Chapter 981. Mark of the Mages of the Temple


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Mo Fan was completely sad, because five minutes before this call, a message in English came from the same number, which literally translates as “save!”

Mo Fan immediately began to alarm. He showed everyone the received message, which made Jaw Man Yang’s jaw open.

– What happened?

– Using total control, the executioner controls Li Yue. With her, he is trying to trap me! Said Mo Fan with confidence.

He is acquainted with Li Yue for a short time, but he has already managed to understand that she is a very cheerful person, and such words that she is ill cannot be uttered by her.

Of course, even without a previous message, Mo Fan would still be suspicious of something, but this message immediately put everything in its place! This is Paley and his evil intent!

– What are we going to do? She appears to be in grave danger, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– Do not panic. Now Paley is unlikely to do anything with her, as I said that when I arrived at the hospital I would definitely call her, so nothing would happen to her until that moment, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan really was able to quickly respond, thereby ensuring the safety of the girl before his arrival.

“Will we inform the magicians of the Temple of Freedom?” – suggested Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan and Ling Lin immediately nodded their heads – the Temple mages cannot be involved in this business.

Paley will surely run away as soon as he feels the appearance of these magicians.

They must deal with the executioner here in New York, otherwise it will simply be impossible to catch him further!

– This executioner considers himself a hunter, that he hid in the bushes in anticipation of the victim … well, well, I’ll show him who among us is a real hunter! Said Mo Fan sternly.

It was already dark, and even on the main street there were not so many cars.

In the yellow light of the lamps, the silhouettes of several nurses could clearly be seen coming from work, walking in high heels.

In the light of a silhouette flashed, and one of the nurses drew attention to how this silhouette disappeared sharply ….

Mo Fan came to the hospital, and the yellow light was replaced by the cold white light of the hospital lighting. He was surprised at how fewer people are at night, and indeed the number of patients is much different from the number of patients in Chinese hospitals, where everything is always tightly packed with beds.

It is for the better – there will be more space for battle with the enemy.

In the ward on the fifth floor, Li Yue was lying on a white bed and looked at the ceiling.

Paley pushed back the curtain to assess the situation outside. Outwardly, it did not look like he did not find a place for himself.

He was very calm: even if he couldn’t fight him this time, he has the next time!

“Why would you kill him?” – asked Li Yue.

“You’re not particularly afraid of me,” said Paley, with a smirk, turning to her.

“I’m already in your hands, now there’s no point in fearing,” the girl replied.

“You don’t look like an ordinary person.” By the way, if you were not a seller of drinks, you would have been a good magician of the spirit element. You are only twenty years old, have you really never thought that you are special? – Paley said, going to bed. He grabbed an apple and cut it.

“I know, I just don’t want to,” Li Yue replied.

“Very interesting,” said the executioner. Cutting the apple into two parts, he gave one half to the girl, and the second he brought it to his mouth.

Li Yue, suspecting nothing, started a apple.

“This lad … I don’t have anything personal to him, I just execute a work order.” “He offended a man whom he definitely shouldn’t be offended,” said Paley.

– Whom? – asked Li Yue.

“Um, you know, you better not know that.” “It’s not good for you,” said Paley.

“I’ll die anyway, so I’m definitely not going to be better,” the girl replied.

Paley, glancing at her, laughed involuntarily.

– I look and think, and you are a really very interesting person. Listen, death in this case is not the worst thing that can happen. People who have caused the anger of this person suffer all their lives, begging for the possibility of dying, and yet you want to know who it was? – asked Paley.

– Then do not. However, I noticed that you have a round scar with a lot of cuts on your arm. It is very similar to the mark of the mages of the Temple, so you are one of them? – asked the girl a response question.

Paley raised his right hand, carefully looking at her.

He hated this tag with all his heart, he even tried to burn her in order to get rid of her, but this girl could still recognize her … Paley was sure that if this girl wants to become a magician, then she will definitely be able to awaken an element of the spirit – she is very insightful!

“This is my shame,” Paley said, glancing at the ceiling.

“Many will honor for the great honor of becoming a mage of the Temple,” the girl replied.

“Therefore there are so many fools in the world … and I was once one of them.” I did not even dare to doubt them, devoted half of my life to this organization, took responsibility for what was not my responsibility, but all in the hope that they would be able to take good care of my daughter of your age …. But they could not do it. The strongest magicians of the largest magical temple could not do this. “They couldn’t protect my daughter,” Paley said with a smirk. When he said this, there was no trace of sadness or excitement on his face.

– What happened? – asked Li Yue.

– I had a daughter, I put all my strength to take good care of her, and she could achieve great heights. The day when she was elected to the Parthenon temple of the fairies, was for me only comparable to the day when I myself became a magician of the Temple of Liberty — I was so happy and proud. I had a boss that broke the law. The temple did not even intend to punish him, instead he convinced me to take all the blame on him. I was kicked out of the Temple, moreover, they deprived me of magical power. The boss told me that he would take care of my daughter, help her reach unprecedented heights … I believed him and became an ordinary worker who cleans the streets of New York, thinking that my sacrifice will definitely pay off.

“However, one day something happened that killed my daughter, sucking her into the depths of death.” I begged my boss to save her, but he did not! Then I, not sparing my life, wanted to fight this monster, but I didn’t have the strength! Do you know how I longed for my magical powers to come back to me again? Under the cries of my daughter, this creature looked into my eyes … – Palin’s face still did not change.

Li Yue fell silent; she was completely unaware that something like this could happen in the wizarding world.

“It was this man who made my magical powers come back to me.” They not only returned, but made my magic even more powerful than it was before. And what do you think, if this man asks me to kill some boy, can I refuse him? – asked Paley.

Li Yue wanted to say something, but at that moment the phone rang.

Lee Yue grabbed the phone and wanted to scream at it, but Paley was much faster than her, using magic.

– You came? – sounded the voice of the girl.

– I’m here, in which ward are you? – asked Mo Fan.

– Fifth floor, last room down the hall. Did you come alone?

– Yes, you yourself called me, do you think I would have dragged someone extra? Laughed Mo Fan.

– Yeah, in this part of the hospital just no one … I hang up.

“Wait, I don’t know where to go.” I’m on the fifth floor now, did you say the last room down the hall – right or left? Said Mo Fan.

“There’s just one room in which the lights are on,” Li Yue replied.

– You have never left the chamber, how do you know that there is only one chamber? Said Mo Fan.

Paley, standing next to her, was suddenly stunned, turning around.

The black thorn of the shadow was already flying into it; Paley did not even have time to understand when Mo Fan was here …

The spike of the shadow turned out to be very powerful, and in order to pull it out, I had to put a lot of effort into it.

And the most important thing is that Paley has already managed to plunge into his memories, talking to Li Yue, and did not even notice how the lighting around him abruptly went out, giving up the breath of dark magic!

The power of the night!

Under the cover of night power, the thorns of the shadow were even more brutal, so Paley, without losing time, rushed out the window!

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