Chapter 983. Thousands of Fire Phoenix Feathers


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“Is it … is it?” – on Paley’s face, surprise was expressed when he saw Mo Fang, whose body was completely engulfed in fire!

Wizards with such magic are extremely rare!

Paley looked closer to Mo Fang, finding the energy of another being.

– Incarnation with a spontaneous animal! – the executioner simply lost the power of speech from surprise.

Mo Fan’s body, covered with fire, had already completely melted the icy coffin, and now his wings of fire began to appear!

The magician flew into the air, sending a fist coming out, which was now striving towards Paley.

The executioner thought to retreat some distance back, but the speed of the enemy simply hit, so Paley had no choice but to release a few icy hills in front of him.

The hills were as tall as the five-story building of the hospital, and they were about the same width. From the flaming blow that fell on the hills, Mo Fang threw white steam !!!

The blow was so strong that Paley even threw in the air.

He landed on a deserted street: he was firmly on his feet, holding his angry look at Mo Fang!

Paley still underestimated the power of the enemy!

However, be that as it may, this lad is not strong enough to fight alone.

– Ice phoenix!

Paley said this in a loud voice, after which ice crystals began to accumulate over his head, which first formed a cloud, and then wide wings began to appear, which in scope were as wide as the street!

Everything on both sides of this ice bird turned into white ice.

Phoenix, flapping its wings, moved towards Mo Fan, who already felt how the icy breath of this creature suppressed its fire!

Mo Fan’s wings consisted of explosive fire, which had a very short-term effect. Seeing that the icy phoenix is rapidly rushing towards him, Mo Fan could not hesitate – having concentrated all his power, he created a defense!

Ice crystals scattered around the area, and Mo Fan himself was in the very center of this ice spectacle!

And although the ice still could not get close to him closely, the situation of the magician only worsened with every second.

Mo Fan with fists began to strike the icy surface, causing frost to turn into water that spread along the street.

As a result, Mo Fang even managed to make a hole in the ice cloud with his fist breaking, which made it turn into a waterfall of melted water.

Paley jumped onto the roof of the burger shop. Without waiting for Mo Fan to restore his energy, he had already begun to release ice shells into him.

Each projectile, like a spear, reached a length of 5-6 meters, aiming exactly at the place where Mo Fan could move.

Mo Fan, having seen this situation, released a pillar of fire from which magma began to pour!

The ice spears melted away from the heat of this pillar of fire, never reaching their goal, and the cold frost around was already turning into a fog.

“Still gonna let loose the magic?” – asked Mo Fan, looking at the enemy.

A huge billboard broke from his seat and flew straight onto Paley.

The executioner lifted his head and realized that the billboard weighed on it, weighing on it, does not leave him an opportunity to release the magic, so he simply went over to the side.

– Forward!

Using control, Mo Fan pulled off all the street lighting lamps along the road, and, turning them into a weapon, directed towards the executioner!

While Paley was preparing a retaliatory strike, Mo Fan had already thrown up his hands high, forming a fireball.

This fiery ball was noticeably different from the usual fiery release: the fiery release fits in one hand, and, having reached its goal, begins to incinerate it.

The ball that Mo Fan controlled was still growing in size, already reaching the size of a large room!

The ball flew into the executioner, and one could only see how it swept several lanes of the road, spreading around even more and creating a burning cover. Paley did not have time to react and release the standing defense.

The huge ball of fire not only swept the remaining icy hills, but even swooped onto Paley’s body, taking a ride right through it.

– This is magic! – Said Zhao Man Yan, that was nearby. For a period of time he could not even believe his eyes.

The whole street was covered with black fumes. Paley, who was lying supine, sharply jumped, and now with his bloody eyes he was looking at Mo Fang, now at Mu Ning Xue.

Without its sphere of hail, the executioner cannot release high-grade magic, which makes it very difficult for him.

Following a glance and assessing the trajectory of Mo Fang’s movements, Paley released ice chains. While these chains were flying in the air, Paley was already moving ahead of them.

One of the chains flew into the building where Mu Ning Xue was located.

Mo Fan’s forces turned out to be much more powerful than what the executioner imagined, so he decided to first deal with this girl, which absorbs his elemental energy, and then, having already regained the reins of the ice sphere, once again take on the little boy!

However, Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaoxu were there for help.

They were waiting in advance for Paley not far from Mu Ning Xue!

– Spiritual trap!

Jiang Shaoxu set the trap of the spirit element in advance, and Paley, unaware, was unable to attack Mu Ning Xue, as he was attacked by spiritual spiritual daggers from various sides that were aimed directly at his head.

They had a very strong soul traumatic effect, which is why the victim begins to experience strong spiritual torment.

Paley, possessing a high level of sensitivity, was able to escape from the trap immediately after he sensed something amiss.

However, he did not feel the spiritual blade that he still managed to pierce his soul. At some point, before his eyes, everything swam, and it became very difficult to release magic.

– Mo Fan! This is a good opportunity, destroy it! Shouted Jiang Shaoxu.

Mo Fan immediately flapped his wings of fire and moved to attack him.

– Fiery wing – collapsing fist!

The flames of the fire threat immediately lit up the dark sky, and fire dragons appeared around Mo Fan’s arms.

The shining of a fist fell on the street, and the wings behind Mo Fang already began to crumble into numerous feathers …

– Thousands of fire phoenix feathers!

Mo Fan’s wings were divided into thousands of fiery feathers that now surrounded the mage, enveloping the neighborhood!

More recently, Mo Fan was attacked by an ice phoenix, now let his opponent try the fiery birdies!

Feathers flew toward Paley, gathering in the air at the fire phoenix. Only one could see how the wings of a fiery bird cut through the night sky.

The fiery phoenix fell on Paley, who had not yet managed to move away from the fist collapsing – the whole district was blazing with a bright red flame!

– Strong! – Zhao Man Yan was amazed.

The bursting fist of nine dragons, backed by a fiery phoenix – the usual high-level fire magicians nervously smoke on the sidelines …

The development of fiery heterky really changes Mo Fang’s magic for the better!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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