Chapter 976: They Lesson the Americans


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A loud hum echoed around the arena, and the flames emanating from the huge fireball already enveloped the whole area and even could spread to the magic barrier that began to swing in different directions!

– What do you two get up to? – shouted the team captain Boblin.

Boblin, seeing that two girls from the team were injured, immediately began to run into Vancha and Fromm – they still could not deal with one opponent!

Fromm was literally suffocating with rage.

He did not even think that everything would end that way! Like a magician with the main element of appeal and other elements can be so developed?

“Do we still have to fight him?” – Vanch asked, he already could not stand.

They could not defeat Mo Fan, as soon as they did not try to twist it.

– Heck! Okay, then attack him! Shouted Fromm, pointing to Jiang Yu.

These two fell short of Mo Fan, and now he was able to go to the aid of Ai Jiang Tu, who at that time was with Boblin.

As Mo Fan understood, Boblin and Ai Jiang Tu fought at about the same level, and all because Ai Jiang Tu was not angry enough to bring down all his inner power on the enemy.

However, if he uses all his power in a duel with state guards, then there is not much to expect in Venice.

– Control!

Mo Fan, being in the shadows, decided to release the magic of space in unison with similar magic of Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan sent the magic to Boblin’s back, and he, not knowing it, fell into the arms of Ai Jiang Tu’s magic.

Boblin himself was frightened and decided to get away as soon as possible, but it was not there! Ai Jiang Tu grabbed him with spatial compression!

The silver glow squeezed the captain of the American guards like an iron vise, delivering him incredible torment!

– Spiritual torture!

Ai Jiang Tu released more high-level magic, and the terrible silhouette instantly flashed behind Boblin.

Boblin was already bathed in cold sweat, and so it was hard for him, and then this spirit of a curse that he aimed at his soul!

– You lose! – said Ai Jiang Tu to the enemy.

Boblin clenched his teeth, trying to resist the magic of the curse … his face grew paler and the torment harder.

He thought he could handle this torture. He didn’t say anything. The torments that his soul experienced at that moment literally bump into the memory of the victim for the rest of his life, and only a very strong-willed person can overcome terrible memories.

Drops of sweat flowed from Boblin, and his eyes filled with blood.

His soul has already suffered damage – everything happened as if he sees the worst nightmare in reality!

After some time, Boblin’s eyes finally went out.

“You won,” Boblin said this with a weary expression on his face. After that, he slowly slipped from the arena.

He knew that Ai Jiang Tu had made a noticeable relief in curse magic. If he had released the magic in full force, then Boblin would be seriously injured.

The effects of the curse element, unlike other elements, are not healed by healing magic. And Boblin had no choice but to bow to the power and level of control of Ai Jiang Tu’s magic.

“You shouldn’t have helped me, for once I met an opponent with whom I could warm up,” said Ai Jiang Tu, looking at Mo Fanya.

“…” Mo Fan was speechless at first, and then he was able to say: “Now is not the time to show off, we need this fucking badge!”

“You’ll figure it out for the rest of you,” said Ai Jiang Tu. In appearance, he did not even sweat, fighting with Boblin.

And the truth is, if he continues to fight, the American team of guards will not last a few minutes.

“Then I won’t fight either,” Mo Fan quipped.

With the fiery hetero Mo Fang, there was no point in releasing magic – in this case, too, the Americans exhaled very quickly.

Of course, the guards of America are very strong, but they themselves asked for it with their arrogant behavior, because of which Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu immediately entered the arena.

To win, the presence of one of them was enough in the arena …

Heterka was still chasing a golden-haired sorceress and a girl in green clothes, bringing down all the power of a commander-in-chief creature on them.

Although Fromm and Vanchu managed to drive Jiang Yu off the arena, the American team had no strength left to fight.

As a result, the team captain left the arena, two girls tried to resist the fiery gambler, and the remaining two mages could not even look at the Chinese team.

– I told you, they shouldn’t go to a fight together. We saw the ability of Jiang Yu … Said Zhao Man Yan.

– The most important thing is that the contract being Mo Fang has changed so much! Even the Americans did not expect such a thrashing!

– Yes, that’s for sure. By the way, Mo Fan can still incarnate with this creature, perhaps …

After these words, people’s eyes climbed on his forehead.

If the girl is embodied in the body of Mo Fan, then he can become a fiery deity, becoming the strongest fighter of the whole team!

– It seems we will achieve a good result in Venice.

– I think so too.

– This is not yet accurate. They say that other teams also have powerful animals …

Aluna was the judge in this fight, and she saw the situation.

Grinning, she shouted to her little brother: “Come down, it doesn’t make any sense to stay longer in the arena.”

The guy who was able to fight with Caso, the captain of the team and a powerful contract creature – from such an explosive mixture you need to quickly make legs.

Fromm was annoyed. So long their team managed to keep the title of “invincible”, and today they were defeated …

– We lost. We will change the label on the board next to your flag, and we also apologize for our behavior. You were much stronger than we could have imagined, ”said Boblin sincerely, recovering a little.

It can be said that now the attitude of the Americans was exactly the opposite of how they behaved at the very beginning.

But this exchange of experience also exists for the magicians to learn, change and be able to respect other magicians!

Boblin could not apologize. Feeling the power of Ai Jiang Tu, he realized that with such a rival only the captain of this team could fight.

In addition, there was another magician who became famous for his struggle with the Red Society ….

Soon, Aluna personally brought the Chinese state security badge to the Chinese team.

In fact, even Mo Fan could not have thought that among the state security teams he could be so strong.

In the end, it is possible that they will meet with one of them in Venice, and it is a great honor to fight with worthy opponents.

At night, walking through the big streets of New York, Zhao Man Yan still dragged Mo Fang toward the strip club.

Mo Fan resisted as best he could, showing him that as long as his little wife was near, there could be no talk of any club!

However, Zhao Man Yan lane as a tank.

“Xuesue, don’t get it wrong, that day we had to destroy the Red Society … don’t think that I am one of those people,” Mo Fan justified.

Mu Ning Xue was damn well: so what if he wants to go to a strip club?

– Hey, why is it snowing?

– Now it’s summer! In New York there can be no snow in the summer! Pi * dec! – cried Mo Fan, as he felt that something heavy fell on his head.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw glittering hailstones.

– Hail! Hail, big hailstones! Hurry, hide!

– What’s happening? Why did hail go?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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