Chapter 972: Not a Single Defeat


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Upon arrival in the state security of Mexico, the team found there are several other teams from other countries that were also sharing experience. In general, Mexico is considered to be quite a strong country in terms of magic, and therefore not everyone can get its badge. However, still winning the badge of this country, the team took another step closer to a ticket to Venice.

The next country after Mexico was America.

The United States of America is considered one of the strongest countries in magic, so getting this country’s badge is considered a real test.

The magical association of the five continents, as well as the highest magical association of America – the Temple of Liberty, are located in New York. Here is the real temple of world magic. All ministers of the Temple of Liberty are called temple wizards – they are respected by the whole world. According to the magicians themselves, becoming a temple wizard is the most beautiful dream of all.

The office of state security of America is located on the island of Freedom, which also houses the temple.

Upon arrival in New York, the whole team immediately went to Liberty Island: you can see it from afar, as the world-famous Statue of Liberty towers from there.

She, like a Greek goddess, stands there and looks down on people with her noble and peaceful gaze!

“Just don’t tell me that all the interior of this statue is the Temple of Freedom,” said Mo Fan, glancing at the statue. He remembered the totem serpent, which also props up the heavens with its head.

The Statue of Liberty has the same location and organization of the nearby space as the Oriental Pearl: full viewing platforms, a museum, shopping areas, etc.

Climbing up the internal elevator up, you find yourself in the hall of a magical association.

This hall is located approximately at the waist level of the statue and occupies a total of seven floors – access to each of the floors depends on the level of the magician.

There is also an elevator in the lobby that leads to the “neck” – this is where the real Temple of Freedom is located.

Examine this temple is prohibited, only a small number of people have access to it. Even members of national teams are not allowed to appear there.

A building built in the shape of a woman’s body … only magic is capable of building such a thing. The London Church of St. Paul, by virtue of historical events, is also a representation of the magical association of five continents, but still the main office of the association is located in the Temple of Freedom.

Knowing that the magical team of China had already arrived on Liberty Island, Aluna hurried to personally go out and meet them at the statue.

Aluna was also all dressed in a black and gold robe, and her face was also a model of northern European beauty. Seeing Mo Fan, she smiled.

Only thanks to Mo Fang she managed to close such a sensational case. Kaso was already imprisoned in the Temple of Freedom, and she received encouragement and universal recognition.

“I’ll take you to the state security office.” Roughly speaking, here I am considered a teacher only half, – said Aluna.

– Well! In exchange for my help, can you tell your students to succumb to us? Asked Mo Fan, smiling.

– Give in? If your team from China plays by these rules, then you need to go out! – I heard the voice of a young guy with a sharp look.

– This is my brother Fromm, now he is a state security guard. Get acquainted, – Aluna tried to soften the process of acquaintance of the brother with the Chinese national team.

Like Aluna, Fromm has eyes the color of blue amber. And, although he is not as handsome as Mo Fan, many girls would gladly agree to drown in those blue eyes.

– So you are a brother and sister! You know, you are very different in upbringing and politeness … – said Mo Fan.

“Honestly, I, too, often behave rudely to him, as if it were a stranger,” Aluna said.

– Do you have a special relationship with me? – asked Mo Fan, playfully raising an eyebrow.

Fromm had no mother, and the relationship with his sister was not easy, but he could not tolerate when a guy spud his sister right in front of his eyes!

According to Fromm, there is nothing special about Mo Fana: narrow eyes, a disorderly look, ordinary clothes and skin like a yellow monkey …. But the most disgusting thing is that this Mo Fan openly dared to ask for a giveaway from the American state guard!

– Listen, do not think that the state security team of America will make concessions to you in honor of the fact that you eliminated the leader of the Red Society. One thing is the Red Society, and quite another is the state security. “We can’t just give you the badge of our guard, for us it’s a matter of honor,” Fromm Mo Fanyu said angrily.

Mo Fan first glanced at Fromm, and then involuntarily turned his gaze to Aluna.

Aluna behaved normally, and Mo Fan smilingly said: “I did not know that you have such a jealous brother.”

– Yes, he thinks that I will be lonely all my life and will take care of him, – Aluna also smiled.

From these words, Fromm went wild in earnest!

He really thought so, but to declare publicly that he, a twenty-year-old boy, still depends on his sister – this is a real shame! In America, even 6-7 year old children are ridiculed, who are constantly running after their mother.

Fromm looked at Mo Fan with evil eyes. This look seemed to say: “Wait, let’s meet on the arena!”

Upon entering the state security office, Jiang Shaoxu noticed a blackboard on which flags of various countries were depicted.

Next to the state flags, time was written and checkmarks were drawn.

– What is it? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

– Records of fights with different countries, – answered Aluna.

“Does this tick mark mean they lost?” It can not be that they all lost? “You must be keeping this account for a long time,” said Zhao Man Yan.

America’s magical powers are truly astounding, and the team members who came here were under severe pressure.

“And you turn it over, there are also flags of the countries next to which ticks are drawn,” Fromm said smugly.

Magee, hearing this, hatched his eyes in surprise.

Zhao Man Yan, not believing his eyes, turned the board over and made sure that there was not a single note of defeat!

– For such a long period of time, no country has been able to win … it’s terrible! – Jiang Yu could not stand it.

This means that the state security team of America has never lost!

The state security team always consists of those not very strong magicians who can get into the reserve team ….

– Ok, I understand why there are ticks near the image of the flag of each country, because no one has yet been able to defeat them, but why have a check mark already drawn near our flag with today’s date? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

Fromm replied with a grin: “The captain of the team, having learned that you were coming today, decided to draw a tick right away when he signed the time so that he would not run back and forth once again. It’s very easy to piss off our captain! ”

– Do not you underestimate other people too much? – said Jiang Yu.

Fromm just said: “You can see for yourself, so many countries, not lower than your level, could not get the badge. Think you can do it? ”

– The point is not whether it will work or not! The fight has not even passed yet, and you have already posted the result in advance – it is simply disrespectful towards us! – added Nan Jue.

– Respect is the lot of the strong, isn’t it? Oh yes, I completely forgot that your country is famous for humility, humility – this is definitely not learned for our people, and there’s no need to, ”Fromm replied.

– …

Aluna could not say anything either, as such were members of the state security team. None of the national teams have managed to pick up the badge.

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