suicidal, once decided to go straight for the gangsters from the Red Society. There are so many high-level magicians in this community who could simply erase students from the face of the earth!

His look became even more surprised when he saw Caso wounded and imprisoned by the magic of light!

The mayor knew Kaso as an arrogant, ruthless and frantic man so much so that even the government army could not hinder him! Now this Caso looked like an ordinary felon convicted here.

– Mayor Lao Lun, I want to hear about the most stupid decision in your life, – said Aluna, having prepared her pen-recorder.

This pen already contained the talks of Caso and his charges. Kaso himself did not even think of fighting with sea creatures – he wanted to take all the money and dump!

The mayor’s face had become dull, he didn’t even know how to withstand the influx of sea monsters during the season!

“You entered into an agreement with them, but this only worsened the situation.” When the time comes to calculate the damage, it would be better for you to give a good explanation of all this! However, the city will not believe you if it becomes known that you were in collusion with these criminals, ”said Alouna in a stern voice.

The mayor barely caught his breath.

In fact, such an outcome for the mayor was more or less favorable. Most of all, he was afraid that during the influx of sea monsters he would still have to deal with this gang of thugs from the Red Society – there simply would not be enough resources to deal with two dangerous phenomena! Now, when Caso is detained, his wards will not be so active – they will prefer to lie down on the bottom or dump into other lands, and this means that the mayor himself will have to face only an influx of creatures!

“I know what to do, I will issue a new order to exterminate the remaining minions of the Red Society, so justice will be restored for the people,” the mayor said.

Aluna nodded her head. She already checked the information and partly understood the mayor, who this time was simply forced to make concessions in order to save the whole city. In such a backward country, mayors do not stay up long in their places, and the mayor of Lao Lun can retain his position only if he does not fall to the level of red bandits.

– Calm down, the Temple of Freedom will also assist you. We can send our magicians to your battle with sea creatures. Now that the leader of the Red Society is officially detained, I think that many hunters will agree to come here to eliminate the remaining minions, they will also be able to provide help with the monsters, said Aluna.

The news that the red leader Kaso was delayed spread very quickly, and the countries of the Caribbean, as one would expect, hurried to start fighting the remaining hot spots of the Red Society: countless hunting squads went on a hunt for the gangsters, hoping to earn good money. The governments of the countries did not even have to intervene in this process, since the collapse of the Reds was already predetermined.

Residents of Vanilla village have already returned to their areas.

The village headman and a girl named Guni even began to cry with happiness — they had not received good news for so long that now there was no limit to the joy of the inhabitants!

Young people who arrived here from the east literally cut out a huge malignant tumor of the Caribbean coast, which terrorized the inhabitants for many years.

They wanted to express their gratitude to Mo Fan, but he did not accept such an attitude, because of which the peasants felt even more ashamed.

If it were not for Guni, the peasants could have lost their last chance for freedom! Now, without the oppression of the Red Society, the villagers will have money and strength to fight sea monsters! They will be able to hire mages who can protect them.

From now on, the main problem of the inhabitants will be only defense from the influx of sea creatures – even the mayor himself did not expect such a result!

Aluna herself said that sea monsters do not pose a great danger if you stand together in solidarity and have enough resources at the same time.

Another fact that bothered Mo Fan was that Caso was led away by the wizards of the Temple of Freedom, which means that he would not receive a reward for it.

Aluna personally reported to international organizations on how the situation was. In this case, the shadow mantle will depart Mo Fanyu from the Chinese team, and the rest of the team will receive a reward.

However, the Japanese team was categorically opposed, insisting that it was they who provided the necessary information, they simply could not foresee that the situation would unfold in this way.

No one even hoped that the teams of the three countries would manage to deal with the Red Society, and even more so, to eliminate their leader Kaso.

Kaso is detained, the situation on the Caribbean coast calmed down, how in such a situation can you not give laurels to China?

The mantle of the shadow should be given to the team after arriving in Mexico, and Mo Fan was looking forward to this moment.

This artifact belonged to the magician of spells back in the days when he was young, so this must be something worthwhile ….

After crossing the Caribbean, the eyes of the team appeared endless continent of North America.

“Mo Fan, why did you decide to go to that vanilla village?” Did you immediately suspect that Onni? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

“I thought I could find something necessary there, but I was mistaken,” the guy replied.

Mo Fan went to the village because of the signals of his accumulative pearl. Realizing that the pearl signals in the direction of the old tree, but can not absorb its energy, Mo Fan was upset.

– By the way, we have completely fulfilled this mission, which means that one magician will leave our team. Zhao Man Yan, don’t you think it will be you? – Jiang Shaoxu looked at the magician with interest.

– Why so joking? My abilities in the team are now far from being the weakest! – Zhao Man Yan literally hit his chest.

– Yeah, thanks to wooden fish, your abilities are growing by leaps and bounds! And yet you are very lucky! Said Mo Fan.

Wooden fish, thanks to the hieroglyphs inscribed on it, markedly increased the resistance of Zhao Man Yan’s defensive magic, and now it is even difficult to find a high-level mage who will be able to break his defense.

– If not you, then who will leave? – asked Jiang Shaoxu, pondering.

“Ha, there are those who should worry more than me,” Zhao Man Yan grinned, looking towards Li Kaifeng.

– To go nuts, is he really so weak?

– He and Guan Yu have about the same level of cultivation, only Guan Yu has at least an expensive artifact, while Li Kaifeng doesn’t have that. Although, as Li Kaifeng himself says, he has “backroom levers.” Even in this case, I think that it is he who will leave, because in such a case the personality of the magician is much more important than his backstage, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Upon arrival in Mesica, the team stopped in the city of Baners. Before you go to the state security office in Mexico, you need to wait for the leaders who will lead the new team member and weed out the weakest one.

No one was exactly sure who it would be.

Mo Fan knew that he was not threatened with leaving the team, but he was excited that Mu Ning Xue would become a new member of the national team.

She sent him a message that she was with the leaders on her way to South America.

If his little wife is not near him, he will be very lonely!

– The decisive match?

– Do the leaders mean that we have to play a decisive match within the team?

This news was received by the magicians of the national team that at this time they were peacefully relaxing in a hotel.

Due to the fact that most of the members of the national team are at about the same level in their cultivation, the heads-judges decided to hold a decisive match.

In total, there were six people in the elimination selection, and Mo Fan was not one of them, so he was pofigistic about this.

It was a lottery.

The team has two untouchables – Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan. Mo Fan got such a footing after Kaso’s arrest.

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