Chapter 980. Get Trapped


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On Liberty Island, a huge wolf with blue fur appeared on the temple site.

– You want to say that you are a fighting animal, not a riding horse and definitely not a cargo camel, are you? Mo Fan asked, looking into the disgruntled eyes of an agile pet.

The agile wolf just nodded his head, not a bit changing his inner mood.

He dragged Ling Ling’s heavy suitcase to a room in the Temple, while Mo Fan and Ling Ling strolled around the island. For the sake of security, Mo Fan, he was settled in the Temple of Freedom, thereby causing discontent of the Chinese leadership.

Mo Fan himself didn’t want to just fall under the arm of the executioner, so that he freely released his fierce magic in the middle of the city.

The arrival of Ling Ling noticeably calmed Mo Fan, because he really thought that he could not bear this situation alone.

Old Bao also heard about a hangman named Paley, so the old man warned Mo Fang that he should be very careful not to chop off his shoulder. Paley is famous not only for its strength, but also for unpredictable intelligence.

Mo Phanu had no choice but to listen to everyone and not to step even a step outside the Temple.

“I don’t want to sit like this and just wait for my fate,” said Mo Fan Lin to Lin.

He cannot forever hide in a magical association – this is tantamount to death!

– Do you have enough energy collected in the cumulative pearl? Asked Lin Ling.

“One part,” Mo Fan replied.

– Then you better take care. Do not wander in places where we can not save you, this executioner is hiding somewhere and is just waiting for the moment when you will lose vigilance. You have to go to the next state security office in another country, he can figure it out. We cannot allow the hangman to watch you. For the sake of saving your life, we must grab it in New York! – said Ling Ling.

Mo Fan only looked at the girl, thinking that she clearly had a more explosive character than himself.

– What are the powers of this executioner? You probably smelled your gut when you stood opposite him? – asked the hunter.

– is strong. If my combat capability can be assessed at 3, then he is 10, ”said Mo Fan.

– Too much difference. By the way, what’s up with the fiery hetero? Did she break through to the next level? If you incarnate with her, then even so you will not become an equal opponent of the executioner? – Lin asked again.

– It will not work. Then I was wounded, so it was impossible to use the incarnation, I just would not stand it. However, I think that, having incarnated with a heterodox in the future, the effect will be very impressive, ”answered Mo Fan.

– Why?

– The executioner releases the ice sphere of the ice element. Under the influence of the ice sphere, the magic of other elements noticeably weakens. So, my fire magic weakens by about 40-50%, ”said Mo Fan.

– So, if the enemy does not release the icy sphere, then you will be able to fight with him? – was interested in Lin Ling.

– Yes I can. Heterca much advanced, and, embodied with her, the battle with the enemy will become real. “Besides, I have a lot of elements for different tastes that I can use when I use it,” replied the magician.

– Take your time, your cumulative pearl is not yet full.

“Apart from demonization, I still have 1/3 of the intertemporal substance with which the hot dog can become a fiery goddess for a while, and the sphere of the fire element can melt his ice sphere!” Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fang had enough handy tools on his hands, so there was no fear in him.

The most important thing that Mo Fan was wary of was that the people around him should not suffer. The black church is made up of people of a different sort who don’t give a damn about the fact that innocent people can die, for them the main thing is to achieve their own goal. The girl barista was still very brave and intelligent young lady, if in her place would be an ordinary person, the situation could seriously deteriorate.

– How did you spend almost the entire substance in such a short period of time? It is not so easy to get her, will it be a pity to spend it completely on some scumbag? Asked Lin Ling.

– I only use it as a last resort. If I have the opportunity to defeat an opponent by other methods, I will not fail to use them, ”said Mo Fan.

Intertemporal substance is a liquid that can turn a hetero into a fiery goddess for a short period of time, as well as the main guarantee of a successful reckoning with possible demonization.

Fiery hetera in the stage of maturity produces fire comparable to the magic of the highest level. Even if the executioner has already reached the highest level, the intertemporal substance can help to make an equal opponent for him out of the heater!

– Now the main problem is its icy sphere and its magic-suppressing properties. Secondly, it is impossible to allow the appearance of magicians from the Temple in case you still fight with him. The executioner very sensitively perceives the appearance of the mages of the Temple at close range, and if something goes wrong, he will immediately disappear! And catch it next time will be very problematic! – cast Ling Ling.

You need to worry not about the criminal, but about his arrest!

Lin Lin is right: you need to deal with the executioner here in New York, only then Mo Fan for some time will be safe again.

“His icy sphere, I can deal with it,” came the voice of Mu Ning Xue who came up.

She looked at Mo Fan, and Mo Fan at her.

“I can deal with this matter myself,” said Mo Fan.

– As last time? When did some new holes appear in your body? – right asked Mu Ning Xue.

– At that time it was different, I was not prepared.

“Mo Fan, now is not the time to build yourself a hero, it’s about your life.” Even I, Zhao Man Yan, could not protect you. Everything happened too suddenly. You were not only injured, but this ice sphere even divided us all! Next time it may be completely different! – said Zhao Man Yan, also approaching the guys.

“Yeah, you still have to call Jiang Shaoxu, she’s a magician of the spirit element.” Although he is a master of the magic of the spirit, the help of Jiang Shaoxu will not hurt us!

A barista girl named Lee Yue was still in the hospital. She lay in a hospital bed and read the news on the Internet.

She was recovering very quickly, since the magician of healing from the Temple of Freedom himself personally came to her to help with his magic. A little more and she will be able to leave the clinic, but for now she was bored, because there was no friend around who could talk.

There was a knock, and a masked cleaner entered the room.

– They came to carry out cleaning. I’ll leave now, if anything, then immediately tell me. Get better, ”said the nurse, who was sitting nearby, getting up.

Li Yue nodded her head. The girl looked and froze!

From the age of 15-16, Li Yue began to memorize and recognize people well. She only had to look into the eyes of this man to understand everything!

She was sure that the masked man was the same jerk from the street!

Ms. Li Yue wanted to scream and call the nurse for help, but, remembering the magical power this man had, she immediately changed her mind.

– Uncle, you are very early today, the room is still quite clean. You can just sweep up everything here, ”said the girl, specially pulling out the phone.

“Aha, aha,” the janitor nodded his head, glancing at the exit to make sure that the nurse was really gone.

“Help me, please get me out of the bathroom …”

“I must ask for help.” Please do me a favor, call your friend and say you want to see him, ”said the janitor, lowering the mask.

At the same time, some kind of radiance poured from his eyes, which, like a blade, penetrated into the soul of a girl.

After a few moments, Li Yue’s face became completely dulled in appearance.

“Choir … well,” Li Yue said.

The executioner, Paley, only grinned, he knew for sure that the magician would leave his phone number to this girl.

Well and good. He will lure him here, and the magicians of the Temple of Freedom will never guess that he hid here!

Even if the magicians follow that little boy, he just needs to react very quickly, fast enough to kill the little boy!

– Hello, is that you, Mo Fan?

– Yes, I, what happened?

– My wound is constantly whining, and I am very scared. Can you come and stay with me? – said Lee Yue.

“Um … well, only I’m a little busy right now.” When I get free, I’ll call you right away and come, come?

– Go, just please hurry.

Mo Fan hung up, and Zhao Man Yan was sitting next to and teasing that a friend started an affair, only now Mo Fang’s face has changed dramatically …

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