Chapter 984. One shot of two birds with one stone


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In the black earth gaped hole.

Mo Fan, in order to reduce the damage caused by magic, specifically hit Paley when he was on the roof of a building, otherwise all the buildings along the street would definitely be destroyed!

The flame left a hole in the ground, and blood flowed from the mouth of a charred executioner.

He rose heavily to his feet, his mail wrapped with rags hanging from his body without providing him with any magical protection.

During the attack, Paley concentrated the breath of ice on himself, creating a thick ice chain, but she began to melt when in contact with the wings of the fire phoenix, and even began to evaporate!

Wiping the blood at the corners of his lips, Paley began to tremble.

Now he understood why Salan herself personally directed him against Mo Fang – he is the strongest of the young magicians who have been met by the executioner. Yes, Mo Fan is a natural magical talent, yes, he has a powerful contract beast, but at such a young age it is worth a lot to hurt the executioner!

“You were able to hurt me, which is very commendable for you, but unfortunately you cannot kill me!” Said Paley, grinning.

– Do you want to run away? – asked Mo Fan.

– Next time I will definitely take your life! Said the executioner through his teeth, not even thinking about continuing the fight.

“Last time you said the same thing,” Mo Fan quipped.

Paley was enraged. Without his sphere, kill Mo Fan for him just will not work. We must wait until he regains his control over magic, and then everything will work out for sure!

Paley turned to run. He was not afraid that Mo Fan could follow him – in a couple of minutes the power over the icy sphere would return to him, and then this lad would run towards his death!

Paley ran out into the street. Turning around, he saw that Mo Fan was following him.

“It’s good that the magicians of the Temple have not yet appeared,” the executioner breathed relaxed.

He was not worried about Mo Fana, but about the possible appearance of magicians from the Temple, because then they would be able to prevent him.

A little more and the power of the ice sphere will again be with him!

Paley has already begun to regret. He regretted that he so underestimated Mo Fang’s abilities and was able to fall into the trap he set!

The executioner can always kill his victim – no need to hurry!

“So you are the executioner of the black church?” Dog Salan? – Suddenly behind Paley heard a voice.

Paley froze. He slowly turned around and saw behind him a guy standing ten meters away from him.

At such a moment this man appeared next to him! He looked around again, but no one was there!

The executioner reacted very quickly, activating magical shoes. His body with the speed of light rushed into the alley.

It flashed like a ray of light, and only in the back streets it slowed down a bit.

At that moment, a silvery glow appeared in the air, and the man appeared before him again – now he was looking fiercely at Paley!

Paley was stunned. This face seemed familiar to him – the man looked like the captain of the magical team of China. The executioner recognized him as he had been looking through the data on Mo Fang’s entire team.

When he first attacked Mo Fan, he was gone. According to Paley, there was no sense at all from the other team members in the district, and none of them could turn him away from his intended goal.

Only at this moment, when the team captain appeared before him, Paley was already angry!

Cultivating this person …

How among students can there be individuals with such a level of cultivation ?!

– Spiritual torture!

Ai Jiang Tu released magic.

At the same time, a demon appeared behind Paley, who with his claws grabbed him by the throat.

On the neck of the executioner there were traces of claws, and his soul was now seized by this demon!

“We don’t need the magicians of the Temple, we can deal with you!” – said Mo Fan, jumping from a height and in the moment he was facing the executioner.

Paley was already seriously injured. Ai Jiang Tu was approaching, squeezing him harder in the grip of his curse magic – he just can’t run away now!

“Will we deal with this executioner here or will we hand it over to the magicians from the Temple?” – asked Mo Fan.

“We’ll give it to the magicians, there’s something you don’t know,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Aaaaaaa! Let me go! Let go!

While these two were discussing how to deal with the executioner, Paley was already screaming at the top of her voice – the magic of a curse literally penetrated into every hidden corner of his soul.

In fact, Lin Ling, having learned that the executioner is a former magician of the Temple of Freedom, immediately thought that the guys would need help ….

That is why Mo Fan called to help Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu in fact did not even release the magic in full power: if they act with Mo Fang together, then this executioner without his icy sphere is definitely not intimidating for them.

Having decided that the executioner must be seized precisely in New York, Ai Jiang Tu all this time was watching the situation from the outside, waiting for the right moment.

Paley himself was worried only about the magicians from the Temple, as he naively believed that only they could destroy his plans – and Ai Jiang Tu is not inferior to the magicians of the Temple …

Ai Jiang Tu is a military of the Chinese army, and he cannot be calm about when it comes to the black churches who initiated the disaster in Xi’an. So many soldiers died then!

“We cannot allow him to release his icy field – in this case, none of us will last long,” Mo Fan warned the team captain.

“Yeah,” Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head. He looked around at the ruined street: “You will need a lot of money for damages.”

“I am doing a great service to the magicians from the Temple, so they have to take all the expenses on themselves!” Said Mo Fan indifferently.

Ai Jiang Tu looked at Paley, and then at the mark on his right hand: “Although we caught the executioner, but this time the victory was behind the black church, the executioner is just their bait.”

– Bait? What is the bait? Mo Fan asked uncomprehendingly.

“Paley is a bait.”

– Bait? – Mo Fan still not catching up.

“Do you think that the black church is so stupid as to arrange such a massacre in the middle of a huge street?” – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“I doubt it, too,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan knew well the style of doing business to the black church: they lured their victim to some remote place, and there are much more chances for success, and you can retreat at any moment.

Paley decided to fight Mo Fane in a place that is less than five kilometers from the Temple of Freedom, as if he definitely wants to attract the attention of the magicians.

“Isn’t their real purpose to kill me?” – asked Mo Fan.

“They want to kill you, but that’s just one of their tasks.” So say, the accompanying task. While you and Paley are releasing bright magic in the middle of the night sky, the Temple of Freedom is being robbed, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan frowned and looked at Paley.

– Is he a bait? Mo Fan asked again.

– Yes, the most important thing is to leave New York with what they need. They made noise with the help of Paley, and they decided to deal with you along the way, kill two birds with one stone … and the Temple of Freedom does not even suspect anything, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan wondered.

At first he wanted to send Salan to the executioner’s corpse as a small gift from himself, but as a result, it turned out that Salan herself was playing with him!

– What is stealing something? Is this something important? – asked Mo Fan.

– I myself only know this, the Temple of Freedom will not exactly spread about the theft. Anyway, it is necessary to transfer Paley to the mages of the Temple, the only way they have at least some chance to return the stolen, – said Ai Jiang Tu.

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

Ai Jiang Tu, seeing Mo Fang’s puzzled expression, said with a smile: “By the way, your power is becoming more and more terrifying. The black church has no idea how fast you are developing. They will have to try to find the executioner just for you. ”

“I still hope that this red creature will come by itself,” said Mo Fan.

“If their head in red appears in person, it will mean that the end of the church is not far off,” added Ai Jiang Tu.

Salan could not appear personally, as it would be a sign of weakness in front of Mo Fang.

As soon as she herself appears in front of him, Mo Fan will not fail to use his demonization to kill her!

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