Chapter 989. Jellyfish Larva Ling Ling was very soon in place.


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Seeing the little girl, Bobby jumped up:

– Girl, do not come here! It might scare you!

Lin Lin still entered. In her early years, the wise and serious eyes of the girl examined the bloody scene.

She approached the corpse and put her finger in the basin, slightly raising them in blood, then slightly lifted Nok’s face and carefully examined.

Bobby looked at the girl in shock and could not recover.

“For now, don’t report anything to the police and to the Magic Society.” If they come, then we definitely will not find anything useful, ”Lin Lin ordered.

“I isolate this place with the magic of space, the smell also does not spread,” said Mo Fan.

– What it is? – Ling Ling pointed to the strange dirt accumulated on the edge of the iron basin.

“I don’t know, it’s like dandruff or skin scales,” Mo Fan answered.

Ling Ling carefully collected a little bit of dirt in a vacuum bag to examine it upon return.

“Call an experienced mage who can do an autopsy,” Lin said.

– Autopsy ?? “Bobby protested immediately.”

This is his younger brother, he wants to bury him as it should be, what other autopsy!

“If you think that arranging a decent funeral is more important than finding the killer, then please.” Call the mages from society, they will still tell you that the body needs to be burned just in case, ”Ling Ling said bluntly.

Bobby did not expect such a speech from a little girl and, dumbfounded, was staring at her.

“If you, like us, want to find out what killed your brothers, you have to obey her in everything,” Mo Fan said sympathetically, patting Bobby on the shoulder.

Bobby was not a particularly sentimental man. He silently shook his head, so he gave his brother to Lin Lin.

……… ..

Ling Ling summoned an old experienced wizard, and they did the autopsy together. Mo Fan and Bobby sat in the courtyard. The guy kept a bottle of cold beer and occasionally attached to it. It does not seem to be a white day outside.

– How did you bury your older brother? Creamed? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, that very day. The healer magician from the Society said that it was probably a virus and that the body should be burned immediately so that it does not spread. Even if I was against it, they would have done it anyway, ”Bobby replied.

“When your younger brother became so … so …”

– Gone crazy?

– Yes, when did you realize that he was not in himself? – asked Mo Fan.

– About a week ago. He began to behave badly, at first I thought it was because of the death of the elder brother … – Bobby thought.

– And before that? Any unusual symptoms?

– Nothing like that, as usual. If only a good appetite can be considered strange, said Bobby.

– Have a good appetite ??

Mo Fan recalled that the relatives of the victims interviewed by him said the same thing.

– Previously, he was very picky about food, but lately he liked absolutely everything. I was even glad that he could gain weight, he was very thin. Who knew that everything would end like this …

Mo Fan remembered that the mother of one of the victims said the same thing!

– Xue Xue, could you visit those families again? We need to know if this symptom was in other victims, – Mo Fan turned to Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue nodded and left immediately.

……… ..

Mu Ning Xue returned very quickly. From her expression, Mo Fan already knew the answer.

“Absolutely everyone’s appetite increased at least twice,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Neither the police nor the hunters paid attention to such a trifle, but perhaps it has a direct bearing on what is happening,” Mo Fan searched the database on Lin Ling’s computer, trying to find something related to this symptom.

Although not all cases were directly written about increased appetite, but from the context one could understand that everyone had a similar symptom!

“What does this have to do with the curse?” – Bobby was perplexed.

“Increased appetite is not always a good sign, especially if people do not gain weight,” said Mo Fan.

During their conversation about appetite, Ling Ling left the room.

She looked at the trio sitting in the courtyard, her eyes sparkling.

“We found something,” she said.

– We, too.

Mo Fan told about the increased appetite of all the victims before his death.

Ling Ling thought for a moment and told about her discovery:

“Nok’s body is extremely emaciated, as if he had been starving for at least ten days, but otherwise nothing unusual. Total internal organs swelled up, as is usually the case.

– How can this be ?? Exclaimed Bobby.

Knock has eaten so much in recent days, how has his body been drained? This is counterintuitive!

“The further, the stranger,” Mo Fan grinned.

It was just inexplicable.

He ate so much, and his body was dehydrated. No one person can have such a fast metabolism.

“It seems this is our lead,” said Ling Ling.

With these words, Ling Ling ran back into the room and raised a basin of blood.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue looked at her in a puzzled way. What is she going to do?

Ling Ling found a small strainer and handed over Mo Fanyu.

Mo Fan obediently kept the strainer, and Ling Ling began to gently pour blood from his pelvis on him.

Thick blood slowly seeped through the small strainer holes. Bobby, who was watching this scene, had mixed feelings. This girl is so brave! He, an adult magician, could not control himself when he first entered this room. But she did not even file a mind!

The blood slowly flowed down. Mo Fan, who did not understand anything, was about to ask a question, but suddenly he saw that something very small was crawling on the surface of the strainer.

This thing looked like a small blood clot, it seemed, if you press a little, it will also leak through the sieve.

– What is it? – Mo Fan pointed to a swarming blood clot.

– Do not touch! This is a very fragile thing, it dies immediately without a liquid medium, ”commanded Lin Lin.

Mo Fan immediately pulled his hand. Mu Ning Xue and Bobby approached them, wondering what that thing was.

“Bring some water,” said Ling Ling.

Taking the water, Ling Ling gently watered the find, washing away all the blood.

Surprisingly, when the blood was washed off, the stirring clot seemed to melt away and left the strainer from the surface.

– Maybe dropped? – surprised Mo Fan.

“It’s still there, look carefully,” Ling Ling replied.

Mo Fan leaned over and carefully examined everything. In the same place lay a tiny transparent larva!

This little thing looked like a jellyfish, but it was very tiny and even more transparent, its shape resembled a larva.

“I have never seen anything like this,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue was also very educated and well-read, but she saw such a creature for the first time in her life. But how did she get into this guy’s blood? Did anyone who died from the curse of a drowned man have such a thing?

– It is not surprising that you have not seen this. She is now in its infancy. As soon as she gets into the sea, she will have enough water as a nutrient, she will quickly return to her true form, ”Lin explained to Lin.

– What is the real shape?

– It is difficult to say, this is the main danger of jellyfish larvae. While they are in their infancy they have no definite form. In most cases, they slowly turn into the creature on which they were able to parasitize, ”said Lin Lin.

– So this little thing can turn into any creature ?? That is, if she meets a siren, she will turn into a siren? Mo Fan asked in astonishment.

– Something like that. I, too, for the first time see the jellyfish larva with my own eyes. In the evening I will study all this in more detail! – Ling Ling blurted out, it seems everything is very excited her.

“So what’s with the curse of the drowned man?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“I told you that it can turn into any creature, including a human being,” answered Ling Ling.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue froze in place. From such an assumption Ling Ling, it just takes creepiness!

Hearing this, Bobby got mad:

– You … what are you talking about ?? My brothers … turned into this ?? Not! It can not be !!

– This is just a guess. I need to do research first, ”answered Ling Ling.

– It must be said exaggerated. Couldn’t all these people really be this creature? Could this invisible trifle be transformed into an adult? Live like a man and move like him? “Mo Fan also thought that Lin Ling’s guesswork was too strange.”

Honestly, even for Mo Fang, this was too much!

– By the way, on arrival I heard that some large remains appeared on the shore? – remembered Ling Ling.

“Yes, there is,” Mo Fan replied.

“I hope this is not the same being, otherwise there is a big problem in this city,” Ling Ling said quietly.

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