Chapter 993. The Black Sea Dragon


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The sky was light blue. The sea, growing darker and darker, seemed mysterious and unusual.

– Why is water getting blacker and blacker? – Mo Fan didn’t understand anything about the sea. He constantly looked back, inspecting the water surface.

Thorny sirens were no longer visible, they must be far beyond their borders.

But since the sea was rapidly turning dark, Mo Fang had suspicions that they were already on the territory of other monsters.

– The larva has already transformed once. Surely it is very beneficial for her to be in that area of spiky sirens, – Lin Lin tried to keep everything under surveillance.

– Oh, not bad.

“It seems there are underwater reefs ahead,” Bobby said.

An experienced marine person can immediately detect the presence of reefs.

Mo Fan looked in that direction, it seems the water in front was much darker.

As they approached, they saw that the reefs were so large that they formed whole reef islands covered with water.

The layer of water covering the upper points of the reefs was quite shallow. Mo Fan boldly jumped down onto the reef, the water was just a few knee-deep.

“It looks like a reef cave,” after looking around carefully, Bobby concluded.

– What is a reef cave?

– Many marine inhabitants need places similar to caves, grottoes and various indentations to create their nests. In some places, sea reefs combine to form entire archipelagoes, but such groups of islands are completely hidden under water. Such huge natural reef formations often become habitats for sirens and other sea monsters. That’s why we call these places the siren cities, ”explained Bobby.

– Ah, got it. It is quite predictable that the sirens have their nests, they do not sleep anywhere! – Mo Fan nodded.

– This reef is all big. Approximately at a depth of five hundred meters is a group of sirens. We need to be very careful and not wake them up, ”warned Ling Ling.

“Then the larva will come here looking for a safe place to transform.” Must be sirens living in this place is very strong. If she manages to parasitize on the body of one of the sirens, the larva will become very strong! – said Mu Ning Xue.

– It is exactly possible that she will find a secluded place and then our task will become more complicated at times. As soon as we discover it, we must immediately go downstairs and eliminate it, ”Lin said.

– No … no, this is impossible! A man is better not to meddle in such places! – Bobby goggled.

Underwater reefs – a very scary place! He remembered it well. It is said that even well-known experienced hunters dare not descend to such places and draw attention to themselves. They want to go there three together ?? Yes, it’s like going to your execution !!

– We need to go down, we have no choice. We have to complete this case, ”Ling Ling said.

Mo Fang didn’t like this idea either, but he could only pray and hope that they would quickly sort out this little larva. Of course she was not at all dangerous, but the sea monsters …

“Bobby, can you determine what kind of sirens dwell here?” Asked Lin Ling.

– It’s possible. I often worked together with hunters, because I know much more about sea creatures than the most experienced ones. Give me some time, and I can take a census of all the inhabitants of this reef! – Bobby was very self-assured, not forgetting to praise his strengths.

– Ok, then it’s up to you. We need to pinpoint the target of this bot, ”said Ling Ling.

She is now in amoebic condition. Most often, the larvae turn into the creature to which they were able to attach and eventually possess the same power as this creature.

The innate instinct of each larva is to find the strongest creature and parasitize it.

It seems that Ling Ling finally realized what kind of creature the larva wants to reincarnate!


Soon Bobby returned to the reef.

The entire reef area to a depth of five hundred meters was inhabited by ordinary marine flora and fauna. Sea monsters lived even deeper, therefore, finding their boat on the surface did not carry much danger.

“I checked everything,” Bobby smiled.

– How did you check everything if you didn’t even go down? Mo Fan asked doubtfully.

“Are you really interested?” – Bobby answered a question with a question.

“Do you think I’m just asking?”

– Almost all sea creatures emit waste products during hibernation. These emissions do not settle at the bottom, but rise to the top and accumulate on the surface of the water. Therefore, if you find a funnel where all the dirt accumulates, you can determine the type and number of creatures that live in this reef by analyzing it, ”explained Bobby, shrugging his shoulders.

… … – Mo Fang had a lot of questions, but he did not know how to express them and didn’t even open his mouth.

He had never heard that the hunters were swimming in the middle of nowhere to explore the siren stools!

– If you count from the sea level, then at a depth of five hundred to a thousand meters there is a large number of sirens, we can say that one herd. Among them there is not a single creature commander in chief, so they are quite fragmented. Thunderstorm cuttlefish live at a depth of from one thousand to two thousand meters, their numbers are definitely not less than one thousand. They must be ruled by a creature at the commander-in-chief level, – at the mention of the storm cuttlefish, Bobby slightly shifted.

Judging by his years of experience, it is best not to disturb these creatures. With their ability to create lightning in water space, they can form a real underwater thunderstorm! Where thunderstorm cuttlefish live, all living things turn into ashes!

– Anything below two thousand is considered a very dangerous depth, where strong creatures dwell. Mo Fan, did you ask earlier why sea water could suddenly turn dark? – Bobby asked mysteriously.

– And why is that? Well, speak already! I rarely read books, of course I do not know the answer! “My Fan was unfazed.

“Black sea water … isn’t that the creature …?” – Ling Ling opened her mouth.

Bobby nodded silently. It seems that even to pronounce the name of this creature was for them a nightmare.

Mu Ning Xue fell into silence, she seemed to know the answer too.

Only Mo Fan looked at Bobby in confusion.

Did they agree? They know that Mo Fan completely understands nothing in maritime affairs.

Well, say it already !!

– We need to rest. It seems the larva has found a convenient place for hibernation, and maybe waiting for a convenient moment, – said Lin Lin.

– I hope this creature does not have big ambitions, but wants to turn into a regular siren. Then our mission can be considered fulfilled! “Bobby, in a plea, folded his arms,” the stormy cuttlefish will also come down. I am willing to take such a risk, after all, everything should not be so easy in this life. I’m going to drink! Well, you understand, the most important thing is that this is not a creature from the depths. Only not it !! If so, I will run away without looking around!

Listening to the moans of Bobby, Mo Fan approached Mu Ning Xue and asked directly.

“Bobby is a mid-level mage.” He does not have great courage and of course he is afraid of that creature. What are we? We have something to fear?

Mu Ning Xue shook her head.

– Bobby is not at all cowardly. This creature is the most ferocious and cruel in the entire world ocean! It can level the maritime cities of the major powers. It is much worse than a thousand sirens!

– Yes, what is it ?? – could not resist Mo Fan.

“Do you remember how we met a dragon-like lizard in the city of Jin Lin?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“I remember,” said Mo Fan.

“This creature is also dragon-like,” Mu Ning Xue continued.

Upon hearing this, Mo Fan was even overjoyed.

Dragonlike! So this creature is related to dragons, just like that dragon-like lizard from Jin Lin turned out to be a hybrid of a ground dragon and a monitor lizard. His strength could be equal to the level of the commander in chief.

Mo Fan was very surprised! Who would have thought that a dragon could live in this reef? Still, this is not some special place!

– This is a black sea dragon, a cross between a sea dragon and a black lightning monster. He is very cunning and bloodthirsty. When it appears, all the water for three kilometers around becomes black. This black water is very toxic, it can paralyze the entire nervous system of any creature and very much slows down the reaction of both the animal and man. All movements become slow, as if under the influence of alcohol, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

– I realized that this is a very dangerous creature. Maybe we quickly descend and destroy this larva, until it turned into this monster? – Mo Fan was worried.

“Even on land, we are unlikely to be able to resist this sea black dragon, and we will surely die in the depths of the sea!” – Mu Ning Xue was very serious.

Mo Fan himself understood it. His fire element magic and fire liquid were absolutely useless in water. They did not have the strength to resist this dragon.

Mo Fan mentally crossed himself, praying that this larva would not turn out to be too greedy and aggressive.

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