Chapter 990: The Origins of the Drowned Curse


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Lin Lin took the jellyfish larva with her.

Late in the evening, she called Mo Fang, Mu Ning Xue and Bobby on the coast. In the hands of Ling Ling held a tiny tablet computer. Right in the center of the tablet was a small red dot.

– What are you doing? – Bobby saw Ling Ling open the box, pull out a transparent jellyfish and drop it into the water.

A grub barely visible on the palm, hitting the sea as if dissolved into it!

“No signs of poison, toxins, parasites, or any kind of curse were found in all those who died from the damnable curse, precisely because this larva cannot be found in the water!”

– You want to say that everyone who died from the curse of a drowned man had this larva in his body? Under the influence of some kind of spiritual control, they were heated in the sea. And after they died, she left her body and returned back to the sea ?? – Mo Mo was surprised.

– Yes. In fact, most of the larvae are much larger than this. The larvae suck all the nutrients from the body, and when the body is completely depleted, leave it. Therefore, all of the dead have symptoms of exhaustion, ”explained Lin Ling.

Ling Ling knew that it would be difficult for the three of them to sort things out, so she explained everything in as much detail and as simple as possible.

– First of all, such larvae are very dangerous parasitic werewolves. They live in seawater, like shallow plankton and very easily penetrate into the organisms of other animals. For example, they can enter the human body through the mouth, nose or ear. In the early stages of development, it can stay in the body for a very long time, without any symptoms, and then it turns into such a damnable curse larva. It attaches close to the stomach, absorbing all the nutrients that are ingested with food. That is why all the victims increased appetite. In fact, they should not only feed themselves, but also saturate this voracious larva.

– The larva gradually develops in the human body and soon it ceases to have enough nutrients coming from food, so it tends to get into the open sea, where there are much more resources. After that, it begins to bite into the body itself, sucking all the life forces out of it, as if it is preparing supplies before moving to a large ocean. And then, this terrible creature uses a special kind of spiritual control, forcing its victims to go to any body of water, primarily to the sea …

– Once in the ocean, a well-fed larva leaves the body. Immediately after this, the completely dehydrated victim dies. After that, this nasty werewolf happily goes to the ocean and starts a new life!

Ling Ling described in full detail to them in three the whole process of introducing the larva into the body, its parasitizing, development and care.

Bobby was often at sea. From what he heard, his legs began to shake, a chill ran through his body, and spasms began in his stomach, as if he, too, felt the parasite inside him.

– What a terrible creature! In a normal situation, it is impossible to predict this! Exclaimed Mo Fan.

Magic creatures are just amazing! Sirens, mountain beasts, dead monsters, werewolves, and now also maggots! They are almost impossible to see. Silent and invisible, they take people’s lives!

– I conducted a thorough analysis. This type of jellyfish larvae has two stages of development. I have just described the first stage, the larva is parasitic and developing. At this time, the larvae are very small and weak, easy to kill. In addition, the percentage of survival in another organism is not that high. Even if the larva enters the body, it is not necessary to turn into a damnable curse, but the fact that it will perish is also not a fact. Transformed, she can use spiritual control, and then the victim can no longer be saved. You die either from dehydration, or drown in the sea.

– In the second stage, after they killed the body and returned to the ocean, they seem to have just given birth to a cub. They need to look for food, grow, and only then will they be able to go to the final adult stage, ”Lin Lin continued.

– And what are they at the stage? Said Mo Fan.

– This is what I’m trying to find out. I have already found out that this is a very young individual. No vaccine exists from these creatures yet. To create it, we need an adult individual, ”said Lin Ling.

– If they create a vaccine, the Magic Societies of all countries will begin to be vaccinated against this creature and then no one will die anymore! – Mu Ning Xue’s eyes glittered.

On the island of Chunming in Shanghai, Mu Ning Xue understood that Lin Ling is a very smart girl, but she did not expect that Lin Ling would be able to sort out such a confused international deed of the drowned man. Mu Ning Xue sighed heavily. Where did Mo Fan manage to dig for such a talent?

– You let the larva into the sea, hoping that it will grow there? – asked Mo Fan.

Ling Ling nodded.

– I implanted in her tracking stamp. Wherever she goes, I can always find out her exact location, – Ling Ling waved her tablet.

– And what should we do now? Easy to wait when she grows up? Said Mo Fan.

“Now we have the hardest part ahead of us,” answered Ling Ling.

– Stalking? Said Bobby quietly.

– Tracking is an understatement. We need to ensure that our larva grows healthy. I have already said that this is a very dangerous creature, but leaving the body, it becomes very vulnerable. Many larvae die in the ocean, so the chances that it will successfully grow are very small. Therefore, we must constantly monitor it, protect it and ensure its safe development! – fun said Ling Ling.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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