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The burly youth looked around and saw two cold corpse on the ground. She couldn’t help but say with a smile: “The four people are killing one person, and they are forced to this level. Li Chen, you are really shameful.”

“Shut up!” Li Chen face some red, said coldy: “This brat has a lot of cards, definitely not a general generation, immediately make a move to kill him, so as not to have a long night dream.”

Li Chen did not disclose the news of the hollow sword. The long sword of Magic Item level is extremely precious. He naturally does not want to see others take it away and wants to take it for himself.

Chu Xingyun looked at the burly youth and his eyes flashed.

This burly youth’s cultivation base is not high, only Spirit Gathering Third Level, but his Martial Spirit is rather strange, but a red-emitting collar that is placed on the neck of a huge black wolf.

“It should be the controlled Martial Spirit.” Chu Xingyun in the heart made the judgment that the burly youth used the Martial Spirit to tame the Wolf King so that they could control the wolves.

After seeing everything, Chu Xingyun’s eyes sank and stared at the black wolf in front of him, his eyes wide.


The ethereal sword cry broke the silence, a sword light bloomed like a meteor, move towards the black wolf, and the black wolf roared, and the cold light claws were shot, but it could not stop the sword light. Forward.

The black wolf reveals a touch of fear. Immediately, the sword light will pierce its claws. Yu Wei will not lose, and the black wolf’s head will be stabbed. The sound of the black wolf will be broken, and the fresh blood will be sprayed.

Chu Xingyun stepped on the foot, stepped on the black wolf, move towards the front, and the rest of the black wolf saw his companion die, screaming and fluttering, wanting to block Chu Xingyun.

“Give me a roll!” Chu Xingyun body rotates, as if dancing in the void, the hollow sword continues to burst out of the sword light, move towards those black wolf’s key stab.

For a long time, the blood of the black wolf continued to appear, falling from the air, flesh flying, mourning.

Chu Xingyun did not stop the action, the sword in his hand, faster, the sword shadow overlapped, like covering the mountains and plains, move towards the left and right sides of the black wolf stabbed, forcibly killed a bloody road.

“Damn!” Li Chen looked at Chu Xingyun, surrounded by black wolves, and his killing intent became more and more intense.

These black wolves are not weak, equivalent to the Martial Artist of Spirit Gathering First Level, and the number is huge, even if he is surrounded, they will face a crisis of life and death.

But Chu Xingyun, one step at a time, madly slaughtered these black wolves, and did not suffer any harm from beginning to end. Those with such terrifying strength must be removed as soon as possible.

“Su Changyang.” Li Chen looked at the burly youth on the back of Black Wolf King.

Su Changyang also felt a bit wrong, his face showed a dignified meaning, whispered: “First kill this brat, as for the latter, we will discuss it slowly.”

When the voice fell, he snorted, and the black Wolf King sat down and shouted. Many black wolves rushed out of the jungle and frantically rushed to Chu Xingyun.

“Hunting!” A cold voice spit out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth, above the hollowed out sword, the wind blade condensed, and suddenly plucked away, where the black wolves in front were split in half, spilled Entire sky Blood rain.

At this time, behind Chu Xingyun, the wolf corpse was everywhere, the bloody smell was pungent, but the number of wolves was still huge, and the source was not rushed to him by Danger Spot.

“Chu Xingyun squinted at the king!” Chu Xingyun squinted his eyes, figure twisted, avoiding the black wolf’s claws, move towards the black wolf that slammed a punch and shattered the black wolf’s head. He used this recoil, like the sharp arrow, to run toward Su Changyang.

“Successfully came over to courting death.” Seeing Chu Xingyun’s move, Su Changyang haha laughed heartily, a cold light dagger appeared in his hand, and he smashed make a move.

At the same time, the black Wolf King he sat down screamed again and again, and the sharp wolf claw stretched out, trying to tear Chu Xingyun’s body.

Faced with two major offensives, Chu Xingyun did not flash and did not hide. When the opponent approached the body one foot, his mouth corner quietly set off a faint arc.

“Scatter!” Chu Xingyun tongue spring thunder, the body rotates out of a curve, the two offensives are avoided, his left hand palm stretched out, already full of pure spiritual power, shot in the black Wolf King On the neck.

The sound of hōng lóng lóng came out, and after a brief contact between the two sides, they separated and they all fell back to the ground.

Su Changyang looked back and looked at Chu Xingyun ridiculously. “This black Wolf King’s cultivation base has reached Spirit Gathering Fourth Level. It’s like iron. Your palm is scratching it.”

“Is it?” Chu Xingyun was not angry when he heard Su Changyang’s words. He even laughed.

Ao wu !

Just as the voice fell, the black Wolf King, who was sitting down by Su Changyang, suddenly made an angry roar. Looking back, looking at Su Changyang’s eyes, it was full of coldness.

“How could this be?” Su Changyang shuddered. At this time, he was shocked to discover that the Martial Spirit, which was placed on the neck of Black Wolf King, has become bleak.

“The one I just had, I never thought about breaking the Black Wolf King from beginning to end. The reason I did this was to shake up your spiritual power and disconnect your connection with Martial Spirit.”

Chu Xingyun smiled at Su Changyang and said, “Now, enjoy the anger of Black Wolf King.”

Ao wu !

The Martial Spirit finally lost its function. The black Wolf King flew out the Su Changyang, and screamed in the sky. The scarlet-red wolf screamed at Su Changyang. .

“Evil creature, surrender to me!” Su Changyang yelled at the black Wolf King and wanted to control it again. However, the black Wolf King was indifferent, and the thick limbs suddenly made a force and flew directly.

See the black Wolf King to change the attack object, the black wolf group is no longer besieged Chu Xingyun, move towards Li dust, even the young people hiding in the trunk can not escape the disaster, besieged by the black wolf.

“Li Chen, come and save me!” Su Changyang is good at controlling Spirit Beast. His strength is not strong. After being blacked out by Wolf King, he has a few breaths in his body, and there are many scars on his body. Dust for help.

“I can’t protect myself now. How can I save you and save each other?” Li Chen waved a long gun and killed the black wolf in front of him. He did not care about Su Changyang’s help, and ran wildly toward the front.

“You are a beast!” Su Changyang saw it, couldn’t help but scream, Mind was negligent, and the black Wolf King was at the front and shattered his throat directly.

At the same time, the young man hiding in the tree was also thrown down by the black wolf, the throat was broken and died on the spot.

Chu Xingyun looked at this scene, his eyes were cold, never had the idea of make a move, his footsteps flickered, he left here and chased in the direction of Li Chen.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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