Chapter 970. The Girl Awakened in the Heavenly Mountains


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– Here is your shadow mantle, you worked very well! Only next time do not be so impulsive! Do not dare to protest against government forces! Fang Li said sternly, handing Mo Fang an artifact.

-You don’t know how to praise people at all, was it necessary to speak the second part of your speech? Said Mo Fan.

– Don’t cheat on me! Said Feng Lee, irritably.

Mo Fan no longer argued with the leader, his gaze now fell on Mu Ning Xue.

Today she was wearing a blue dress, which very favorably distinguished her, and her magical breathing became much cleaner, like a lotus blossoming in the silence of the mountains.

Mu Ning Xue was not wearing a strapless blue dress, so Mo Fan could not take his eyes off her chest, feeling his heart about to jump out.

He was still staring at her chest, not paying attention to the fact that Mu Ning Xue’s face had already changed.

Well, how can Mo Fan be so shameless? After all, this look made Mu Ning Xue noticeably embarrassed.

– Haha, come back again! “Mu Tinien looked at Mu Ning Xue.” However, she wanted to say something completely different: “Ha, put on a blue dress. As a holy one, do not dress up, you must not be her! ”

Seeing that the views of almost all the guys on the team are riveted to Mu Ning Xue, Mu Tinyin completely lost her temper.

She, what, returned to the team through the bed ?! She has neither clan support nor resources to make a breakthrough, how did she do it?

“We will start the decisive match,” said the leaders.

Mo Fan wanted to see this fight, as Mu Ning Xue had told him before that two had to leave the team.

The city of Baners is very simple. Something by his name, he casts thoughts about the taverns of the Wild West with cowboys.

The wind here was very strong, and when people were outside, Mo Fang thought that Mu Ning Xue seemed to want to say something to him. Confess to love? After all, everyone in the team already knew about their “special” relationships.

“I need to tell you something very important,” said the girl in a stern voice.

Mo Fan nodded his head. Inside, he was very excited, but tried not to show it, suddenly it would be a vain alarm.

“I saw something in the mountains, and I think it’s connected to a person you know,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– Oh, here’s how !!! – Mo Fan was clearly annoyed.

The conversation is not as he imagined!

– What are you shouting? – Mu Ning Xue was surprised.

“Nothing, I thought you were going to confess love to me,” said Mo Fan openly.

– Sick.

– In the Heavenly Mountains, I can not have any friends, they are too far away. Maybe you just made a mistake? Said Mo Fan.

“Do you know Qin Yuer?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“I don’t know … although, wait … it seems I’ve heard this name somewhere,” she remembered tensely.

However, he did not remember.

He didn’t see this person exactly, but he heard about him, as if the name is spinning on a tongue!

– Heavenly mountains … Qin Yuer … I remembered! Zhang Xiao Hou spoke about this to me, – suddenly Mo I remembered the name.

Zhang Xiao Hou mentioned that Zhan Kone had one big sadness in his heart: when he was young, he went with his beloved to the Heavenly Mountains, where they fell into an ice canyon; his beloved was frozen in this gorge, many years have passed since then, and no one knows whether she is alive or not.

“Zhan Kon then vowed to put his life on cultivation, and after reaching the highest level of magic, to return to that gorge to try to get his beloved from there,” Mo Fan repeated the words of Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fanya is very touched by this story. He heard it after the death of Zhan Kona, who never managed to fulfill his goal.

How hard was it for him to make the decision to give his life to black imperial armor, knowing that in the cold mountain gorge his native man would remain to wait …

Mo Fan even himself planned to go to that ravine to rescue his beloved Zhan Kona, after he himself succeeded in making a breakthrough to the highest level of magic.

“Where did you get that name from?” – was interested in Mo Fan.

“She told him himself,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

– She herself??? She is alive??? – through his teeth said the magician.

Mu Ning Xue nodded her head: “She spent some time with me in a small town at the foot of the mountains. All her memories are a decade old. She herself does not know how she slept for ten years in the ice. ”

– How did she wake up? Has someone saved her? – did not calm down Mo Fan.

During the disaster, the multimillion Xian was not saved by demonizing Mo Fan, but by senior instructor Zhan Kon, but almost no one knew about it.

Mo Fan greatly respected Zhan Kona and always treated him with reverence.

However, he now does not even have the opportunity to tell him that Qin Yuer woke up and got out of the ice gorge …

– What happened? – asked Mo Fan.

“Qin Yuer says that someone saved her, but she doesn’t know who.” She only remembers how she opened her eyes and saw a human silhouette in black armor, from which strange breathing proceeded, said Mu Ning Xue.

“Black armor …” Mo Fan exhaled.

So this is it!

It is simply impossible!

According to Zhang Xiao Hou, the black armor that was on the imperial throne is captured by the spirit of the ancient emperor, therefore they kill anyone who puts them on.

Mo Fan himself personally saw Zhan Kona in armor standing on a rocky tyrant. His breath, energy – everything was unfamiliar to Mo Fang! This is definitely not Zhan Kon!

Mu Ning Xue, seeing the astonishment on Mo Fang’s face, understood that the situation was very difficult.

Mu Ning Xue and Qin Yuher spent a lot of time together in the mountains, and now Mu Ning Xue wanted to help a new friend find this man.

“So you know this man in black armor?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Man … probably, he can no longer be called a man. He is a Chinese emperor that reigned more than two thousand years ago, the founder of the element of necromancy, really “immortal” – Mo Fan was already firmly convinced that Zhan Kon took the spirit of the emperor with his body.

The emperor of the dead – this is how Han Ji and the others still call the creator of the “element of the ghouls.” Being subject to the emperor of the dead, the ghouls can move and manage only underground.

Moo Ning Xue still looked puzzled at Mo Fang.

“It all started during the disaster in Xi’an …

Mo Fan told Mu Ning Xue about the disaster in the ancient capital, as well as about the zombie abyss, and what is happening inside and under it.

Hell, even from one glance at which, not everyone can resist.

Mu Ning Xue, even being a more advanced magician, listened to the story of Mo Fang with her mouth open in horror.

“Now I’m starting to believe that you really are the hero of a Xi’an disaster,” said Mu Ning Xue.

To tell everything in such details is beyond the power of even the coolest storyteller!

“The real hero of Xi’an is Zhan Kon, who is also the beloved Qin Yuer from the ice gorge,” said Mo Fan with a smile. He did not laugh at this tragic situation, but at the unpredictability of the world! Mo Fan, in the depths of his soul, still hoped that it was a real Zhan Kon, that he was able to overcome the strength of the armor!

“So Xian was saved by Zhan Kon?” Senior military officer of the city of Bo … – said Mu Ning Xue.

Now Mu Ning Xue remembered Zhan Kona. It turns out that all this time he and Qin Yuer talked about the same person, who also saved Xian from disaster. That’s just Mu Ning Xue and could not think that Zhan Kon was already dead.

From this story, Mu Ning Xue had tears in her eyes.

She was admired not only by the courage of Zhan Kona, but also by the depth of feelings between him and Qin Yuer …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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