Chapter 988: The Bloody Drowned Man


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Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue were responsible for collecting information. In the town of Tinoaya, in addition to the shoals where they were already, a drowning curse appeared in several coastal areas.

In any case of serial murders, they first analyze and reveal common signs and, based on them, make guesses about the field and the field of activity of the criminal.

The manifestation of the drowning curse in people from coastal cities seemed completely random and chaotic, but this did not mean that these people had nothing in common. Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue tried to understand what binds all the dead from the curse of people. But they only learned that all these people inexplicably drowned. No information.

At first they decided to visit that old man. He saw eight deaths with his own eyes, he might have noticed something.

The old man chatted incessantly. He told them the legend that dead people were a sacrificial offering to God of the seas. Only in this way could he give people good weather and a mild wind.

Mo Fan immediately realized that this was not a legend, but empty fabrications.

Require the gift of someone’s life, what a nonsense! One who takes the lives of others is difficult to call a god. Mo Fan has always tried to explain everything from the point of view of science. Twenty-first century in the yard, but people still believe in such medieval superstitions !!

– I’ll go ask relatives. The three deceased this month were not familiar with each other. Looking at their photos, I noticed that they were all very dark. Relatives said they all loved to swim, ”said Mo Fan.

– Loved to swim? – Moon Ning Xue asked doubtfully.

“Hey, I also don’t think this is good news for God,” Mo Fan shrugged.

Since he began to study magic, Mo Fan immediately realized that he liked to fight more, but he didn’t work very well with brains and analyze.

……… ..

Passing by the alley, completely filled with flowers, Mo Fan saw that a guy was coming to meet him. In one hand, he held a bottle of beer and looked completely carefree.

Soon, the guy noticed going to meet Mu Ning Xue. With a silly grin, he began to whistle in her direction, staring at her in all his eyes and trying to look into the neckline.

“Hey, you didn’t notice me?” Said Mo Fan disgustedly, squinting at the guy.

“What the fuck are you?” – the guy turned out to be quick-tempered too.

– Fuck you! – Mo Fan shoved the guy away with a wave of spatial magic.

Mo Fan, of course, did it to the floor of force, just trying to teach this insolent man a lesson.

The guy was not so simple. He quickly formed a water wall, defending himself from attack.

– The element of space? Are you a high level mage? – the guy raised his eyebrows, looking at Mo Fanya with interest.

“So why are you still here?” Said Mo Fan.

– What’s so special …

Mo Fan threw up his hands again, he didn’t want to listen to this guy’s chatter. This time he put in more strength.

A wave of energy hit straight at the guy. This time, his defense could not stand it and he was thrown right through the entire lane.

The stranger fell to the ground. The bottle broke and all the beer flowed around the guy, but he himself did not get any injuries. Clearly aware that he would not be able to with Mo Fane, he rose to his feet and shouted angrily:

– Hey, lad! This is my area. You’ll see, you’ll still kneel in front of me and ask for forgiveness!

Having said that, the guy turned around and took off running. Mo Fan wanted to grab him and teach him a second time, but in the winding narrow alleys there was no longer a stranger’s shadow.

“Coward,” Mo Fan even found him funny.

– Do not pay attention. Only time is wasted, – Mu Ning Xue did not approve of such behavior of Mo Fang.

– You are a very beautiful girl and it is clear that everyone often stares at you. But whistling right in front of me, this is already quite audacity! This is not only disrespectful to you, it is a provocation in my direction! Say thank you, that I have not knocked out all his teeth! – blurted out Mo Fan.

Mo Fang had reasons for such behavior, Mo Ning Xue did not argue with him, but still thought that he went too far.

……… ..

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue came to a residential area. They interviewed the family, it was already the seventh in a row.

They found out only that all the victims loved to swim, but Ma Fan still could not wait to return to the hotel and go to sleep.

When they entered the courtyard of the seventh family, entwined with the purple vines of a creeping plant, Mo Fan immediately felt a disgusting smell.

Mu Ning Xue also smelled the stench and involuntarily pressed her nose with her hand.

– Is there anyone? “Mo Fan stepped into the courtyard, pushing the wooden door.

– Is there anyone? You have a terrible stink here! Mo Fang said even louder.

From the house there was no answer. They looked at each other.

Mo Fan sped up and walked into the living room.

“Hey, you … what the hell are you doing here?” Doodles! You broke into my house! – suddenly from the yard came the familiar voice.

They turned around and saw the very bully from the alley, the magician of the element of water.

Is this his house?

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue smiled bitterly, this world is really very small!

– Do you live here? – asked Mo Fan.

– What kind of nonsense, this is too much! Are you following me just because I was staring at your girlfriend? – angry magician.

– Have you lost something here, don’t you feel? – asked Mo Fan.

The magician sighed deeply and almost felt sick. He was so surprised by their appearance that he didn’t even pay attention to the stench.

– Why does it stink so? – surprised the magician of water.

– This is me asking you. It seems to smell from there, – Mo Fan pointed to the locked door.

The room was locked outside by a lock, and all the slots were tightly boarded up. It all looked very suspicious, as if someone was being held captive. More than Mo Fan, nothing came to mind.

The magician of water immediately changed his face and froze in one place.

He found the key in a hurry and opened the door with shaking hands.

As soon as they opened the door, a sharp smell hit his nose. All three involuntarily held their breath.

– Nok, Nok !! – the magician burst into the room shouting loudly.

Mo Fan stepped in behind him, a head spinning from the sickening picture before his eyes.

The magician of water was also in shock, he slowly slipped to the floor …

Mu Ning Xue turned her head, did not dare to look into the room.

Mo Fan saw a lot of terrible things, but now he was uncomfortable …

There was one person in the room. Apparently, he was locked in this room by a water magician.

He was dead.

There were deep cuts on both of the dead man’s wrists, a large amount of blood glass in the iron pelvis facing him. His face was completely immersed in the basin.

It was not clear whether he died from blood loss, or drowned in her. But his body was as white. He was very much like a drowned man!

… … …

The magician from the alley sobbed for a very long time sitting in the room. It turned out that it was his younger brother.

Even worse, his elder brother drowned about three months ago …

In his family, two people died from the curse of a drowned man!

– Tell us everything in more detail. I think you, like no one else, want to find out the cause of their death, – Mo Fan bought a guy a few cans of beer, hoping that he would calm down a little.

The guy emptied two cans with a sip. Obviously, he had not fully realized what had happened.

– Previously, Nok was very fond of surfing, but I forbade him to do this. Last time, he behaved like a madman, all the time rushed at me or tried to escape. I realized that something was wrong with him and sometimes locked him in a room. Last night I was not at home. I decided to lock him up all night, hoping he would come to his senses. How could I know that he was drowning in his own blood ?? What have I done wrong?? Said Bobby.

– It has nothing to do with you. It is very strange that two people in the family died from the curse of the drowned man. It happens around the world, but in the same family, it is unlikely. Did your older brother and Nok go to the same places? Maybe doing one thing? Or ate something the same? – asked Mo Fan.

– They were constantly together. I rarely came home and spent all my time in the Magic Society. The elder brother always took Nok with him, but I don’t know where exactly they went, ”answered Bobby.

Bobby was very worried and spoke confusedly. Mo Fan decided that he shouldn’t torture him anymore, it’s better to wait until he calms down, maybe then he will be able to say something useful.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue stood apart and looked at each other with concern.

“This is terrible …” Mu Ning Xue whispered.

– Yes. I think Nok was also under the spell of the drowned man. Normally, he would have rushed into the sea and drowned. Bobby locked him, precisely because he did not want his brother to approach the water. As a result, Nok drowned in this way. It seems to me that this is not a virus, but some kind of spiritual magic and control, ”said Mo Fan.

“What kind of spiritual control is this that can make a person drown in her own blood …” Mu Ning Xue was in shock.

– I already reported everything to Lin Ling. Do not touch anything here! I hope at least now we will find the evidence standing, ”said Mo Fan.

If earlier, Mo Fan was only interested in a reward, now, having seen this with his own eyes, Mo Fan was determined!

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