Chapter 985. A Huge Skeleton Near the Shore


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Salan in a red robe was standing next to a waterfall, and from her left ear was the earpiece of the radio.

“The hangman Paley is already dead,” a voice on the other end sounded.

– Eh, here is a disappointment! – said Salan.

– What we need has already been delivered to the designated place.

– Well.

– Do I need to send other people to deal with that boy?

– It would not hurt. He can be killed even if he is not the real goal of the mission. Next.

– This magician is progressing at high speed, even Paley could not deal with him. I am afraid that at such a pace this wizard may soon become a real threat to us. Once he reaches the highest level of magic, there will be a big problem with him, a voice sounded at the other end.

– Calm down, I certainly will not let him reach the highest level! – answered Salan.

– Enough of these your words.

The water in the Atlantic Ocean is very clear and azure. In quiet time, you can see the mirror image of white clouds in the water surface.

Tinoaia is a mystical town in Portugal, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the place where sea hunters gather. Each of the hunters seeks to explore the ocean for the presence of magical jewels, which can be left here, squandering them just overnight.

It is full of bars with girls, and gaming houses, and opportunities for magical battles!

In the second half of the day, when the sun slowly goes beyond the horizon, girlish skirts fluttering in different directions with a warm breeze …

An old magician, drunk as a lord, was sitting on a hanging wooden road. This road stretched along the water and looked like a wooden bridge – so many people come here to cool off as night falls.

The face of the old magician was already red, and he, without ceasing, was uttering his dissatisfaction to the companion.

“I told him that it was imperative to have water protection at hand.” If he had not been so boastful and would have listened to me, the stormy magic fish would not have gone! – the old man spoke without stopping.

His companion, a bearded middle-aged man who drank far less than him, sat beside him and comforted: “Well, you can’t just kick him out of the team because of this, you know how hard it is to assemble a team. All for the sake of hunting, for the sake of money, why be so annoyed. ”

An old hunter named Kant wanted only to say something again, as a large ship noticed on the water surface.

He was very drunk, so the ship in his eyes literally multiplied, creating a picture as if a large number of ships were slowly moving towards the city.

– What a huge ship! However, I remember that in Tinoaya strict order, and ships with such a large tonnage can not approach the city, is not it? – Said a man with a beard, sitting next.

“Ha-ha, wait until I catch the commander-in-chief fish, then I’ll buy myself the same boat, then I will gather all the girls of Tinoaya and go with them to sail across the Atlantic, and when I come back, the population of the town will increase dramatically!” – the hunter laughed.

A man with a beard sitting next to him also laughed at the thought, his gaze involuntarily sharpened on this big ivory-colored ship …

As the ship approached, the man’s facial expression became more and more wow …

“Kant, this ship … it seems, and not a ship at all,” said the bearded man with fear in his voice.

“How is this not a ship?” Is there anything else in the world as great as a ship? Huge sea monster? – asked the old man.

“This … this is definitely not a ship!” – the bearded voice has already shifted to a scream.

On the water surface was a huge monster of ivory color, which was slowly approaching the port. The dimensions of the creature also increased markedly with its approach, which made the eyes of the people themselves even more crawl out of their orbits.

Kant rubbed his eyes. Sensing the smell of a possible attack by a sea creature, he instantly sobered up.

At that moment, when Kant рал snapped through his eyes, the creature with a bang had already stopped on land!

Drenched in cold sweat, the aging hunter Kant, who was soon about to become a venerable hunter, only realized that even he had not seen such a monster!


This turned out to be not a huge ship of ivory color, but a real skeleton, which has now been washed ashore!

The skeleton was in perfect condition, if it can be expressed at all: the skeleton was in a form in which it was in a living being!

Somehow, a large creature turned into a skeleton, which threw ashore like an empty tin can or a bag of garbage — from such a sight even experienced hunters ran into goose bumps … The skeleton of such a huge creature looked even more frightening than a living monster!

“I … I … I will report this to the league.”

Only after a while the bearded hunter came to himself …

– Good … good! – the old hunter was sitting in the same place, with his legs tucked up as if he was about to get up.

Even the hunters for so many years of their activities have not met such a monster!

While the two hunters were so frightened, a passenger plane flew over their heads, which then landed in Tinoia.

Mo Fan was sitting on the plane, enjoying the beautiful view from the window, at some point he turned to the situation below.

– What are you looking at? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

“Below is some strange ship that stopped at a small bay, occupying all the space,” said Mo Fan.

– Ships sometimes swim here.

– But this one is very big.

“I saw more ships and more, nothing special,” said Zhao Man Yan with a knowledgeable air.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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