Chapter 978. Magician of the Purple Wind


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Seeing a flying fiery dragon, the deacon in blue clothes the color of ice sent his palms forward and suddenly a massive ice wall appeared.

Stumbling upon this ice wall, the fist collapsing fell apart, unable to penetrate this defense.

– Deadly silent lightning!

Mo Fan used the lightning element magic again, powerful charges with a deadly wave hit the icy wall.

The blow fell on a man’s vague shadow, but the deadly rays seemed to have struck the shadow, without touching the hated deacon.

The nasty laughter of this man still sounded in the air. Mo Fan looked around and noticed that several such ice walls had appeared around him. This wall had a reflection like a mirror. Therefore, several deacons in blue were looking at Mo Fan. There was a cruel smile on their faces.

Mo Fan sent a fist of fire to the ground. Nine pillars of raging flames rushed up to destroy these icy mirrors.

But Mo Fan very quickly realized that the power of his magic of the fire element was equal to the ordinary one. She was very different from what it was before, as if his strength had diminished in half. Previously, Mo Fan would be able to destroy the ice walls in one account with the help of this magic, but suddenly it turned out to be very difficult!

– Elemental area? – Mo Fan raised his eyebrows up in surprise.

The area of the deacon’s ice element in blue reduced the strength of Mo Fan, it is not surprising that the collapsed fist could not break this defensive wall.

The deacon in blue was approaching, in his deep-set eyes was a mockery. There were several pairs of these terrible eyes around, which created nervous tension for Mo Fan.

– The power of the night!

Perhaps the enemy was also a magician element of the spirit. Mo Fan immediately launched the magic element of the shadow.

The deacon’s eyes filled with fear, it seemed that even more terrible eyes were directed at Mo Fan and were approaching him. The best thing was to hide these eyes with a shadow so that they drowned in darkness. Thus, the enemy could not find Mo Fang.

The deacon in blue realized that Mo Fan was behind him. He directed the ice chain, on which there were a lot of thorns from the ice, towards Mo Fan, in order to bind him and neutralize him.

The speed of the pointed ice chain was very high, in one instant it reached Mo Fang.

However, at that moment, when the ice chain touched Mo Fan, he immediately turned into a barely visible shadow, disappearing into place.

– Well hid! The deacon in blue laughed, exposing his rotten yellow teeth.

At the time when the deacon spoke these words, he turned and sharply met his eyes with Mo Fang hidden in the dark!

Suddenly, a deacon in blue suddenly struck an electric charge. Lightning danced in the sky like a whip, now and then sinking down on a deacon.

On the deacon in blue immediately appeared ice mail, which protected him from lightning strikes.

– Let me pass! The deacon in blue shouted furiously.

The icy blade spun around the deacon in blue, following the will of his thought. In the end, a whole army of huge ice blades whistled through the air around the deacon.

The ice blades rotated rapidly, easily turning nearby cars into iron shavings.

The ice blades picked up the speed of rotation and after a few seconds it was like a furious dance of blades that filled the space where the power of the night reigned. In a place where such terrible magic was used, no one will be left alive!

Mo Fan sensed the approaching threat and decided that he could no longer stay in the area of the shadow element.

He began to carry off his feet, but the ice blades dancing in the air followed him.

All items on the street were attacked by rotating ice blades. Machines turned into iron filings, buildings on both sides of the street were ground into small pieces. If it were not for the strong hail that dispersed people from the street, how many hundreds of people would have died under the frantic blows of these ice blades …

Mo Fan used bloody boots and the absorption of the shadow, but it only allowed him to escape from the place where the ice blades rotated wildly in the air.

The deacon in blue, who wanted to get the life of Mo Fan, was very strong!

– Mo Fan, we must quickly get out of here! He is too tough for us! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

This man is too strong, even they, the high-level mages can not cope with it. His magic made them hide and run, what kind of battle is this? Although … now the preservation of life was the most important!

Mo Fan understood perfectly well that Salan decided to go to the end and sent a deacon in blue to kill him. Moreover, the power of this deacon was very powerful, and if it had not been for the fact that Mo Fan had cultivated diligently lately, the deacon would have already taken his life long ago!

– Who arranged this fight on the streets of New York!

At that moment, a male voice came to the magicians.

The man was wearing black and gold clothes, he had wings behind him. The man hovered in the air at the beginning of the street, staring at the deacon in blue.

The black and golden color is a symbol of the Temple of Liberty!

Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Shaoxuy and Jiang Yu, when they saw the magician of the Temple of Freedom, exhaled easily.

If this magician was a bit late, the guys would be dead!

– Do not go into your own business! Get out of here! Shouted the deacon in blue.

His eyes lit up, he focused energy and sent a blow to the magician of the Temple of Freedom.

This magician was very scared, he wanted to react, but he could not create even the simplest magic from fright.

A deacon in blue waved his hand, at that time a huge chunk of ice flew from heaven to earth, which was about to crush the head of the mage of the Temple of Liberty.

This piece of ice was huge, like a building. He flew at the magician, and he did not even try to do anything …

– Control!

At this critical moment, Mo Fan used control and with all of them pulled the ice floe over himself, saving the magician, who was confused.

There was a crash, a huge piece of ice fell right on the street, crushing the asphalt!

The magician of the Temple of Freedom did not immediately come to his senses, and once again seeing the terrible picture in front of him, his knees shook.

If it were not for the magic of the space that saved him, then he would now be crushed under this ice floe!

Becoming a magician of the Temple of Freedom, he could not even think that he would witness such a force.

* Whistling wind

Suddenly there was a strong flow of purple wind, stopping in front of Mo Fang.

Mo Fan saw that the stream brought a man dressed in black and gold clothes. He was a magician of the element of wind and at once it was possible to understand that his power was very powerful.

“You patrolled the streets for the first time and immediately stumbled upon such a strong enemy … I can handle him, and you take care of the safety of innocent people,” said the magician of the purple wind.

Having finished, the magician of the Temple of Liberty of the purple wind strode forward, staring menacingly at the deacon in blue.

The purple flow circled in all directions, forming a strong circulation. The wind grew stronger, the trajectory of its direction became wider, clearer.

“The elemental region of the purple wind! ..” the deacon shouted in blue.

Mages of the Temple of Liberty arrived faster than he expected. Yes, and such a strong magician who controls the purple wind!

– Today I did not kill anyone, how sad. But next time I will fill in what I did not do today! – the deacon in blue was not at all frightened by the sudden appearance of the mage of the purple wind.

The purple air flow clouded over him, but suddenly, a huge hail fell again from the sky.

There was a lot of hail, and soon the silhouette of the deacon in blue became quite blurry.

The mage of the purple wind wanted to use magic, showing his fighting power, but in a dense wall of hail the deacon in blue simply disappeared …

The hail ceased, and the magician of the purple wind looked around. Only after a while he was able to determine that the deacon was already very far away. Taking the walkie-talkie, the magician of the purple wind murmured something.

Now it would be best to report the incident to the Temple of Freedom. This street was crushed and it was still not clear how many passers-by were injured.

– Teacher, did you catch him? – quietly asked the magician of the Temple of Freedom with wings.

“I couldn’t keep him,” the purple wind magician replied, turning to the bloody Mo Fang.

Magu thought that the purpose of the deacon in blue was this young man. But the fact that the power of the deacon and his elemental field did not kill the young magician said that this guy was also very strong!

– Are you a member of the national team? – asked the magician purple wind

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

– I saw your fight. Who is that man? Why did he want to kill you? – asked the magician of the Temple of Freedom.

– This is a member of the Black Church. I have old scores with this organization. So never mind, it’s better to heal people, said Mo Fan hurriedly.

– You also got serious injuries.

– It’s ok. – Mo Fan’s body was special, even such serious wounds were not fatal for him.

“We will try to deal with this case, but it seems to me that the deacon will look for an opportunity to deal with you, so be careful.” Said the magician of the purple wind.

– Being at such a short distance from the Temple of Freedom, this man dared to make an attempt on me. Any caution is completely useless here, ”said Mo Fan.

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