Chapter 986. Again the curse of the drowned!


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The sea wind carried a strange smell around the district that came from the skeleton.

The wooden trailing road that led to the bay was already filled with people. None of them had ever seen anything like this before, so the news about the skeleton scattered around Tinoaya in a matter of minutes.

– And he … is really very big! – Said Zhao Man Yan, hatched eyes.

Sitting on the plane, this item did not seem so huge, yes, it was too big compared to the small bay of the port town, but its true dimensions could only be seen after landing.

– How could a creature of this level turn into this? The skeleton is completely intact, but there is no blood, no meat, not even entrails! – cast Nan Jue.

“Jiang Yu, look at what kind of a creature is,” said Mo Fan, turning to the guy who was considered to be a real specialist on magical creatures in their team.

– This is most likely a sea mammoth, only the shape of the skull is more similar to the ancient individuals, the lower part of the body is cetacean. Such animals live in the depths of the sea, and this type does not apply to sea monsters that love to invade the territory of people. But these monsters are distinguished by their voracity and cruelty: one individual needs to eat more than ten sea monsters a day, only this way it is possible to maintain their vital activity. The sea mammoth is also called the “killer of steamboats”, since in history there are many cases of their attack on ships. Wizards were on all these ships, and their ships could endure the attack of a commander-level monster … ”said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan nodded, raising Zhao Man-yan’s fallen jaw.

This huge skeleton is located here, and Jiang Yu could easily identify to which creature he belongs, and the worst thing is that there are a lot of such creatures in the depths of the infinite ocean, and disaster can happen if all these creatures rush to the coast!

“This monster died no more than two days ago,” Jiang Yu said.

– Such a huge carcass should definitely decompose for a long time, why do you say that only two days have passed? – asked Mo Fan.

“Pay attention to the monster’s fangs … they are not angular, but they look exactly like ivory.” The price of sea mammoth fangs comes to ten million, since of them you can make protective chain mail and chopping artifacts. His fangs are only beginning to turn black, and after the death of the sea mammoth his teeth turn black for several days. After they completely turn black, they lose value, said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the fangs that had just begun to turn black.

– And yet I do not understand, the ocean is so huge, and it is full of other creatures, but why is the skeleton of this particular monster completely intact? There is not a single trace of collision or strikes. Where are the skin, meat, entrails? And this skeleton is very heavy – why does it not sink and calmly float on the surface of the water? – did not calm down Nan Jue.

– How do you like to stick your nose in other people’s affairs! Faster we go to the office of the state security of this country, and, having figured out with their guards, we go to the next destination!

Obviously, none of those present could give an explanation of this situation, no one, not even hunters.

However, the inhabitants were frightened by the fact that there were such sea mammoths in the ocean that at any moment they could start attacking the city!

Terrible stories diverged through the streets – everyone retold to each other what happened, and numerous rags already prepared headlines the next day ….

Mo Fan, being very curious, could not understand everything, how could such a huge and strong monster just die like that?

– Jiang Yu, at what level is the level of strength of the sea mammoth? – continued to ask Mo Fan.

“The weakest representatives of this species are somewhere in the top of the commanders-in-chief, according to the shape of the canines of this skeleton, it can be concluded that he was close to the level of the commander,” Jiang Yu replied.

“Paul … commander ?!” Jiang Yu, don’t scare me! Cried Mo Fan.

The death of the animal level, close to the level of the commander, suggests that in the coastal surroundings of Tinoaya there can be a real living commander!

Everyone was already uneasy before Jiang Yu explained, now the feeling of security among them has completely disappeared.

– Hurry faster in the state security, and then we dump on the plane.

– …

Mo Fang was not at all interested in the state guards of Portugal, his thoughts again and again returned to the information that Jiang Yu said.

“If you want to go there, then go, and we will deal with the guards ourselves,” said Ai Jiang Tu, upon seeing Mo Fang’s gaze.

– Ha, ha, well, if so, then good luck! Come, let’s gossip.

– Your mother, what else gossip? This is a very serious incident!

Zhao Man Yan didn’t want to go, but Mo Fan pulled him by force, the most agitated Jiang Shaoxu also fell into the intelligence ranks, but most of all the team was surprised by Mu Ning Xue, who also wondered why they joined their gang.

– Mo Fan, this means that Mu Ning Xue is only externally very cold, inwardly being very enthusiastic in kind. Risk loving girls can be broken … but no, one day she will lay you down, and you will know the whole animal passion of this girl! – said Zhao Man Yan with an interested person.

“If she hears your words, then even I, damn you, I won’t save your dog’s skin!” Said Mo Fan.

“He-he-he,” chuckled Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan was also surprised that Mu Ning Xue was interested in this skeleton.

However, Mo Fan was wrong: when everyone else went to the remains of the monster, Mu Ning Xue turned towards the coastal back streets.

These back streets were arranged like layers, which made it all look like a labyrinth. Mo Fan didn’t even pay attention to the departure of Mu Ning Xue and continued to go further towards the skeleton.

Mu Ning Xue walked into the alley. She climbed the stairs, and the sound of her wooden heels echoed resoundingly.

Without knowing it, she suddenly went out onto a stone bridge that led to the villas on the coastal hill. There was a shallow under the bridge, making the space under this bridge more like a river at high tide.

Against all this, Mu Ning Xue’s silvery hair fluttered in different directions, and her snow-white skin sparkled with cold light.

“It’s already the third this month,” said the smoking uncle, carefully peering into the black bag at the shallows.

On the shallows was a man – a fire mage in red attire. In front of him on a high wooden stand lay a black bag with something inside.

Someone tore the bag, and a man appeared without any signs of life, this man was lying flat on the wooden structure.

The fire magician made up a constellation and set off this wooden structure with a golden glow, which instantly flared up, and with it a young man lying on top.

Moo Ning Xue, seeing this picture, was involuntarily stupefied.

– Cremation?

Why are people cremated on the coast?

In this way, people who died from a contagious disease are usually burned, is there really some kind of contagious disease in this beautiful town?

– Uncle, what did you just say? – asked Mu Ning Xue, coming up to the man.

Uncle spoke English fluently, as most Tinoaya residents speak it.

“This is the third cremation this month,” answered Uncle.

– This young guy died from the disease?

– If this is due to the disease, then the people will cover even more panic.

– Why?

– Do you really want to hear it? This even in a nightmare you do not dream, – uncle replied.

– I want to know.

The uncle looked at the fire, as if waiting for the dead body to be completely burned out.

Only after a while he began to say: “This is not a disease, but suicide … no, no, this is a curse. All of them themselves run to the water and drown in it ….

– Have you seen it with your own eyes? – asked Mu Ning Xue, knitting her eyebrows.

– Yes I saw. If you count everyone, even those whom I have not seen here, then he is already the third one.

Mu Ning Xue fell silent.

She heard the talk of local women, then she saw the skeleton, and in her head there were memories of what happened in Japan ….

The curse of the drowned man!

At the very beginning of Mu Ning Xue, she saw from the dam herself how the magician girl rushes into the water, and after a while her body emerges completely pale!

And now she again faced this in Portugal!

The sea wind blew in the direction of the girl, and she felt a strange chill …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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