Chapter 982. The Embodiment of the Fiery Threat


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– You came! – Lee Yue has returned to her mind.

– You know, you’re the coolest man, not a magician, whom I had to meet. This time I will not let him go! – confidently said Mo Fan.

Jiang Yu had to take care of Li Yue, and he dispersed all the people who were in the vicinity of the hospital.

The power of night encompassed not only the whole floor, but also the whole hospital territory, since with the shadow mantle the area of magic is noticeably increasing.

Paley jumped out of the window, landing in an open parking lot.

His expression was very angry, as he did not understand how he could have fallen into his own trap!

Did this clever girl deliberately confuse him when she saw Mo Fan enter the ward?

He’s hooked on an ordinary mortal!

Paley closed his eyes, releasing his perception of the magic of the spirit.

The perception of the magic of the spirit is not exposed to the power of the night, so it will not be difficult for him to calculate the mages of the Temple in the district. He should not forget that there is a mark of the Wizards of the Temple on his hand, so they can easily recognize him!

– What? No temple mages in the neighborhood? – soon the face of the executioner was distorted by doubt.

He could not be mistaken! All the wizards of the Temple are tied together by tags, and now he has released the magic of the spirit and does not feel any echoes!

And now he can be sure that there is not a single mage from the Temple within a kilometer radius!

So Mo Fan came alone!

If so, why did he run away? After all, he sought that Mo Fan come alone!

Paley slowly turned around when he saw Mo Fang, whose body was already engulfed in purple lightning. He jumped from the height of the fifth floor and now rushed here!

From that moment, Paley didn’t really care what methods the opponent was trying to attack!

Paley said: “I almost lost, there is not a single mage from the Temple in the vicinity! I, like anyone else, can feel the presence of these wizards! ”

– I came to take your life! Shouted Mo Fan.

– Ha ha ha! Do not forget, a few days ago it was I who almost killed you, and if the magician from the Temple had not arrived, you would have already been dead! – Paley laughed.

If only Mo Fan is here, then Paley doesn’t have to run anywhere!

– Do you consider yourself really strong? – asked Mo Fan.

– I need to kill only you, and this business is not worth even a damn! Only here I am wondering one thing, how could you so quietly be able to get into the ward? Yes, and released the power of the night? You should definitely have a good artifact of dark forces … yes, if I kill you, I will take this valuable artifact for myself! – Paley said.

Mo Fang really had a valuable artifact of the shadow element at that moment – the mantle of the shadow, which he received for eliminating the leader of the Reds.

The mantle not only hides the master’s movements, but can also hide his breath in such a way that even magicians with a higher level of cultivation will not feel his presence. She was able to make invisible even how Mo Fan released the power of the night! Paley himself could not smell it!

Mo Fan used this precious mantle for the first time.

“Unfortunately, that sphere of shadow that you released did not make a proper impression on me.” I’ll show you what the real sphere is! – Paley laughed.

The air temperature around has dropped sharply, an icy wind blew. Paley opened his arms, and the whole territory within a radius of ten kilometers became covered by the magic of the ice element …

He closed his eyes, covering his icy sphere with the power of Mo Fan’s night.

After that, Paley felt something unusual.

An element of ice … nothing!

Ice energy didn’t cover the area! As if someone just drowned his magic!

Normally, he would have been able to turn the entire hospital into ruins with ice magic in less than five seconds, and the streets around it would be covered with a thick layer of ice … however, a full ten seconds had passed, but nothing but a cool breeze appeared!

Paley was furious. He immediately released the magic of the spirit, and after a while he felt that there was an ice magician in a high-rise building not far from the hospital, which absorbs all his energy of ice!

Paley’s energy of this magician seemed very familiar – it was exactly the breath of the silver-haired girl who was then with Mo Fang!

“Damn, she picked up the perfect time to steal my magic!” – Paley shouted.

The whole energy of the elements of ice within a radius of ten kilometers was absorbed by this girl, and the territory of the hospital was covered by the magic of the shadow, which dulled the perception of the executioner ….

“Do you think you can beat me with such tricks?” Moron! Even without the elemental sphere, I will destroy you! Said Paley furiously.

The executioner uttered these words, but he never for a second stopped concentrating on his sphere.

This girl still can not compare with him. This means that in any case he will be able to cover the whole district with his ice, only this time it will take a little longer.

Mo Fan also knew what the executioner was thinking.

Mu Ning Xue had already told Mo Fang that the hangman in magic is far superior to her, so she can control his element of ice for no longer than ten minutes, after which Palei will once again master her magic!

So, you need to destroy Paley in these ten minutes, otherwise then none of them will be able to resist him and his icy field!

– Deep freeze: sarcophagus!

Unable to control the ice sphere, Paley decided to release high-level ice magic. He weaved star systems into the cloud with such a speed with which high-level magicians seemed ordinary people against his background!

The executioner also seasoned everything with his own seeds of the ice element, which he had – since there is no sphere, then everything went to use!

A huge icy sarcophagus descended from the darkness, falling directly on Mo Fanya! The body of the magician at that time was covered by lightning, but he hastened to release the flame of a fiery rose.

Everything happened too fast: Mo Fan did not even manage to create a star cloud of the lightning element even by a third, and the magic of the enemy’s ice has already fallen upon him, holding him in his cold grip!

The ice coffin was transparent. Paley walked up to him, looking at Mo Fan’s evil expression.

– Do not overestimate yourself! – the executioner laughed.

The most terrible thing was that while inside the piece of ice, Mo Fanya began to penetrate the cold, and his blood was already cooling down.

At that moment, there was a sound from the contract space, which signaled that the hot dog was asking to go outside.

“I needed your help so quickly!” I thought I could still distract him for a while … well, okay, get out and show me your most powerful manifestation! – said Mo Fan his pet.

Gaeterka made a joyful sound. Leaning out of the contract space, the fiery litter appeared on her daddy’s chest.

Mo Fan turned into explosives!

Multi-layered fire completely engulfed his body, expelling the frost, which gradually seeped into the body.

Very soon, everything around Mo Fang was on fire!

Fire threat!

Mo Fan as if mentally returned to the Northern red-hot plain, where he first saw the brown flame of a fiery threat!

The ice sarcophagus began to melt, and the ice mass was already covered with multiple cracks.

Mo Fan was completely engulfed in flames! His skin shone like magma, and his eyes sparkled with red light!

The magician seemed to put on his fire armor, striking the neighborhood with his hot breath!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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