Chapter 987. International Award


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Much time has passed, but Mu Ning Xue never recovered.

Damn the drowned man. Why are such terrible curses still exist in far-off-sea areas?

Moo Ning Xue diligently asked the old man, and he, in turn, honestly told her everything.

It turns out that on this shallow nine people died from the curse of a drowned man. All deaths occurred at different times. The old man knew this only because he had lived in this place for many years.

However, nobody knew where this curse comes from!

– And you are constantly here. Why are you the only one watching the fire? – from somewhere came the voice of Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue said nothing. Does he even have eyes ?? This is not just a fire, it is a funeral pyre!

And who, in fact, comes to the sandy beach to look at the fire in broad daylight!

“When I was in the city of Donghai, I saw a terrible incident,” Mu Ning Xue described in general terms cases involving the curse of a drowned man.

Mo Fan was horrified by what he heard.

– The man himself runs into the sea to drown ??

The body gradually becomes deathly pale, and the corpse turns black. Yes, it’s very similar to a virus! But Mo Fan has never heard of viruses capable of forcing a person to commit suicide!

– What about the remains? Did you find anything? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

The existence of the curse of the drowned man was difficult to recognize. Moo Ning Xue transferred the topic to the remains. But behind the appearance of the remains, something much more terrible than a curse could be covered!

– There is no bone marrow in the remains. The bones are quite large, but completely empty, ”said Mo Fan.

If they understand the reason for this, they will be able to understand where these remains from the sea surface came from. There is no bone marrow in the entire skeleton. It all looks very ominous.

The hunters union has already sent its people here to investigate. Can they understand the reasons for all this?

“I want to shout about it all,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– I also want to. Such a large skeleton, but no meat, no blood, no bone marrow. What finally happened? – puzzled Mo Fan.

“I’m talking about the curse of the drowned man,” Mu Ning Xue said seriously.

Mo Fan didn’t keep up with the girl’s thoughts.

Okay! Apparently, having met this phenomenon a second time, she can no longer think about anything else!

If this phenomenon occurs in places far from each other, then this is something serious!

– I will help you. It’s good that I am also a hunter magician, ”said Mo Fan.

“Good …” Mu Ning Xue did not reject help.

Not knowing why, but Mu Ning Xue felt that the worst was yet to come and everything was not so simple with this curse of a drowned man, as it may seem at first. After the discovery of these remains, one thought of the sea or the coast rolled up nausea.

.. ……… ..


Mo Fan was a pretty good hunter magician, but in many situations he consulted with Lin Lin, much more experienced in this matter.

Ling Ling was still in New York, surely the old man Bao had assigned her some business.

Returning to the hotel, Mo Fan first of all found a computer with an Internet connection. He told Lin Ling everything he heard and saw the curse of the drowned man, hoping that the girl would be able to find any information.

Before Ling Ling lay a large amount of materials from the database. All strange and suspicious incidents all over the world should be recorded here.

As soon as Ling Ling heard about the curse of the drowned man, her eyes glittered.

– Where are you at? The girl asked.

– In Portugal, the city of Tinoaya. Can’t you come? – asked Mo Fan.

– Why not? Everything is better than returning to this crumbling school! – answered Ling Ling.

Since Mo Fan started driving around the world while exercising, Lin Lin began to mold in this devilish city. Without missions, rewards and complex tasks, it seemed to her that she would soon turn to dust.

That got her. That’s enough, it’s time to hunt!

– Mo Fan, I found. I have good news, – Ling Ling did not lose time and quickly found what she needed.

– Good news?? – Mu Ning Xue thought that this expression is not quite appropriate in this situation. All this devilry with damnation and suicide, it was difficult to somehow connect with the good news.

– With regard to the curse of the drowned man, the International Union of Hunters has already appointed a monetary reward. They hope that there will be a hunter who can stop these terrible suicides taking place around the world, ”announced Lin Lin.

– So they have long been aware of this. This is really good news! We can combine our strength and earn some money. What do you think? – Mo Fan was delighted.

Faced with Paley’s executioner not so long ago, Mo Fan realized that his own strength was not enough.

Under the influence of the elemental region of Pale, his own attempts to attack were like childish fuss. He was just ridiculous! Mo Fan was worried if he would be in the same plight when he met a higher level mage with a strong elemental area the next time?

Its elements of fire, thunderstorms and shadows were already at a high level. The fire hat has become much stronger, so the call element should already be at a high level.

Mo Fan needed another galactic vein.

Mo Fan thought that he still lacked the elemental sphere!

Having a sphere is a different matter!

As a rule, between two hundred and three hundred million yuan are asked for ordinary spiritual seed, and the spiritual seed costs twice as much. Different types of spiritual seeds have different effects.

The price for the spiritual seed of the sphere should just fly up to heaven!

If you believe the trafficker Zhao Man Yan, then the market price of the spiritual seed of the sphere can reach 600 million!

Recently, Mo Fan put all his money and bought spiritual seeds on them to feed the fiery steak. One fiery spiritual seed costs ten thousand yuan. The girl eaten him for a couple of tricks, so Mo Fang didn’t have any money now.

And of course he really missed Ling Ling.

“Tell me, how much money will the curse of a drowned man give?” – asked Mo Fan.

– This is not a certain amount of money. Do you know what a premium bowl is? Asked Lin Ling.

– I do not know. What it is?

“Do you know what a lottery ticket is?” If in one season no one won the lottery, then the reward remains intact and accumulate further, becoming more and more. With the premium bowl is the same scheme. If someone in the world declares a reward, then it is added to the remuneration of the International Union of Hunters. No one has completed this task, so no one can take this money, and they are accumulating further … – explained Lin Ling.

Mo Fan’s eyes bulged.

Premium bowl! There are still beautiful things in this world! Mo Fan had imagined swimming in a pool filled with gold!

Mu Ning Xue saw Mo Fang’s enthusiastic look and didn’t know what to say.

She started all this, hoping that she would never again see such a horrible and strange death. And I didn’t think at all that there could be some kind of award cup! It seems that with all these awards, Mo Fan completely forgot that he is still a student!

– And how much is now in this cup? – Mo Fang fussed.

– Around the world, around 1,325 awards have been announced. Many were nominated by the families of the victims, local administrations, various associations, research institutes, charitable organizations, etc. Now the total amount is 340 million 700 thousand th … oh! Someone just announced another reward! Now 350 million! I already bought tickets, I will be with you tonight! – tweeted Ling Ling.

Although Ling Ling did not show any emotion, judging by the speed with which she collected her things, she was as excited as Mo Fan!

Moo Ning Xue laughed bitterly when she saw that these two hunters of the same field were berries.

Be that as it may, the beginning of the way!

How good it would be to end this curse and stop the deaths of innocent people!

– Mo Fan, if we can solve this case, we will become the fourth rank hunters! My level of admission will be even steeper, and the limit of rewards will also increase! – Ling Ling blurted out and turned off the camera.

– Haha! If it goes like this, we will soon become the main hunters! Laughed Mo Fan.

The leaders of the hunters had a very high social status. Mo Fan knew that Lin Lin aspired to be the leader of the hunters! Yes, and he, earning money in this way, could achieve this rank!

……… ..

……… ..

Ling Ling was easy to lift. It was still not dark, but she had already got on a plane flying to Tinoaya. In flight, she managed to disassemble a bunch of materials, and also made a map of deaths from curses, trying to identify any pattern.

– It is obvious that all the dead lived in the coastal cities. There are no registered cases in rivers and lakes, – Ling Ling seemed not to feel tired at all. Her round eyes sparkled and seemed to say “finally something interesting!”

“This curse has spread all over the world, probably it will take a long time to figure it out?” – asked Mo Fan.

According to the map of Lin Ling, the curse of the drowned man appeared in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. The most interesting thing is that in the marine areas of China such cases were very rare, but in other countries … especially in Portugal, many people died from the curse …

“Apparently, in this city, the largest number of deaths is from the curse of the drowned man,” Lin said.

Mu Ning Xue immediately remembered the words of that old man. He said that only eight people died on that beach!

– It seems we were lucky that we are just at the epicenter! I wonder if we can solve this mystery? Said Mo Fan.

– Of course we can! – Ling Ling was adamant. Like all hunters, she was very persistent and dedicated to her work.

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