Chapter 991. Challenge


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Need to protect her so that she could calmly grow?

As soon as Mo Fan heard about this, he immediately wanted to take this iron cup and knock Lin Lin stronger with it!

Why do you need to protect her?

Mu Ning Xue stood aside and looked at Ling Ling with her beautiful eyes.

This is Ling Ling’s strange errand … Has she gone out of her mind?

“For no reason, we need to bother with the bacterium, as if we were its nannies!” Do not joke so! – Bobby simply ohrenel from what he heard.

– I said that after it is finally formed, it will be possible to develop a vaccine from it. Now we are the only ones who can hunt down this larva. But it is very difficult to catch. We don’t know at all who will be the next victim of the drowned man, we cannot verify in whose body the larva is now located. We cannot be on the seashore around the clock and see that these larvae do not enter the sea, even if we sit on the shore all the time, these transparent creatures can easily penetrate the water. They are completely inconspicuous, they don’t even leave any marks! … ”said Lin Lin with a serious expression on her face.

“So, wait … Let us first digest this information …” said Mo Fan.

The three mages looked at each other helplessly. Kill the monster, pursue this nymph, which becomes transparent and invisible when it falls into the sea, and still it was necessary to protect it so that it could grow freely! This is how hard it is!

This little demon will fall into the sea and God knows what kind of sea creature she will meet on her way! But what if someone crushes her on the underwater reefs by negligence, and what if she is swallowed up by some sea monster ?!

– Why are you sure that this thing will grow quickly? What if it takes several months or even years for it to be fully formed? We will not spend so much time on her protection? Asked Bobby.

– Of course not. After these creatures are in the sea, their growth rate becomes very fast. Therefore, it is fully formed in about half a month. Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue, ask for your team for this period of time. I hope that in these six months we will solve this problem. Of course, we face a difficult task, you yourself understand this, but if we succeed, we will be given quite a big reward, we will gain the respect of the World Hunter Community, and we will also save a lot of people from the curse of the drowned man. I checked something out here, the speed of the curse of the drowned man is getting faster and faster. Therefore, we need to solve this problem by all means. And there is only one way to destroy the drowning curse larvae — it’s a vaccine, ”Lin said seriously.

Mo Fan understood the seriousness of the situation and replied, nodding his head: “We will take up the solution of this difficult task with all our strength.”

– You can rely on me. I am well-versed in the sea. I will not let the demon who killed my brothers continue to do their terrible things. I can … well, I can trace the larva! – answered Bobby.

This decision was not easy for Bobby either. Most recently, he wanted to trample on the killer of his brothers, but now he was ready to protect her.

And all because the mind said Bobby – this little intelligent girl thinks right. It makes no sense to kill this creature, you need to find a way to get rid of the curse of the drowned man.

His poor brother should know that it was after his death that they began to conduct an investigation into the curse.

– The larva has already sailed into the sea for 1 kilometer, here is a peaceful sea zone, there are no monsters. But coming out of this zone, we need to remain vigilant – said Ling Ling.

“I’ll get the boat ready, wait for me on the beach,” said Bobby.


Soon the four magicians were already sitting in the motorboat, their eyes were directed to the sea, they were chasing a little demon.

The speed of the drowning curse larvae was not very fast. Only the guys entered the sea, as the distance between them and this creature was reduced by 500 meters. If she goes deep into the sea, then Bobby water magician will follow her.

The main element of Bobby was water, he was a completely average magician average. But with the peculiarities of the sea waters and the creatures that inhabit them, he was well acquainted.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue expected further orders. Taking advantage of his free time, Mo Fan called Zhao Man-yan to say that they would need to leave the team for a while.

The government allows them to leave the team, but this means that they will not be able to get resources distributed among all participants.

Mo Fan weighed everything, the resources that they extracted in 15 days will not be enough for him. Therefore, we must try hard in this matter with the curse of the drowned man, then it will be possible to get a reward of 350 million.

– Hello, where are you two gone? Did they leave for a date? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

“If I say, you won’t believe it,” said Mo Fan.

– How can I not believe your words? Said Zhao Man Yan.

“In general, we need to protect some kind of worm that kills people …” Mo Fang outlined the situation of Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan could not understand why they had to guard some worm and wait for him to grow up. The boy’s tone changed, he quietly asked: “Did you hit your head?” You carry some nonsense. ”

– Yes, you go! In vain I told you all this! In short, Mu Ning Xue and I leave the team for half a month. Said Mo Fan.

– Hey you, newlyweds, where are you headed? Why was it necessary to invent such a stupid excuse about saving the world? Do not forget to be protected, and then Mu Ning Xue still needs to show his talent in Venice … – instructed Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan didn’t know what to say.

– Mo Fan, stop the chatter, we have an important business here! – at this moment the screen of the tablet Ling Ling blinked red, it meant that the larva was in danger!

– Get down under the water, you need to fight with her enemy! – Ling Ling unceremoniously pushed Mo Fang overboard.

“I can’t use my fist magic under water,” said Mo Fan helplessly.

Diving under the water, and using the magic of the element of space, he created his own space, filled with air, so that you could breathe freely.

Mu Ning Xue also dived after Mo Fan. She felt better in the water than Mo Fan, her graceful body moving easily. Beautiful legs and waist girls followed the small waves. Looking at her, Mo Fan immediately lost possession!

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