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Chu Xingyun figure Like the wind, like a ghost, walking through the dense forest.

At this time, he has come to the depths of the foggy forest. Here, the fog is thick and the terrain is complex. There is almost no trace of the new disciples. The whole space has a quiet atmosphere.

Not far from the rear of Chu Xingyun, there is a line of figures closely followed. The person who is headed by is naturally Li Chen, and several other people are also new recruits from other Wufu.

“It’s so hidden here, it’s a good time to get started, catch up!” Li Chen sneered, the entire group raised the speed to peak and hurried through.

Time has passed quietly, and in unconsciously, the sky has been slightly bright, but the visibility of the foggy forest is still low, as if there is an unknown danger everywhere.

After Chu Xingyun blinked his eyes, the bright glow flashed in the eyes, whispering in a low voice: “There are four people, one person, Spirit Gathering Fifth Level, one person, Spirit Gathering Third Level, and the other two are Spirit Gathering Second Level days.”

After all, Chu Xingyun looked around and it was very foggy. He couldn’t see the figure at all. Even the Spirit Beast was hard to find. It was definitely a hidden place.

“Just here.” Chu Xingyun stabilized his footsteps and turned around, waiting for the people behind him to follow.

The four people of Li Chen saw that Chu Xingyun stopped, and gradually slowed down. He stood not far away, his eyes were like a sinister viper, staring at the front, and no longer conming the killing intent.

“You spent so much thought, only four people came to kill me, is it a bit of a play?” Chu Xingyun looked at the four people in front, with a faint smile on his lips.

“To deal with such waste, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort. I don’t have time to wait for Shui Qianyue. The group is coming, even more how, I am more selfish and don’t like to share the spoils with too many people.” Li Chen stares at Chu Xingyun The storage ring, with a hint of greed, immediately waved his arm, and suddenly both of them rushed toward Chu Xingyun.

As for the third person, it is to plung the trunk, holding the long bow Martial Spirit, and quickly shoot a few arrows, stabbing Chu Xingyun’s vitality, if it is lightning.

Xiū xiū xiū !

The arrow continually tore the air, making a harsh sound, and also blocked Chu Xingyun’s position, so that he could not make a dodge.

“Broken!” Li Chen also make a move, his Martial Spirit is a silver long gun, the head of the gun is hovering around the hū hū wind, stabbing forward, directly aiming at Chu Xingyun’s heart.

A group of four people, just make a move, there is no reservation, want to kill Chu Xingyun in the shortest time.

However, when Li Chen thought that Chu Xingyun was sure to die, in front of him, a fierce wind came from the dust, and after all the spiritual arrows were cut off, Wind and Thunder rolled and rushed to his eyebrows.

“What happened?” Li Chen’s face changed greatly. From the wind blade, he felt a breath of death.

Under the shock, the dust gun in the hands of Li Chen turned into a silver wind, wrapped his entire body, forced to move a few meters to the side, and dangerously avoided the invasion of the wind blade.

But even so, his arm was still scratched, the scar was long, and the hot fresh blood flowed out.

“Magic Item, you actually have Magic Item!”

Li Chen’s face was twitching. He couldn’t think of it. Chu Xingyun would have a long sword of Magic Item level, and he could release the wind blade and hurt the air.

At the time of the shock of the four people, Chu Xingyun figure not only, but also flew to the thin Little Qing year on the right.

The moment when the hollow sword stabbed, such as Wind and Thunder screamed, it was too fast to see the sword shadow. The thin Little Qing year didn’t even have time to make any reaction, and could only stand still.

Pū chī!

The hollow sword easily cut off the throat of the thin Little Qing year, and the fresh blood spurts into a cold corpse.

“Dead…dead?” Seeing the scene in front of him, Li Chen is somewhat difficult to return to God.

The moment they were full power make a move, they felt that Chu Xingyun could be easily killed.

But this moment, the dead, but not Chu Xingyun, but their companions, was killed by Chu Xingyun, before the death, even the Martial Spirit failed to release.

“Reassure, you will soon be the three of you.” Chu Xingyun flicked his fingers, shook the fresh blood above the hollowed sword, moved his footsteps, and broke again.

“Make a move together!” Li dust put away his contempt, the young man next to him pulled out the long blade, and the two men stepped on the ground, condensing the spirits together and smashing toward Chu Xingyun.


The two sides collided together, and the profound spirituality landed on Chu Xingyun, causing his body to tremble violently. In contrast, Li Chen and the two were shocked by the arm, and there seemed to be countless swords qi penetrating into the body. To tear their meridians.

Chu Xingyun, with one enemy and two, is not in the bottom!

“Well?” Suddenly, Chu Xingyun frowned, feeling a violent breath rushing towards here, and accompanied by a very messy trample.

“It seems to be a herd.” Chu Xingyun’s thoughts turned, the spirits in the body swayed wildly, and between the spiritual blooms, if the hollow sword in his hand was integrated into Wind and Thunder, the sword light flashed and the two people shook the dust. Open.

“Support, Su Changyang is coming soon!” Li Chen stabilized the figure and yelled at the other two.

However, his reminder seems to be too slow.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun has come to the face of another young man. The sword edge is like a wash, which will tear the fog and pierce the man’s eyebrows.

Li Chen’s pupils expanded a little bit and watched the man being killed by Chu Xingyun.

The spewing fresh blood, stained on his face, made his heart beginning violently beaten, so terrifying. Before that, he had never seen such a fierce sword, almost for the sake of killing and existence.

“There are two left.” Chu Xingyun showed a smile, his eyes as a sword, stinging the body of Li Chen.

At this time, the trample was getting closer and closer, and Chu Xingyun looked at the sound source, but saw a group of black wolves blowing in the face, filled with the spirit of the demon.

Chu Xingyun immediately made a reaction, flashing his footsteps and retreating to ten meters.

Strangely, the think black wolf did not attack Li Chen, but instead increased the speed, like a ghostly phantom, passing by Chu Xingyun, and finally surrounded him.

These black wolves, all facing Chu Xingyun, show their fangs, and the fierce wolf is full of killing intent.

Ao wu !

A high-pitched wolf howling rang, only in the depths of the jungle, suddenly plucking a burly black clothed youth, and at the foot of this youth, it was a huge black wolf.

“Su Changyang, you are finally here.” Seeing the person, Li Chen is long and relaxed.

His eyes moved and he looked at Chu Xingyun again, the cold eyes, as if looking at the dead.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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