Chapter 974. Volcanic Eruption


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American Vanch was very strong! He looked like a predatory beast, whose body was cast from metal. Gathering together, they attacked him with a wave of mid-level magic, but there was no scratch on it! I had to retreat …

– Ha ha ha! All your tricks amuse me! Now you know the power of this stone monster! – it was obvious that the main element of Vancha is the magic of the earth. His eyes were filled with a brown shroud, and his powers were the magic of a mountain eye.

He rushed at Ai Jiang Tu, hitting a giant fist right in front of his legs. At the same second stone thorns appeared from the ground, closely approaching Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu prudently jumped aside and had not yet managed to regain his balance, as the stone giant broke the surface of the earth with his own hands, forming a deep crack.

A wave of destructive energy soared into the air.

This time the Americans used high-level destructive magic. A pile of clouds of fire formed in the sky. Waves of fire, falling from the sky, reached fifty meters in length!

Fifteen-meter fireballs, like meteorites, cut through celestial space. The blast wave from their collision with the earth spread hundreds of meters around! This fiery sea!

“Someone must take it upon himself, and I will be engaged in heavenly fire!” – Mu Tinin said to the others.

– Soft win solid, I’ll go! – responded Nan Rongi.

A minor element of Nan Rongni was the magic of plants. Magic vines should be very effective against this stone mutant.

“Mo Fan, add some heat!” Let them not think that we are weak in the magic of fire! Shouted Jiang Yu.

“You had better release the rakshas and distract them.” “If I add fire, they can easily cope with defensive magic,” Mo Fan advised.

Water curtain easily cope with the burial of the heavenly flame. First, Mo Fang needs to understand if his opponents possess high-level water magic. Otherwise, the water curtain completely blocks the celestial flame and this technique will be useless.

-Bl *, so I, the magician of the element of appeal, should lead the attack! – it seems Jiang Yu was not particularly pleased, but immediately obediently called on the Rakshasa.

In the silver light of the stars appeared the night rakshash. Her black, silky hair gave her a charming and harmless look. But everyone who met on her way, knew how this ferocious creature!

– You called it? A-ha-ha! I’m going to die of laughter! Who has a ball of thread, let him play! – Fromm cheered.

He had already begun to respect players from Asia. Who needs this little animal? Like a girl, by golly!

* meeayayayayayayayuuuu!

Beautiful rakshasa released claws. Realizing that they were mocking her, the Rakshas instantly disappeared from sight. Now to the right, then to the left, as if in a fog, the outlines of a small creature appeared, until it was directly over the opponent’s head …

– What a nimble minion! – said captain Boblin.

Fromm froze, trying to focus and catch with his eyes the location of the Rakshas. He released a wave of icy energy, but was never able to get into it.

He formed an icy chain covered with spikes, as if it were a thorny blackthorn vine.

The ice chain relentlessly pursued the rakshas, but she, as if dancing, fluttered freely between the ice spikes.

– Hey, focus! – commanded Boblin.

Rakshas did not have the same power as a stone guy, but her speed and night raid ability were even more dangerous.

– Show them!

Mo Fan realized that the appearance of Raksas had the desired effect, and hit the ground under his feet.

The pulsating energy of fire, soaked into the surface of the earth, rushed to the Americans. Five people at this very moment soared into the sky, thrown by a fiery wave of nine dragons!

Flames raged everywhere.

Following this, Mo Fan waved his hand and surrounded them with a thunderbolt.

Lightning struck one after another. Mo Fang managed to catch opponents off guard, who only coped with the fiery waves.

But the waves of fire and lightning were just a prelude, the real attack was still to come!

– Getterka, take advantage of their confusion, show your strength! – whispered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan from the very beginning did not expect to cope alone. The just thundered explosions didn’t compare with the strength of the grown up fuck!

Taking advantage of the turmoil, Mo Fan summoned a fiery hetero.

Gheterka hovered near Mo Fan. Slim and graceful, she seemed defenseless. Feeling the smell of fire in the air, she lifted her head.

There were still fiery flashes from giant fireballs in the sky. Gaeterka opened her mouth, completely breathing the fiery energy hovering around her.

* iiiiiiiii !!

With a shrill scream, the hot dog exhaled a powerful fiery wave into the sky.

Caught over the heads of Americans, the wave of fire boiled and became even more! In less than a second, the flame turned into a fire-breathing mountain. Yes, it’s a volcano!

* hloop !!

The volcano began to expand, just like during an eruption. At the same second the sky was filled with waves of volcanic lava! Countless balls of fire fell from the sky to the earth! The air was full of ash …

This is a real volcanic eruption !!

At first, the Americans tried to keep the line, but when they saw the fiery eruption, they went where they were.

These falling fireballs turned out to be much worse than burial by a heavenly flame! Scorching magma rain was very dangerous! Everyone had to call on their protective armor, but the girl with the golden hair still got serious burns.

“Mo Fan … cultivated again !!” – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan from the podium.

The others sighed in agitation. This fiery volcano was much more powerful than high level fire magic !!

The little girl was not sleeping very long, but when she woke up she was clearly not in the mood! How fortunate that she could give herself a will and turn into a real fiery witch! Now she was completely unmanageable!

The eruption of the volcano has not yet subsided, but the fiery hot dog, stretching out its arms, gently blew on the waves of spiritual energy that were circling around.

A wave of fiery energy dropping to the ground transformed into the appearance of a magical wolf.

Gueterka continued to blow and instantly created more than ten fire wolves! It seemed that the girl wanted to make her fire weapon look like an agile wolf!

Wolves lined up in a single line. It was a thrilling sight !!

In obedience to the instructions of the hot woman, the fire wolves rushed forward. The wind changed their shape, making it look like they are covered with long fiery hair!

Fromm, Boblin and two other Americans froze in place.

They were able to withstand the fiery eruption of a volcano, only by commanding efforts. Now a dozen fire wolves rush on them! This is not inferior in strength to the previous test!

Fire wolves with a roar chased the four Americans. Now haughty magicians were in a difficult position.

– Bl *! It turns out that they have two summoning mages !! Fromm, you must immediately get rid of one of them! – gritting his teeth gave the order Boblin.

Boblin no longer dare to underestimate rivals. It seemed that both conscript beings had a power close to or even equal to the level of the commander in chief!

By combining their forces, they could well resist the essence of the level commander in chief. But even if they cope with the two conscripts, there will still be three strong contenders!

– I did not expect that their summoned creatures will be so strong! You keep the main thing, and we with the stone monster will quickly deal with the call magicians! – said Fromm.

On the other side of the arena, the stone giant was completely entwined with Nan Rongni’s lianas. He guessed that his comrades had problems and focused his eyes on Mo Fang and Jiang Yu.

If they are summoning magicians, then their own combat power is not that high, so attacking them directly is much easier.

– Fromm, this is an old trick. Quick, deal with them! – rumbled stone monster.

– No problem! – responded Fromm.

Fromm was very fast. In the end, its main element is not ice at all, but wind!

Accelerating faster and faster, he ran straight through the air. Behind his back, transparent gaseous wings formed.

Wings of the wind!

Having cooperated together, they could attack simultaneously from the ground and air. Their first target was hiding behind Jiang Yu.

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