Chapter 973. Gathering Woke Up


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– It’s disgusting!

Mu Tinyin first expressed dissatisfaction.

What does it mean they do not recognize modesty ?! They have that all in the country are?

The rest did not say anything. Getting an American badge is not so easy. Seeing with my own eyes that even those teams that are considered stronger than China were among the losers, the mood for victory noticeably dies away!

Aluna led out the magicians in front of the US government guards. They were about 7-8 people, and the first to catch the eye was a guy with a bandage on his head. He stood out not because he had an outstanding appearance, he just stood in front of the team and read the notation to the guys.

“This is our captain, Boblin,” said Fromm.

Boblin, having stopped his verbal diarrhea, slowly turned to the Chinese national team and said: “Maybe we won’t waste time and immediately get up to the arena?”

“I think you first need to discuss the rules for conducting the battle,” Nan Jue was unhappy with such haste.

– Oh yes. Five to five, one win decides the outcome, is it going? – asked Boblin.

Nan Jue discussed with the team, and they all decided that such a fight would be the most acceptable.

Boblin, too, immediately began to choose the competing. Brother Aluna himself asked to participate, while closely looking at Mo Fang.

“Your little brother, it seems, wants to compete with me,” said Mo Fan.

“I think he will not defeat you,” Aluna admitted.

Aluna witnessed with her own eyes the battle of Mo Fan and Caso. Even she was surprised at his magical power. Knowing what her brother was capable of, she was sure that Mo Fanya could not defeat him.

The words of my sister noticeably angered Fromm: “Even after the detention of that gangster, I don’t think that this kid is stronger than me, so you shouldn’t carry nonsense! I’ll show you my power! ”

Mo Fan just smiled and looked at Ai Jiang Tu: “You are the team captain. You should not fight today, it will not lead to anything good. ”

Ai Jiang Tu can not take part in the fight, as he is the team captain. If he goes to the pitch, then in Venice there will be nothing to surprise his rivals.

– We did not take the Peruvian badge then, and the loss in this fight will greatly affect us. Still, I will enter the arena, – said Ai Jiang Tu.

In fact, Ai Jiang Tu was irritated by the arrogance of the Americans, and since they had never lost, today they must feel the bitterness of defeat.

“Go both beat, this badge is very important to us,” said Nan Jue.

Even so, Nan Jue did not believe that their team could win!

– Comes, we will participate both. We need three more people, – said Ai Jiang Tu.

“I will go,” said Mu Tinin.

After the return of Mu Ning Xue, the girl wanted to prove herself.

– The main element of ice, yeah, we need another person with the main element of the call.

“Doesn’t destructive magic still be required?”

– Do not, Mo Fang grabs.

“Well then, let Jiang Shaoxu come with an element of spirit.”

– From the element of the spirit too much will not be. Let Nan Rongni come, her main element is healing, and the minor is plants, she also owns the element of blessing, so she can enhance the magic of the whole team.

After deliberation, the team decided to exhibit: Ai Jiang Tu, Mo Fan, Jiang Yu, Mu Tinying and Nan Rongni.

Opponents selected: Boblin, the captain of the team, Fromm, a girl with golden brown hair, a tall guy 1.9 meters tall, and a girl in green clothes.

Both teams immediately went to the arena without unnecessary ceremonies.

Standing in the arena, Mo Fan drew attention to the fact that the faces of their team members were very serious, as everyone understood the brunt of this fight.

Mo Fan entered his contract space, discovering to his joy that the fiery hot dog had already awakened.

The girl in the childhood phase was a ball of fire with short legs that she liked to chat. Now, having entered the adulthood stage, her legs stretched out very strongly, and the hot girl herself really looked like a girl.

The fire covering the body of the hetara became more significant, the general view also changed a lot: from a distance it looked like a beautiful girl in a fiery attire ….

Gathering girl happily made sounds – she was so glad to meet Daddy! She thought she had not seen him for many years!

– Do not rush, do not rush! Now the match is just beginning. Wait for your release! – said Mo Fan, soothing pet.

After that, the girl began to frolic around the contract space. With the achievement of a new phase of development, she learned to control space – her long legs do not even need to touch the ground.

– Well, well, let’s start! – Aluna was a judge in this fight, therefore she announced the start of the fight.

Jiang Yu stood behind everyone. He, like Nan Junni, needs the protection of other magicians.

He did not call for the night rakshasa, deciding to resort to the help of his huge stone beast.

Soon a huge monster of white stone appeared in the arena. The whole ground trembled from his steps!

With a growl, the stone monster stood in front of the team, creating a huge shield.

Protection from him was what was needed: the American guards tried to release their entry-level magic, but the expected effect was not followed.

“What kind of disgrace did this ridiculous, awkward creature cause?” – Fromm grinned.

At the same time, Fromm began to release the magic of ice. He did not stop, freezing different parts of the stone monster.

Such stone creatures can withstand even a lightning attack, but most of all they are afraid of ice magic, as it can easily freeze them.

After some time, two-thirds of the stone monster’s carcasses were frozen, and Jiang Yu involuntarily stepped back a little.

Now, without this shield, the Americans could calmly attack the members of the national team.

The battle of high-level mages is no longer a face-to-face combat, it’s more like a distant battle!

Jiang Yu thought about taking his monster back, and then, waiting for him to thaw a little, let him go forward again; however, at that moment a tall magician joined the fight – his body was covered with a white stone shell …

– What is he doing? Turns your own body into stone ?! – Jiang Yu was perplexed.

Soon the whole body of a tall American turned into a stone, which from above still cast a golden glow, giving the impression that it could not be broken at all!


This petrified guy stepped forward, attacking the stone monster Jiang Yuyu!

With one blow of the enemy, the foot of the stone monster crumbled!

And the magician himself was nothing!

Everyone sighed in surprise.


Apparently, this American owns magic, something similar to the protective magic of Caso!

As a result, high-level magic, due to different degrees of control, diverges into different directions, like, for example, this magician, which can turn your own muscles into stone, which are stronger than even a stone summoning monster!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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