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Entering the foggy forest is the last assessment, so you must wait until the previous assessment is over before you can begin.

Chu Xingyun waited aside and sometimes gave him a cultivate experience to pass the time.

When the sun set behind the western hills, the night was gradually over, the assessment was finally coming to an end.

“Chu Junior Brother, let’s go.” Ye Huan came over and shouted at Chu Xingyun.

“How is the situation?” Yang Feng solemnly asked, what he said, naturally is the five major Wufu dispatch sitting in the fog forest of the elder and core disciple.

“As Chu’s Junior Brother said, Xiao Yu represents our Wufu town in the foggy forest, and Li Yi is also in the list.”

Ye Huan’s brows were wrinkled, but he quickly stretched out again. “But the elders and core disciple of the other four Wufu dispatches are still upright. They should not directly make a move against Chu Junior Brother. ”

“That’s good.” Yang Feng put aside the big stone, as long as the elder and core disciple do not make a move, with the strength of Chu Xingyun, it should be enough.

“But…” Ye Huanfeng turned a bit, and some did not understand: “This assessment, snow dance will also sit in the fog forest as a core disciple.”

Yang Feng brows slightly, since the snow light dance joined Ling Xiaowu, it rarely appeared in front of everyone, this assessment, how she suddenly appeared?


At this time, in the sky, there was a gust of wind. Immediately, the crowd saw a Spirit Beast descending. On the broad back of Spirit Beast, a seductive woman stood.

“Snow dances, she really came!” The newly-distributed of the five major military houses, mostly young and youthful, have a sense of beauty, and the Qingcheng, which is like the light dance of the snow, has been cast. Fiery eyes.

Of course, this does not include Chu Xingyun.

When the light dance appeared, he didn’t even look at it. He still focused on explaining the Martial Spirit knowledge to Luo Xiao.

“Since everyone is here, then the assessment is beginning.” Xiao Yu can’t wait, look at the new variant, shouted: “Depart, go to the foggy forest!”

“Chu Junior Brother, let’s go.” Ye Huan is still somewhat worried about Chu Xingyun, so he applied to Lingxiao Wufu to sit in the fog forest as a core disciple.

“Chu big brother, I will be here waiting for you to come back.” Luo Yan some reluctantly waved, she is not a new variant of the Wufu Wufu, naturally can not participate in the assessment.

Chu Xingyun smirked back, and immediately, it was a plucking figure that ran towards the foggy forest.

The foggy forest is located under the mountain range of the cloud, and it is a distance from the Wufu region. However, it can become the new discipline of the five major military powers. The strength is not weak, and the roads are not in sight.

When the night falls completely, the crowd is finally at the out of the foggy forest.

At this time, the sleek Ming Yue has been hung in the night sky, sprinkling soft moonlight.

Everyone looked down at the glow, and in the foggy forest in front, there was a thick fog, and it was not scattered all the year round. It was as daunting as hiding the peerless Ominous Beast.

The atmosphere of the whole space has become extraordinarily quiet, and the crowd has realized that this assessment is not simple. If it is careless, it is very might to fall into the mouth of the beast and kill it on the spot.

“From now, for seven days, you must spend in the foggy forest. During this time, you must never leave the foggy forest without permission. If you find it, you can directly disqualify.”

The powerhouse of the five major Wufu stood at the forefront of the crowd, and the voice was finished, and the move towards the front suddenly slammed.

Xiū xiū xiū !

Almost in a flash, the five disciplines of the new Wufu were swept forward, either together or alone, and soon disappeared into the foggy forest and disappeared.

With the help of the faint moonlight, Chu Xingyun walked in the foggy forest, and it looked very calm. In contrast, other Wufu disciplines were a little rushing, and they radiated spiritual light and entered the depths of the foggy forest.

“The core disciple of the imperial monarch is actually in the surrounding, is it possible that is afraid that there will be fierce Spirit Beast?”

“This is normal, Spirit Gathering First Level cultivation base, I am afraid I will be able to survive in the surrounding, a little deeper, just a single Spirit Beast, I am afraid enough to kill him easily.”

Many new disciplines have long seen Chu Xingyun unhappy, see Chu Xingyun’s slow pace, are all ridiculed, this kind of sensation of others, so that they are very proud, venting their unwillingness.

“A group of idiots.” Chu Xingyun ignored these people, but looked at them with a look at the idiot.

Not long after, in the depths of the foggy forest, there was a deafening beast, and there were many voices of mourning and roaring, breaking the silence of the forest.

This foggy forest is haunted by fog all the year round. Therefore, the Spirit Beast in the forest is exceptionally sharp. When it is slightly moving, it will launch a sudden attack.

Just think new recruits, loudly, not to mention, many people use the power to dispel the fog, this approach will only attract the attention of Spirit Beast, and finally lead to tragedy.

Sure enough, Chu Mingyun saw a lot of powerhouse make a move, and saved some new sections. Some of them just sneered at him. In a blink of an eye, they left the scene. , lost the qualification for assessment.

“I haven’t gone deep into the foggy forest, just follow the beginning?” At this moment, Chu Xingyun Mind glanced, feeling in the darkness, a few cold eyes were watching him.

Chu Xingyun is very clear that the existence of this assessment is entirely for him.

Although the five major Wufu dispatched the elder and the core disciple to sit down, the foggy forest is too big, as long as the other party is well prepared, it can completely avoid the supervision.

Therefore, Chu Xingyun did not expect the role of the think elder and the core disciple at all.

“Since you have to follow, just follow it, who is the prey, who is the hunter, and now it is still possible.” Chu Xingyun in the heart secretly with a smile, stepping out, move towards the depths of the foggy forest go with.

When Chu Xingyun’s figure disappeared completely, a few figures appeared suddenly in the place where he was standing.

“Li Chen, that brat seems to be aware, do we want to keep up?” A thin Little Qing gaze slightly solidified and turned to ask a black clothed youth.

The black clothed youth, with a cold face, exudes a cold air. If you look closely, this person’s face is actually similar to Li Yi.

This person named Li Chen is Li Yi’s younger brother. The cultivation base has reached the Spirit Gathering Fifth Level level. It is already a leader in Lingxiaowufu’s new discipline.

“What about it?”

Li Chen’s face is full of disdainful color, said coldy: “This Chu Xingyun knows that we follow him and go deep into the foggy forest. Most of them want to use Spirit Beast to avoid us. I don’t know, his stupid behavior is more conducive to Our make a move !”

Between the words, Li Chen seems to have seen the miserable appearance of Chu Xingyun’s pleading for mercy, grinning hideously, and quickly followed.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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