Chapter 971. Blue Blood Magic


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Returning to the venue of the decisive match, Mo Fan discovered that the atmosphere of this place is strange.

“It looks like something happened,” said Mo Fan, looking at wounded Jiang Yu and Li Kaifeng, who was also mutilated and was on the landing.

This fight turned out to be even more fierce than one could imagine. Wu Jiang Yuy was still bleeding, and he swayed in different directions.

Lee Kaifeng had a ragged wound on his right forearm, and clouds of dust rose in the distance.

* Myaayayayayayayuuuuuuuuuuuu

The yellow eyes of the night rakshasa glared at Li Kaifeng fiercely. The hair on the body of the animal stood on end, and the sound made by it made goose bumps run all over the body.

It was clear that the night rakshash was very angry and intended to kill an opponent!

– Jiang Yu, stop him! Shouted Feng Lee.

The night rakshas did not listen to the orders of some judge-leader there. From the claws of the beast, Li Kaifeng’s blood was still dripping: it was unclear how, but he had angered the Rakshasa, and now the beast was intending to cut his throat!

“Come back,” Jiang Yu said, giving the order to the animal.

However, the night rakshasa did not obey. His speed was very fast: at some point he was already in the air, right above the face of Li Kaifeng … and at that moment a spike of shadow pierced the animal. Night rakshasa was immobilized.

The night rakshash itself is a representative of dark magic, so even a huge shadow thorn can not stop him. However, the animal was stopped right in the air, when its claws were three centimeters from the face of Li Kaifeng.

Li Kaifeng was shocked by the situation. Already a chill ran down his neck!

Jiang Yu, casting a glance at the head of Feng Li, opened the contract space, forcing the pet to return there.

The night rakshasa resisted, uttering a shrill squeak ….

– You would have lost your life if everything would not end like this! – Jiang Yu said in a cold voice, holding on to his wound.

Li Kaifeng was even more scared – he could not even imagine that everything would turn out like this!

He lose! Lost, even releasing the forbidden magic!

Nan Junni, when he saw that Li Kaifeng’s injury was serious, hurried to release the healing magic, while Jiang Yu sat down next to him and pulled out the medicine, taking up his injuries himself.

Mo Fan was stunned by what he saw, absolutely not understanding what had happened.

Going to Jiang Yu, he took out his medicine and helped him apply it to the wound.

Only when he saw Jiang Yuya’s biggest wound at close range, Mo Fan realized how deep she was … she even hurt his internal organs. Li Kaifeng actually almost deprived him of his life!

– What happened? – Mo Fan asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Li Kaifeng used forbidden magic! Just think, because the cultivation of this magic is forbidden by the magical association of five continents! Said Zhao Man Yan.

– Forbidden magic? – puzzled Mo Fan.

“Look at his blood, don’t you think she looks like the blue blood of monsters?” – Said Zhao Man Yan, pointing to drops of blood Li Cafeng, who remained on the site.

Mo Fan looked closely at … the blood was really blue, like a dark blue goo!

– This is blue blood magic. In a short period of time, blue blood restores the magic powers of the wizard, as well as significantly enhances his magic. Blue blood magic is very difficult to control due to its powerful energy, and its cultivation is not in itself an honest process, so this type of magic is prohibited by the largest magic associations. It used to be a collection of dark blue, as the magicians gathered together to cultivate this magic. As a result, at some point it became very dangerous, and therefore it was discontinued, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Forbidden magic and magic spells – different concepts. In the process of cultivating forbidden magic, the magician can inflict great physical and spiritual damage not only on himself, but also on those around him, since this magic releases magic of great destructiveness.

Magic is constantly evolving, and the number of known elements may vary. Mages are constantly progressing, learning new techniques, discovering new abilities in themselves – and all this in the name of the safety of all mankind.

Each new element must first undergo long-term studies, tests, and only then it can be included in the general system of elements. The use of new items that have not been tested and tested is strictly prohibited.

Blue-eyed magic is a type of forbidden magic. The ability gained from blue sea monsters gives magic exceptional destructiveness, except that the very cultivation of this magic is very dangerous and destructive. Without external control from other magicians, the development of this magic is very detrimental to the wizard, causing him irreparable damage.

Li Kaifeng today used exactly blue-eyed magic. He did not cope, so Jiang Yuya nearly deprived of life! This is what caused the rakshasa rabies.

The use of forbidden magic in the international arena is unacceptable. If the fact of using this magic is revealed, then the whole team will be deprived of resources, and will also be punished. Li Kaifeng really crossed the line using blue-eyed magic.

It is good that the use of this magic did not lead to someone’s death. Even so, this type of magic still remains taboo. It does not refer to the pernicious magic that minions of the black church use, which turn people into black monsters, curse monsters.

– This time we are holding a qualifying match, not because we are thinking of deducting each of you, but for the simple reason that during this time you lost your fighting spirit …. However, Li Kaifeng with his tricks crossed all the boundaries, ”said Sun He.

Li Kaifeng, as an outstanding representative of the training assembly, predicted a great future, but no one could have imagined that he would sink to the use of forbidden magic.

– Sorry, leaders, I just really do not want to leave the team so much. I dream of getting to Venice, ”said Li Kaifeng with a guilty look.

“You don’t have to apologize to us,” said director Sun He.

Li Kaifeng is already a little cold. Looking at the wounded Jiang Yuy, he slowly got up and stomped in his direction.

“Your wound …” Nan Junni wanted to stop Li Kaifeng, saying that his wound had not healed yet.

– Forgive me, I was too impulsive. It was really the first time that I used this magic … I did not even think that it could be so uncontrollable. I hope that you will understand, I just longed to win, and I really did not want to harm you. I can swear right in front of you that I will never resort to this magic again, ”said Li Kaifeng sincerely, addressing Jiang Yuyu.

Jiang Yu looked at him coldly.

Li Kaifeng so vowed that he would change, as if the life of this man depended on his forgiveness.

– Okay. I also could not control my Rakshasa, because of which you almost died, – Jiang Yu answered as a result.

Jiang Yu is a very gentle and quick-witted person. He perfectly understood that all members of the team were ready to go for various tricks for the sake of victory and a ticket to Venice.

“Thank you for your understanding,” said Li Kaifeng. After that, he turned around and stomped back to Nan Rongni to heal his wound completely.

The heads of judges could not decide who to take back with them to China, so everything ended only with the return of Mu Ning Xue to the national team.

The number of people remained unchanged: Lu Yilin died, and Mu Ning Xue took his place.

Taking into account the sincerity with which Li Kaifeng spoke, the judges decided to do nothing but completely depriving him of all kinds of resources with the condition that if he does not change, he will definitely leave the team next time.

– Mo Fan, come here! – said Feng Li.

Mo Fang’s brain immediately ran through the idea that he had problems along the way.

“Leader,” Mo Fan approached.

“Do you think that I’ll get away from you what happened then?” Why didn’t you report problems with Lou Eileen? I would figure it out! Did you think that because of his influential family, I would soften his punishment? Do you think of me as such a person? For what happened to him, I can send you to prison! – As expected, Feng Li once again cursed Mo Fang.

Mo Fan involuntarily stepped back with an innocent air.

“The Lou family now demands the head of the perpetrator, for which they came to me!” – voice Feng Lee sounded very imperious.

“You could guess,” said Mo Fan.

– Do not think that everything will end like this. Even you can’t kill people when you like! – threatened Feng Lee.

“I didn’t kill him,” Mo Fan replied.

“And how does this differ from murder?” You are very strong, and therefore decided to use his power. If you were different, I would have thrown him to hell!

– Haha, head, it turns out that you, dear, help me? – smiled Mo Fan.

Feng Li has never met such crazy kids like Mo Fang.

– How can I help you? I only perform my duties as a judge. During the preparation and conduct of the competitions, the Lou family will not cause you any problems, but after the end of the world Universiade, their anger will come upon you in full! You should know that they will do everything quietly and discreetly! – said Feng Li.

“Hehe, thanks for the warning,” Mo Fan grinned.

“…” Feng Li found no more words.

This lad!

They will act covertly, as they know that Mo Fan was right!

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