Chapter 994. Hidden Danger!


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The sun was at its zenith, its scorching rays burned skin. A flock of fish that got rid of germs with ultraviolet rays, sailed to the reef beach, swimming up from time to time from under My Fang’s feet. Their transparent scales reflected in the sun.

Fish became more and more. It felt like you would just step into the water and crush several at once. Mo Fan was playing with fish, barely struggling with sleep. His game was that he let a light electric discharge under water, destroying a clear build of fish, from this discharge they ran in different directions, unable to maintain order.

If these fish tasted good, he would have become a skillful kebab keeper, having fried a couple of such fish, showing Mu Ning Xue how he owns fire … And didn’t they agree that when they have free time, they will open a cafe Songs of ice and flame “, and in the remaining time they will cultivate …

Mo Fan carelessly amused himself, until he noticed that the bottom of the sea began to shake, as if a seismic wave was traveling along it, the reefs swaying from this incomprehensible phenomenon.

Fish, basking in the sun, began to rush in different directions, like blind flies.

Mo Fan Fan’s legs were numb. He distinctly felt some force emanating from the bottom of the sea.

– What’s happening? – Bobby fell asleep in the boat, but when he heard a strange sound, he immediately jumped

“We’ll have problems now,” Ling Ling said quietly, looking at the monitor.

– Has the larva caused the anger of the storm cuttlefish? Asked Bobby.

Ling Ling shook her head.

– She is now at a depth of 2400 meters, and the black sea dragon most likely found something, once shouted at the depth of the sea. The seismic wave originated from the roar of the black dragon, said Lin Ling.

“I think this damn grub wants to harm us on purpose,” Mo Fan cursed.

– Let’s go back to land. – Bobby went to the wheelhouse to start the engine and get out of here.

Immediately it becomes scary when you find out what a monster is, like a sea dragon was angry.

“Perhaps a vaccine will be developed in the future, but how many more will be found dead from the curse of the drowned man …” said Lin Lin reverently.

– We will not return. The likelihood that a black dragon will grab the larva is very low. If we do not solve the problem this time, the number of victims of the curse of the drowned man can reach 500 people, and next year it will increase to 1000.

As Ling Ling spoke these words, Bobby’s resolute face took on a look of surprise. He could not imagine that this was said by a girl who was 10 years old. It feels like she thought about this idea for a very long time, and talking about it, there was not a drop of indecision and fear in her!

“Now we can see through this hidden danger. However, people will continue to die. These people are the same as we are. Perhaps among them will be small children, perhaps the whole family. Relatives of the victims will suffer, suffer, mourn. If we do not solve this problem now, then what is the difference between this larva – the killer and us ?!

At that moment, one line appeared in Mo Fan’s head, written in an old notebook. This line and the words of Lin Lin unleashed the soul of the magician.

Once, in “Clear Sky”, Mo Fan saw a notebook that Ling Ling had left on her pillow. It contained one phrase, which was the last in this notebook, then the sheets were empty.

Mo Fan guessed that these were the last words his father had left to Ling Ling.

In the notebook was written about the hidden danger, about some red demon …

Although Mo Fan was not seeing Ling Ling’s father, by the expression of her face at the moment one could imagine a person with a strong character.

– Mo Fan, what do you think? – Mu Ning Xue asked Mo Fang in a whisper.

– I’m a hunter too. The reward is very high, but the black dragon is also strong. Even if we fail, we will at least try, ”Mo Fan replied.

Looking at Mo Fan, the eyes of Ling Ling filled with tears.

She liked being a partner of Mo Fan, and all because he had a fearless heart. He will break into any monster’s lair, challenge anyone who has touched him!

– Now the larva is hiding in a secret place and does not go out of there, but after waiting for the black sea dragon to lose vigilance, it will immediately find it and parasitize it. – seriously said Ling Ling.

“We must have a plan, if we fight the black dragon in the water, we cannot defeat him,” Mu Ning Xue said.

In fact, the fighting force of Mu Ning Xue did not diminish in the water, because its main element is the ice element.

But there was no point in relying on her alone, since the black sea dragon was a serious contender. Only if they join forces with Mo Fan, will they have at least some chance of defeating the dragon.

“You have to figure it out yourself, and I went,” said Bobby with fear.

He’s not crazy, can a couple of magicians and a minor girl can cope with a black sea dragon ?!

Is it to die to the true purpose of the hunters? The black sea dragon will not leave a speck of dust from them, the guy did not want to joke with death.

– Bobby, don’t hurry. The black dragon is strong, it is unconditional. But if it turns out to be on land, then I will smash it to pieces with my fist. You are well acquainted with sea creatures, help us to figure out how to lure him to the land! Said Mo Fan Bobby.

– Are you laughing or what? Why am I better acquainted with this sea creature than you? And how can you cope with the dragon, your hair in some places has not even grown! – answered Bobby.

“Listen to me, do you think that I did not fight dragons?” Do you know how much I killed in China? I’m not just wearing the title of the hunter. And my hair has already grown everywhere, you do not believe, ask her. Said Mo Fan seriously, glancing at Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue pondered how to pull the black dragon to the land and did not even pay attention to what Mo Fan said.

“Bobby, you saw such a monster and even fought with it.” Creature level commanders are not invincible. All that is required of you now is to help us rescue the black sea dragon to land, and we can handle the rest ourselves. If we do not solve the problem with the curse of the drowned man, then many more people will die. – seriously said Mu Ning Xue Bobby.

Mu Ning Xue was a beauty and a dream of many men, so it was difficult to resist her persuasion. Bobby tried to deal with his fear.

“The larva began to move,” Ling Ling said.

There was silence.

– Can you resist the black dragon in the water? Asked Bobby.

“Have you not seen my hunter ID, now Lin and I are second-rate hunters!” – answered Mo Fan.

After the massacre of the black church on the island of Chongming, Ling Ling and Mo Fan became second-rate hunters. Now Mo Fan was walking with Lin Ling.

Hearing this, Bobby immediately calmed down and replied: “There is one way, but I do not know how safe it will be.”

– You first say, and then we will decide. The larva began to move, if we don’t take action now, it will kill the black dragon, ”Lin said.

– In the reef caves live thunderstorm cuttlefish, which are very irritable and sensitive creatures. If they feel a serious threat, then immediately begin to produce electrical discharges. Other cuttlefish immediately feel that their relatives are in danger and also begin to release electric charges …

Ling Ling was very clever, she immediately understood what Bobby meant.

– Frightened thunderstorm cuttlefish will be able to create a huge area, which will be under electrical voltage. The black sea dragon also owns the element of lightning, but he will not be able to cope with the force field of angry cuttlefish and will immediately begin to retreat from the sea to the land! – eyes Ling Ling sparkled.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue nodded their heads. It was a great option. The black dragon will be subject to high-voltage electrical shock, it will not die, but will lose its combat capability!

– I checked, among the storm cuttlefish is the leader of the pack, she recently became a mother. That is, now she has the most irritable period. We must find an opportunity to scare her and then the sea will turn into a huge lightning zone! Said Bobby.

– I can prepare a special electrical tape, so that the electric discharge does not go beyond the reef cave, so I will prepare you a battle ground for a fight with a black sea dragon! – said Ling Ling.

The reef cave was the best place to fight. The water level did not even reach the knees, and with the help of the insulation that Lin Ling will prepare, the electric discharge of the cuttlefish will not reach this place!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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