Chapter 995. Underwater Battle


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This is the most exciting mission that Mo Fang has ever performed, not counting the descent into the abyss of zombies!

Because of this, the larvae have to descend under water to stir up the dragon, and this will surely disturb the thunderous cuttlefish, which belong to the five most terrible sea monsters!

“Xuexue, be careful.” If something goes wrong, get away right away, ”said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue was in charge of the dragon, Mo Fan for the storm cuttlefish, Bobby and Lin Ling for the electrical tape. The work was divided, and now Mu Ning Xue should descend into the depths of the sea, which did not give rest to Mo Fan.

However, there was no choice. The lightning magic of Mo Fan was suitable for a mission with cuttlefish, but can Mu Ning Xue, whose magic is not affected by water, escape from the sea dragon?

“You be careful too,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

Both of them had a very dangerous task. If thunderstorm cuttlefish come together, they can produce electrical discharges together — and that is much more dangerous than fighting a sea dragon.

Whether it will turn out to deal with the curse of a drowned man depends on this!

Mu Ning Xue first plunged into the sea water. Her body, flowed down, fell down at high speed.

Everything around was already gloomy, but if you raise your head, then from above you could still see the penetrating rays of light, but at the bottom everything looked like a black abyss.

Nearby lay a reef hill, its appearance was very awesome ….

Mu Ning Xue continued to descend to the depth, causing the water to become even blacker.

She knew that the sea dragon, living at such a depth for a very long time, would not immediately respond to its appearance from its laziness.

She has already reached the depth at which the monster lives. Because she was in the water, and because of the bleak gloom around Mu Ning, Xue felt terrible.

Mu Ning Xue discovered a cave in the reef, from which strong waves departed, and all the marine life that sailed at the cave entrance simply blew away in a sharp stream.

A sound like thunder came from the inside of the cave, which made Mu Ning Xue’s heart beat even harder.

It was the snore of a black sea monster, and from these vibrations one could roughly estimate the dimensions of a sleeping monster.

– He moves, be on the alert! – said Lin Ling on the radio.

Nutro Mu Ning Xue was pounding, but she was staring at the cave entrance.

Suddenly, from there came a loud exclamation, more like the roar of a monster.

The girl carefully approached the cave, feeling the flow of water!

“He’s discovered, watch his breath clearly,” Lin said.

Mu Ning Xue struggled to control his body so that it kept in the water without hesitation. After that, the magician released several ice chains that rushed straight into the cave.

The chains were very sharp, and Mu Ning Xue noticed how the chains she released, swaying in the water, captured the black sea dragon.

However, after a few seconds, the sorceress noticed that the ice chains released by her had drastically weakened, and now a black silhouette appeared at the entrance to the reef cave! The eyes of this monster sparkled with an ominous light, looking at Mu Ning Xue!

The girl was in a stressful situation ….

More than ten ice chains burst like threads of cobwebs, the monster was furious that someone dared to disturb his possessions.

The movement in the water was again felt, the monster emerged from its cave. Now his difference in size with the size of the girl has become even more pronounced.

Mu Ning Xue did not even think about beating the dragon, streams of water swirled around her, which immediately lifted her upstairs.

However, the dragon itself was not going to let the violator of his peace. With his scaly limbs that were located instead of wings, he began to pursue Mu Ning Xue.

The speed of the monster was much greater than the speed of the girl, and he traveled 200-300 meters out of 600 that separated him from Mu Ning Xue, in a few moments.

– Deep freeze!

Mu Ning Xue collected all her magical powers to freeze the water space that still separated her from the monster.

The remaining 200-300 meters of water began to turn into white stripes, until the water space finally turned into a stream of ice stones.

The dragon ran into these stones, trying to break through them.

So Mu Ning Xue was able to come off a little ahead, getting a little time.

“The dragon is moving upstairs, Mo Fan, get ready,” said Mu Ning Xue on the radio.

“I have some minor problems here too …”

– Can you figure it out?

– I can!

On the middle level of the reefs, Mo Fan disappeared into one of the reef caves, using the magic of shadow.

From the inside, this cave was a whole maze, combining large and small openings to other caves. Everything inside was filled with seawater, and if it were not for the shadow element, Mo Fan would not have been able to just move around here.

At some point, Mo Fan reached the lair of thunderstorm cuttlefish. The problem was that he was not Bobby the superman, and he could not find them immediately in the crowd of creatures of their commander-in-chief.

Simply put, the size of the creature in this case is not the determining factor, and it is not easy to find the commander in chief among such a huge amount of interior space.

– Do not have time, slipped away again! – thought Mo Fan, never finding the commander in chief. He saw a flock of lightning cuttlefish, so he began to compose a star cloud of lightning.

– Deadly silent lightning!

Mo Fan put all his power into this spell!

The lightning bolts began to scatter in all directions, causing the reef structure to shake.

The reef in the weak places cracked, and the water took the situation into its own hands.

Cuttlefish, sleeping peacefully in remote corners, instantly awoke ….

From such a strike, the storm cuttlefish also began to release their electrical discharges, and now the lightning strikes were spread to several hundred meters!

Very soon the dark water from these discharges became completely white!

Lightning continued to intersect with each other, and the entire water space within a radius of one kilometer turned into a high-powered electromagnetic mole!

Sea monkeys that lived a higher level, feeling the tremors from the battle unfolding below, began to blur in fear in different directions.

However, electrical discharges in the water spread much faster than monkeys. They hit these creatures layer by layer ….

Being a magician of the lightning element, Mo Fan is immune to electrical discharges of a certain power, but even he did not think that these lightning would turn out to be several times stronger, making him almost lose consciousness.

Mo Fan activated the snake mail.

He looked up and saw that somewhere above, penetrating sunlight was already visible.

Speeding up, he soon found himself on the surface of the water and now headed towards the place in the shallows where Bobby and Lin Lin were.

Climbing up on the reefs, Mo Fan was finally able to catch his breath. He looked at the depth and was surprised that about a hundred thousand lightning were spreading over the water!

* Roar

With this roar, a sea dragon appeared on the surface of the water.

– This way! Shouted Lin Lin from the ship.

– My mother! Shouted Bobby, sitting on the deck and seeing this picture.

He thought it would be a young dragon the size of a small ship, who knew that it would be a huge old dragon, each fang gleaming like a dagger!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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