Chapter 977. Hail in the summer!


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Raising his head up, one could see how huge hailstones the size of a fist fall down.

There were traffic jams on the road due to hail, and a howl of a police siren came from somewhere.

All the plants around were killed by hail.

People rushed to take shelter under the canopy of a nearby establishment, thinking that a restaurant umbrella would save them, but the hailstones were so heavy and large that even the canvas of a huge umbrella first stretched and then completely torn!


The city was getting bigger, the cries of people were heard outside that they were in a hurry to hide in buildings.

Mo Fan, raising his head, saw a black and black sky.

– Pi * dec! Where in the middle of the summer is such an icy hail? It is even more powerful than high level magic! – cursed Zhao Man Yan.

They clearly remembered that when they went for a walk, the sky was clear! And now this hail has appeared, from the blows of which even the thick glass of buildings has cracked!

Hail did not even think about stopping, and Mo Fan looked around at the neighborhood, finding that there was a coffee shop nearby.

– Do not want to drink some coffee? Coffee and hail – a great combination !!! Said Mo Fan.

Everything looked crazy on him. Now is certainly not the time for such jokes!

Upon entering the coffee shop, Mo Fan saw an Asian with snow-white skin. Smiling, he asked: “Where are you from?”

– From China, and you? – cast girl.

– Wow! I, too! – answered Mo Fan.

The girl grinned: “What’s so surprising? A quarter of all people on this street are Chinese. Why did you come here? Do you want to drink coffee or take my phone number? ”

“Um … you misunderstood me, I really want to buy coffee,” Mo Fan answered embarrassed.

American Chinese women are very different from Chinese – they are very straightforward.

– Do not want?

“I didn’t mean anything like that.” I came to New York for a short while … Hail is coming, is it your usual occurrence here? – asked Mo Fan.

– Very rarely, so this hail scares. Your coffee is ready. This is our business card, we also have a delivery, – the girl said with a smile.

– Business card? – Mo Fan was wary of possible intrigues in this country.

“My second phone number, you can call,” the girl said slyly.

“I …” Mo Fan wanted to say how the wind blew in from all directions.

Such a cold wind brings a sense of danger …

Mo Fan reacted by activating the serpentine chain mail.

In the process of all this, he also looked at the girl, who, apparently, did not share his fears.

Mo Fan moved forward and hugged the girl to secure her!

These ice devils just flew out of nowhere to grab Mo Fan …

Icicles rushed their sharp noses in Mo Fang. Snake mail is a good defense, but these sharp icy icicles were able to pierce it …

Five icicles pierced Mo Fang’s back, causing him incredible pain.

– Mo Fan!

The rest of the team rushed here, seeing what situation Mo Fan was in.

The small coffee house was destroyed by an ice attack, and the magician himself lay on the floor. Several icicles protruded from his back, and his blood was shed through the holes in the mail.

– Ay-ah! Still not dead! – I heard a grin from a man in a blue dress that stood on the street in the middle of the icy hail.

The city was falling very hard, but this man was standing in the middle of the street as if nothing had happened.

Mo Fan rose.

In his arms all was also a girl barista. Seeing the blood, Mo Fan felt his heart feel like a spasm.

Mo Fan tried to protect her, but one icicle that passed through his hand sank right into the girl’s chest, and now her T-shirt was gradually drank blood.

She only looked at Mo Fan, not understanding where this sharp pain came from, what had happened, and why it was so abruptly easy-easy …

– You really can’t defend yourself, so you are baking the rest! Do not worry, soon I will send you after her! Said the man standing on the street.

From his words, it became clear that he definitely came for Mo Fan.

He was really very strong, since his icicles of ice were able to pierce even snake mail!

“You … who are you?” – Shouted Zhao Man Yan, running up to this man.

The rest also approached him, and the man in the blue robe only waved his hand, and now the whole hail became blue!

This hail did not cause any harm to the magician, but the rest was seriously damaged!

– This is not your business! I take scores with Mo Fan, so I don’t want to kill you all yet, so disappear! – the man was clearly in anger, he did not even pay attention to the fact that Mo Fan was already a high-level magician!

– The breath of ice coming from this person is very, very strong! – said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue was already considered to be one of the best in ice magic, but even she felt that all the energy of ice in the area was borne by this man … he has absolute control over the elements that cannot be resisted!

“He’s a minion of the Black Church,” said Mu Ning Xue.

The blue cape, the rage, the attempt to settle scores with Mo Fan, is precisely a chernogerkovnik.

After what happened on the estate, when even the head of the church in red drew attention to Mo Fang, Mu Ning Xue knew that sooner or later they would come for him. The only thing that Mu Ning Xue could not have imagined was that the clergy would risk attacking directly on the streets of New York, which houses the Freedom Temple of the magic association of five continents!

– He is very strong and will not be able to stay in the city for a long time. We must unite and help the wizards from the temple! – added Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue released her ice sphere, which slightly weakened the enemy’s magic.

The sphere of a man in a blue cape, in whose territory there was a strong hail, was much stronger than the magic of Mu Ning Xue.

– Do not hurry so die, come slowly, slowly! Laughed the man in blue.

The man stood in the middle of the hail. He waved his hands, and icicles began to accumulate around him, rising from the ground, coming off the roofs of buildings …

The space around it was literally stuck with sharp noses of ice, forming a whole forest of ice!

– Well? – grinned a man in blue.

At that moment his eyes turned white.

Part of icicles rushed to the guys!

Zhao Man Yan released defensive magic, but the space he protected was covered with ice, which greatly interfered.

– Blowing fist!

Furious Mo Fan released the magic of nine dragons, sending it to the man in blue!

It is good that the barista girl was still alive! The floe that was sticking out of her chest cooled the wound, slowing down the process …

And if you do not deal with this Chernomirkovniki as soon as possible, then she will definitely die!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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