Chapter 992. It is better not to touch!


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Mu Ning Xue moved rather quickly. Soon she was already in the open sea at a medium depth, in the place indicated by Lin Ling. Around this stretch of sea should be Bobby.

Through the water column it was difficult to see something. Mun Ning Xue managed to see the silhouette, which was about five hundred meters away. Most likely this was the magician of the water element Bobby.

Approaching, the girl noticed another silhouette. The silhouette was tall and spiky. He seemed to be chasing someone.

It was difficult to see through the water. Mu Ning Xue could only guess from the movement of the water that the siren was chasing the larva.

– Ice frost!

Mu Ning Xue concentrated and sent a wave of ice breath towards the spike creature.

The sea water began to freeze and a thick ice layer quickly formed around the siren.

The cold water turned into ice and prevented the siren from moving. Even at a distance one could see how the creature slowed down dramatically.

– Ice dungeon!

Moo Ning Xue swung her legs, keeping her balance in the water space. She sharply straightened both arms, and the water around her turned into an ice chain.

Mu Ning Xue sent a chain to the side of the siren, and she wrapped herself around the monster like ice chains. The siren was immobilized!

“Let me finish her off.” Got caught on our bait! – Mo Fan was a little late.

Seeing that Mu Ning Xue had already taken control of the monster, Mo Fan began to form a constellation of space magic.

Suddenly a diamond-shaped anhydrous space formed around the siren.

– Spatial impulses!

The space around the siren began to shrink, breaking off all the sticking spikes on her body. Siren is about to squash!


A sharp sound echoed through the water. The body of the siren burst under pressure, its viscous blood spread in the sea water.

“Describe this siren to me,” Ling Ling’s voice came from the radio.

– What a quality thing, even in the water catches the signal! –– By cutting off the water from himself with the help of the magic of space, Mo Fan began to tell, – she looks like a very long fish, her whole body is covered with spikes. Not a very strong creature.

“This is a hedgehog siren,” unable to withstand Mo Fang’s long description, quickly told Mu Ning Xue and gave him a displeased look.

He always studied carelessly. Siren-hedgehog – a fairly common subspecies of sirens. Mu Ning Xue was a little worried. She should not have let Mo Fang kill this creature so thoughtlessly.

– Don’t they usually live in a group? I hope you are not very bloody coped with her? – asked Lin Ling.

– Blood ?? – Mo Fan remembered how thick the blood of a siren spread in the sea water and grinned.

– More or less. Wait, you said that they live in a group …

“Hey, you two, look around,” Bobby’s voice was trembling.

Muddy water came into motion. From all sides, from nowhere, many similar silhouettes appeared. At first they noticed a few small silhouettes nearby and hesitated in indecision. There were more and more silhouettes and soon a whole crowd of sirens surrounded them!

– Well, you and moron! As soon as they smell the blood of someone from their flock, they immediately gather in this place. The ship is not close yet! – Ling swore Lin.

This is the lack of Mo Fan’s ignorance.

Mo Fan also had the audacity to argue with Ling Ling. Only he wanted to turn around and discuss with Moo Ning Xue and Bobby their further actions, when he saw that these two had already gone up.

They swam much faster than Mo Fan. He immediately swam in pursuit, rowing with all four limbs.

– Wait for me! Pull me out!

On land, Mo Fan felt naturally and free.

But in the water, Mo Fan’s combat strength was much lower. Seeing that the spiky sirens were rushing in his direction, Mo Fan panicked even more.

– Control: retreat!

Mo Fan sent a wave of spatial magic down. Several sirens ready to attack flew backward, randomly colliding with each other.

There were a lot of spiked sirens, and they could move with great speed in the water space.

One after another sirens surrounded him. Through the muddy water it looked like a wall of thorns surrounds it.

The water around was set in motion, Mo Fang found it harder and harder to keep his balance.

Mo Fan decided that there should be a sense of lightning element magic in the water space. Concentrating electrical energy, he paralyzed several nearby sirens.

Electric charges had good conductivity in water. Mo Fan gradually increased the strength of the charges emitted by him, wrapping everything around him with electric elements!

The waves of electricity formed a huge electrical network that emitted a blinding glare.

Spiky sirens clumsily overturned and burned about electrical threads, like fish caught in fishing nets.


As soon as Mo Fan applied the spatial control of the electric waves, even more creatures appeared under his feet.

Head down, the magician noticed that a gaping black mouth appeared below.

The giant maw is rapidly approaching. Yes, she swallowed him alive!

– What the…!

Frightened in earnest, Mo Fan saw the ice chain straight ahead.

This is his salvation! Mo Fan grabbed onto the chain with a stranglehold and Mu Ning Xue dragged him upstairs.

Mo Fan was still at a depth of several hundred meters, the spiky sirens incessantly pursued him.

…… ..

Lin Lin sat on the deck of the yacht.

Bobby and Mu Ning Xue jumped on the yacht. In the hands of Mu Ning Xue, there was an ice chain stretching from the sea like a fishing line.

Without stopping, they pulled the chain upward, until white foam appeared on the surface, followed by Mo Fan’s head.

As soon as they raised the guy above the water, the water below came in a rapid movement and a huge funnel formed, capable of tightening the whole ship.

* the sound of water

The gigantic black abyss appeared just in the place where Mo Fan had just been. Huge jaws closed in the air.

Mo Fan felt like a little worm on a fishing hook. The sea monster, even slightly out of the water, looked awesome! Compared to him, their yacht seemed like a toy!

– Mo Fan! – called Ling Ling. She saw the giant mouth chasing him, bit the ice chain.

Splashes of a big wave fell on them like rain. A giant black siren was still visible among the sea foam.

– Stop her! Do not let her go to the depths! Shouted Lin.

– Deep freeze: sarkafag!

Mu Ning Xue’s reaction was very fast. As soon as she realized that Mo Fan was in danger, she immediately began to form a star cloud.

The black siren was already plunging into the sea, but was reached by a powerful icy wave. The ice spread all over the body of the spike siren and, icy, it remained immobilized on the icy surface of the sea!

The power of the deep freeze was simply amazing! The entire section of the sea with a radius of three hundred meters covered a layer of ice! On the icy surface lay an icy sarcophagus with a sea monster! Awesome!

– Deadly silent lightning!

Only that cry was heard. They saw electric discharges spread over the body of a monster, penetrate through the ice and rise to the blue sky …

Mo Fan, surrounded by electric energy, boldly jumped down. Shards of cracked ice beneath his feet formed a ladder right in the air. In a few jumps, he was right in front of Mu Ning Xue.

He raised his eyebrows smugly, proud that he had just escaped from the sea monster. He and in ordinary days could lead girls in delight. And here it is!

“Sick,” Mu Ning Xue’s harsh response suppressed Mo Fang’s fantasies.

It was not that she wanted to quarrel with him, but Mo Fan, soiled by the monster from head to toe, behaved so impudently that it made him sick!

– I’ll kill this creature! She wanted to eat me! Yes, I could fry it at any time! – furious Mo Fan.

– will you kill? So, what is next? We still missed the larva and now it is far away from us, ”Ling Ling rolled her eyes.

Being in the water, just fucking disgusting!

The magic of fire cannot be used, the magic of space is strongly distorted, there is nothing to say about the magic of the call! Only the magic of shadows and the magic of lightning remain!

It seems that these monsters will come to him in a dream!

– Horrible! We’ve pissed off so many sirens! All you can not interrupt! “Bobby was still trembling scaredly.”

He is only an average magician. He does not often meet like that !!

There was a roar of the engine, and the yacht rushed further into the sea, leaving behind a long foamy tail.

At some distance from the yacht, it was possible to see flickering spikes. Sea sirens did not forget about their victims and continued their pursuit.

– First you need to make sure that it is, and then kill. Here you do not dry. In the ocean, a huge number of monsters of different levels. Especially since you absolutely can’t fight in the water, ”Lin Lin reprimanded Mo Fan.

– How could I know! – Mo Fan looked back. Seeing the boiling water behind the boat, he swallowed nervously.

Clearly, marine life is better not to touch!

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