Chapter 975. One against all!


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Jiang Yu immediately understood their intentions and called other players for help.

Mu Tinin at that time was busy controlling the magic of ice, trying to cover the entire area of the arena with ice. Ai Jiang Tu fought with Captain Boblin. Both opponents were very strong, so their fight lasted for some time.

Nan Junni, moreover, could not help Jiang Yuyu. The girl possessed only auxiliary magic and could not protect him.

Jiang Yuyu had no choice but to call Rakshasa back. If he does not return and does not protect him, he will be the first retired player of their team.

“His summoning creature is back,” the stone giant rumbled.

– Then let’s do the second! – said Fromm.

In fact, Fromm wanted most of all to fight Mo Fang, so they attacked him from both sides at once.

– It seems his contractual being drifted away from him. Get it over with him! – shouted Fromm.

The angry fireheater was unstoppable. She was already on the other side of the arena and attacked two opponents. Both players defended their last strength and could not even attack.

– Hey you two, move! We can not last long! This creature is too strong! Shouted a girl with golden hair.

– Relax!

Fromm was already circling right above Mo Fan, the stone Vanch also approached.

– He has not yet called back his being. Him cover! – laughed Fromm.

Summoning wizards are completely defenseless without their creatures nearby. Seeing that the opponent was not so prudent, they went on the attack without hesitation.

The wings of the wind behind Fromm looked like a huge propeller. From a height he swooped down, surrounded by a rotating powerful air stream.

The airflow similar to the funnel was directed in the direction of Mo Fang.

At the same time, the stone Vanch formed several stone barriers, blocking all the ways for Mo Fan’s retreat.

Considering that the wind is not enough, Fromm created about ten spiny ice chains, which flowed into the air stream.

– A good combination! – raising his head, Mo Fan saw the rushing funnel with ice chains.

Mo Fan raised his hand and a powerful electromagnetic force immediately formed at his feet. An electrostatic field surrounded Mo Fan from head to toe.

From the feet of Mo Fan, a purple glow emanated, the threads of electric energy wrapped around Mo Fan’s arms!

– Lightning strike!

Mo Fan didn’t even try to hide. Swinging, he sent a lightning strike right at the approaching funnel.

As if the magic of a high-level lightning element was not unusual, and he was used to this destructive power, Mo Fan sent a lightning strike, reinforcing it with high-level magic.

A beam of black, surrounded by yellow-purple electric flashes, rose into the sky. It looked just awesome!

A black ray of lightning crashed into the air funnel and Fromm’s ice chains. It seemed that the whole arena was shaking from the sound of a shrill screech!

Waves of raging energy spread in all directions. Arena under the feet of Mo Fan turned into shredded debris, and his clothes turned into tatters stained with blood in several places.

With such a collision of magical elements, an ordinary person would have been much more seriously injured than Mo Fan.

Fromm was much worse. He was thrown off by a shock wave of three hundred meters and even the wings of the wind could not help him keep his balance! Electrical discharges still swept through the body and caused convulsions.

– Fromm! Cried Vanch, looking frightened at Mo Fan, who was still surrounded by lightning energy.

This summoning magician … just a monster !!

– Lightning … an element of lightning! – only thanks to his chain mail Fromm could still stand up on his own feet.

He ran a hand over his dirty gray face. It was a pity to look at him.

He miscalculated !!

As a rule, the magicians of the summoning element require a large amount of energy to cultivate and summon their creatures, especially for a high-level creature. If a high level summoning magician could cultivate his summoning creature to the level of commander in chief, then where did he have so much energy for another high level magic ??

Mo Fang’s fiery creature was very strong! His fiery magic turned them to flight!

Therefore, Fromm and decided that Mo Fan, having spent all his strength on the call of this creature, was completely helpless!

As a result, he was able to use the magic of the high-level lightning element and the magic of high-level space. Of course, Fromm had no chance!

Fak! Why is this guy so strong ??

– Maybe first deal with the other? Vanch asked timidly, realizing that Mo Fan was not so defenseless.

– No, first he. He is the most dangerous. We cannot allow his being to create whatever he pleases! – Fromm did not give up.

They attacked him again. As before, one attacked from the ground, the second – from the sky. The stone monster created more and more stone obstacles around Mo Fang.

Mo Fan dodged attacks, trying to find Vancha’s weak spot. In his stone armor, he was very strong, like a powerful military machine! By force he was not inferior to the magical werewolves! First you had to get rid of him, or their chances were drastically reduced.

……… ..

– How could you not guess ?? – Said the American in sunglasses, sitting on the podium.

– Guess what? Said the neighbor.

“We said from the very beginning that the magician who possesses the magic of space is very strong and will be able to cope with our captain Boblin alone! Do not you understand ?? That guy with black hair and brown eyes over there, ”the guy with glasses confidently explained.

– It looks like it! And that girl with the magic of healing sent a healing spirit to him and healed his wounds. But his friends did not help him, if they continue to be so scattered, our team will easily defeat them!

– It will be hard!

– Probably, the call is its main element. Have you seen how strong his creature is? If his friends did not help him, it means that they understood that he would do it himself, – the man with glasses argued.

– How so !! Two of our players have already exhausted, defending themselves from the attacks of his summoning creature!

… … …

Jiang Yu, Nan Rongni, and Mutinyin standing in the arena did not help Mo Fang.

Seeing two rivals attacking Mo Fan, they immediately realized that he could cope without their help. Everyone was busy with his business.

In fact, Mo Fan also did not think that these two were any danger. Having applied the magic of the power of the night, Mo Fan was completely free to move in the dark, amusing himself over her rivals. Appearing here and there, he allowed them to wander, as if in a maze.

“What the hell are they doing there?” Why have they not eliminated that call mage? – An American with golden hair began to get angry.

The girl in green clothes was also not easy. She did not say a word.

Where did this fiery creature come from? His powers of fire magic were equal to those of a high level fire element magician! Their main elements were the magic of water and the magic of light, but they still could not cope with this endless stream of fire!

In the ears rang. Giant balls of fire began to fall again from the sky.

Two girls from the American team were shocked. They are already surrounded by thirty-meter fire waves, so this little creature also created these fire balls !! All the space around was full of fire!

It is unbearable!!

Two girls set off for a leak, not wanting to stay in the arena for a second longer …

At that moment, Nan Junni and Mu Tinyin appeared in front of them. As long as Mo Fang managed to block almost all rivals, they regained their strength. The magicians of the ice element or the magic of plants took time to recover energy. In one instant, the waves of the magic of plants filled the whole space around, the arena was covered with devil snares.

Ice magic took a little longer. The stronger the magic of ice, the faster it can turn the enemy into the ice.

The Americans, who decided to escape from the attacks of the fiery fucking girl, lost their balance from the magic of ice and were shackled with diabolical snares like chains. The escape was impossible!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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