Chapter 996. Awesome Claws


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Bobby was seriously frightened. Without realizing it, he began to lead the ship away from the dragon.

The waves created by the black sea dragon reached a height of 7-8 meters, which is why a small ship could easily turn into chips!

– Ning Xue, come to me! Shouted Mo Fan.

The dragon still chased the girl. His powerful breathing created chaos, which sought in the direction of Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue rushed at full steam, but the dragon’s electric breath rolled on her!

The girl continued to concentrate on her magic – she was creating an ice defense in front, a shield of ice inside which she could hide.

The sea dragon was very smart. Realizing that his electrical discharges also create chaos and at depth, he immediately stopped the electrical attack.

He did not want to die, and the electrical discharges in the water, backed up by lightning thunderstorm cuttlefish, could roast him like a grilled chicken!

Even without lightning, the dragon is very strong: his scales shimmered in the sunlight with the color of black metallic, indicating how powerful his body is!

Releasing his sharp claws, he pursued Mu Ning Xue, and all he could see was his dark blue claws cutting through waves and reef stones!

Mu Ning Xue also knew that her defense would not last long, so she was in a hurry to get as far away from the dragon as possible.

– I will help! Shouted Mo Fan, kindling his flame.

Fire dragons rushed from his body after the monster.

The black sea dragon, seeing that huge flames fly after him, did not even think about hiding. He raised his head to the sky, making a loud growl, after which a continuous stream of water, like a water curtain, appeared right in front of him, extinguishing the fire and not allowing him to fall victim to the magic of fire.

– Burial celestial flame!

Mo Fan released magic very quickly, after which a cloud of fire appeared in the sky above the head of the black dragon.

The cloud opened in a fiery rain, turning the sea surface into a fiery sea!

Drops of flame literally exploded, covering the body of a sea dragon with fire. He wanted to go into the water to hide from this attack, but she was covered by electrical discharges, which could also fry him well!

The sea dragon did not dare to sink into the water, his body stretched out, uttering a piercing cry.

At the same time, streams of water from above fell on the water surface covered by fire, drowning out the flames.

After some time, the flames were completely extinguished, and the sea dragon, which hates fire and similar attacks, turned around sharply, raging in the direction of Mo Fan.

The dragon suddenly jumped, towered above Mo Fane in a huge pile!

He stamped his foot, and after that a dark blue glow appeared, more like a nimbus. Mo Fan, not assuming the possible destructive power of this luminescence, did not manage to escape from the attack and was thrown into the air! He was thrown a few hundred meters away, it’s good that Mu Ning Xue managed to hook him with an ice chain, otherwise he could fly even further!

– And he is cruel! – said Mo Fan, having turned his attentive gaze into the sea monster.

* Jin

The little girl, seeing such a huge monster, unwittingly became interested in what was happening.

Mo Fan knew that the girl was already missing the fighting. A fiery lotus had already formed around the magician.

– Fire wings!

By the order of Mo Fan, beautiful wings of fire began to form behind his back.

Spreading his wings, Mo Fan covered everything around with the heat and glow of these wings, collecting fire in his hands at this time!

– Fiery wing – collapsing fist!

* Wham

Fist hit right in the chest of the sea dragon! He threw a hundred meters, and his protective scales covered with gaps.

Bobby, who was watching the situation from afar, unwittingly dropped his jaw.

He could not even imagine that such a young magician as Mo Fan could attack such a huge dragon carcass!

– Thousands of arrows of the ice sky!

While Mo Fan was spinning near the dragon, Mu Ning Xue released magic to help him.

By the level of control of the elemental sphere, Mu Ning Xue still surpasses Mo Fan. You could see a lot of ice arrows, flown from different sides.

Although the ice arrows are small in size, their strength is enormous. The black sea dragon involuntarily tucked his tail in fear, and now all his scales, attacked by arrows, were also under attack!

– The force of gravity!

At this point, Mo Fan re-connected. He could not release the magic of fire due to the fact that she could melt the ice of Mu Ning Xue, so the element of space was used. In a matter of moments, the dragon’s body became very heavy, making it difficult for him to even move.

The sea dragon began to swing its claws, wanting to shake off all the arrows that had already managed to pierce his body, which was covered with ice frost!

– Ice sphere!

Mu Ning Xue, taking advantage of this opportunity, began to accumulate elemental energy.

Ice crystals accumulated around the girl. The energy of the ice was so strong that on the sea surface even formed a path of thick ice!

The ice hill, whose height exceeded ten meters, began to squeeze the dragon, holding him into his arms.

The monster’s movements have now slowed down, and it has become increasingly difficult for him to release his anger!

– The power of the night!

Mo Fan also released his shadow sphere!

Thorns of the shadows fiercely flew into the body of the black sea dragon, sticking into his body parts.

His body was huge, and therefore the spikes of the shadow needed a lot to pacify him. The dragon was already in the ice cage, immobilized by the spikes of the shadow, but he did not give up … what is urine, he let out a growl, trying to move.

– Cool! – Bobby exclaimed from afar, praising the coordinated work of Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue.

Two young mage pacified a huge sea dragon!

The black dragon shouted, trying to resist what happened.

The dark blue glow released by the dragon began to spread around, dispelling the ice magic of Mu Ning Xue.

The magic of the shadow of Mo Fan, too, could not stand it: after the appearance of the blue glow, the thorns of the shadow literally evaporated. Even the power of the night has been affected by this glow …

The dragon opened its huge toothy mouth, directing it to Mo Fang!

A powerful stream of water flew out of the dragon’s mouth, Mo Fan wanted to hide, but there it was!

The flow of water was very strong. Mo Fan could not keep himself in his place, and all of his fire immediately went out; the mage himself was thrown far away with force, and he almost crashed on the reefs.

After that, the sea dragon rushed towards Mu Ning Xue. A stream of water also flowed into it, and even using ice chains, the girl could not resist, and she was also thrown away.

The dragon still chased the boys. Now he has prepared his sharp claws, swinging them at the magicians!

Together with the claw of a claw, a huge wave rolled, which served as an awesome background of these daggers!

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue held their breath – the black sea dragon turned out to be such a brutal creature!

They fled in different directions, trying to hide from the attacks of the dragon, whose claws were also very fast …

Claws slammed into the water, creating strong water vibrations. Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue were caught … they experienced so much physical pain, as if they instantly lost their mind!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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