Chapter 979. The Executioner


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– This is the executioner of the Black Church. He is very strong and very crazy. These clergy are really dangerous, as there is no deliberate murder that they would not have carried out, ”Aluna Mo Fianu said.

Mo Fan was the first to hear about the executioners. If you think carefully, then among the deacons in blue who met on his way, there really weren’t such strong rivals. In addition, most deacons in blue prefer to remain in the shadows, attacking people when they are least prepared for this!

“Since they sent the executioner of the church against you, it means that you are very important to them,” said the magician of the purple wind of the Temple of Freedom.

– In any case, soon you must remain within the walls of the Temple of Freedom. The executioner quietly moves, and he is so strong that he was not even afraid to appear in the city where the international magical association is located. If you do not want to die at such a young age, then do not hang out until we understand everything, ”said Aluna.

The leadership of the Temple was enraged by the fact that the executioner dared to do such things in the middle of New York, and now all the wizards of the temple were sent to look for him.

However, for some unknown reason, Mo Fan thought that these events would not bring the expected result. If the executioner appeared in the very center of a big city, it means that he is sure of what he is doing …

As a result, for three days the mages of the Temple did not manage to find this executioner.

Mo Fan was not going to sit forever in the Temple of Freedom, because he still had other things to do. He took out a business card to call the girl who was now in the hospital.

– Hello, wizard, is that you? – in the tube there was a beautiful female voice.

– How do you know that it’s me? – surprised Mo Fan.

“I’m all alone here, and the only person who could call me is you,” the girl replied. Her voice was wide awake, as if it had not been the hardest wounded. Apparently, she was actively recovering.

“I’m sorry I got you into this,” said Mo Fan.

– No no! You saved me! What is it with that person who found him? – was interested in the interlocutor.

“No, he is hiding very well,” said Mo Fan.

– Yes? I, apparently, saw this person, – the girl said.

– Have you seen? – Mo Fan was even more surprised.

– I can recognize a person without all entourage and make-up. “I even know the name of this man,” the girl replied.

– How???

“He came to buy coffee ten minutes before you arrived.” At that moment there were a lot of customers, so I asked for his last name in order to sign a glass with a drink. I don’t think he gave a different last name, as it looked very at ease. “I will never forget such a strong mage,” said the girl.

Mo Fan was inwardly very happy. He did not think that the girl he had saved would be so clever and attentive.

– Well, then I need everything that you remember, to the smallest details. I will pass this information on to other people, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan immediately contacted Lin Ling, passing on her the information received from the girl. Lin Lin, being a good hunter, was an approximate look of this man.

– Do you think this is his real name? – asked Mo Fan.

– If you believe the words of the girl, this is either his real name or a pseudonym, which he uses regularly. Even by a pseudonym you can find it. We will wait until the New York police contact us, I think there should be much more information in their database, ”said Lin Lyn.

In the park, a guard was sweeping fallen leaves from the ground. He was wearing a hood, he was a hunchback and looked very exhausted.

“Haha, all the magicians of the Temple of Freedom are looking for you, and you calmly sweep here!” And you are brave! – Said the child, in appearance who was 5-6 years old.

“The most dangerous place is always the safest,” said the guard, lifting his head.

“Well done,” the child grinned.

– Great feeling. I remember the last battle with the magicians from the Temple took place 12 years ago, and, apparently, they have not advanced in their development since then, said the guard.

– Relax, we have already shown them your respect. Since I am a virgin by the sign of the zodiac, I hope that everything will be done perfectly, ”the child said.

– You say that he will not be executed? – asked the guard.

– Yes. Salan herself takes care of this little boy, so he must be brought to her alive. In this case, I think Salan will give you a good reward, ”said the child.

“I like to kill people, after all, he definitely will not live long,” said the guard.

– On this and decided. Executioner, today we leave.

“Please pass on my 12-year-old gratitude to Salan,” the guard answered.

– Go!

In the black and golden hall of the Temple of Freedom, ten wizards of this Temple gathered around the table. All their eyes were riveted on one person.

– Complete nonsense! – Said fiercely magician, who sat at the head.

– These are the results of my investigation. To believe or not to believe is a personal matter for everyone, ”said Mo Fan.

Aluna was sitting in the center of the table, and even she could not believe the information provided.

Mo Fan went to a man who, to everyone’s surprise, was the former magician of the Temple, who was dismissed more than ten years ago!

This man’s name is Paley, and he got to the Temple more than twenty years ago, having served here as a magician of the ice element; then, due to some kind of error, he was thrown out of the service.

His appearance, surname – absolutely everything came together according to Lin Ling, well, the most important thing is his icy sphere, which has reached such a development that within a radius of 500 meters strong hail can go a long time!

If it were not for this main feature, Mo Fan himself would not have dared to believe that the magician of the Temple of Freedom had turned into the executioner of the Black Church!

– Commander, I also wanted to tell you about it a few days. And I recognized this person, but I was afraid that I could have misunderstood and mistaken. Paley seems to have recognized me too, so he did not fight with me, but chose to leave, said the magician of the purple wind quietly.

In the hall there were four elderly mages of the Temple who have served here for more than twenty years. Hearing the name of Paley, they all changed in the face.

“Since this is him, he will truly become the greatest disgrace of our Temple!” Said the commander by the name of Ruge.

– The most difficult thing is to calculate it. He used to be an undercover civilian master. Using his spirit magic, he can calmly change other people’s perception of his appearance, the magician of the purple wind added.

– Do not waste time! Move forward all. If he is still in the city, then he will not leave. Only by giving him the sacred fire of the Statue of Liberty, you can destroy his body and soul! Said Rooge.

At the New York airport, a girl with two tails herself was carrying a suitcase. She headed for the escalator.

Not far from the entrance stood a young man. Exchanging a few words with a man in a red dress, he with a polite smile went to the girl.

– Help is needed? – asked the guy.

Ling Ling raised her head and looked at the young man. His eyes seemed rather strange to her.

Without waiting for the girl’s response, the guy already grabbed her suitcase …

– So heavy, what are you carrying there? – softly asked the guy with the eyes of purple.

– Some equipment. If you can’t haul, drop it, I’ll call for adults, ”answered Ling Ling.

“I am an adult,” answered the young man. At this time, he was already dragging the suitcase to another escalator.

Going upstairs, Ling Ling just pulled out a pen and then rolled her cargo.

– Hey, and do not even thank? – shouted the guy after her.

“Thank you,” Lin said, turning around.

– Do you have a phone?

– There is.

– And what number?

“I’m not even going to call you,” Ling Ling said, moving away.

The purple-eyed guy looked after her, rubbing his nose in embarrassment.

A man in red with a grin said to him, coming up: “She ousted you, isn’t she?”

– There is.

– I will help you.

– Do I really look like someone who needs help in dealing with a young girl? – asked the guy.

The man in red, having thought, confidently answered: “Yes!”

They went on.

“What if the hangman is alone in New York?”

– You can handle it.

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