Chapter 997. The Dragon Skeleton


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Mo Fan has already lost his orientation, not understanding at all where the North, South or West is.

The dragon’s claws were so powerful that even an activated serpentine chain was about to fall apart.

At that moment, Mo Fan felt a strange pressure on his body, a strange dark silhouette appeared, causing the hair of the magician to involuntarily stand on end!

The sea dragon opened its mouth, exposing a row of teeth right in front of Mo Fang.

These teeth were in close proximity with the guy’s face, so he hurried to use the magic of the shadow, divided into two silhouettes that slipped through the dragon’s fangs.

However, the black sea dragon did not calm down, he continued to pursue the magician, not letting him out of his sight.

Mo Fan was scared outright!

If he is blocked, he will go straight to the stomach of this creature!

– The mantle of the shadow!

Mo Fan, not daring to lose more precious time, hastened to activate the mantle.

The mantle appeared behind the host’s dark silhouette, with a look resembling the shape of the two wings.

At that very moment, Mo Fan’s breathing disappeared, and in the same place where he was located, nothing remained but water.

The dragon, who had lost sight of the purpose of his pursuit, did not even know how to react.

He tried in vain to open his eyes wide to see the little bastard, but it was all to no avail.

He did not believe that this man could evaporate just like that, so the dragon, being far from being a stupid creature, even began to stir up the water so that water would pour over the silhouette of the magician.

The sea dragon saw the outlines struck by splashes of water, and fixed his gaze exactly there.

As soon as possible he rushed to block that place. Grabbing this silhouette, the dragon, as if grinning, sent him straight to his mouth.

In the end, it turned out that it was a shadow mantle that stood in the shape of a human body, but in fact it was empty inside! This magician was able to evaporate even from this mantle!

Mo Fan himself appeared behind the monster. The dragon threw back the empty robe, which at that very moment returned to the shoulders of its master.

The look of the monster ran back and forth. The dragon really didn’t understand how this little man managed to do this, and then the monster felt the heat on his back ….

– Flaming sword!

Mo Fan stood on his monster’s back and released his sword!

Ten-meter blade of fire appeared in the hands of the magician. Mo Fan stuck him right into the dragon’s body, making scorched marks on the scales, and the blade itself pierced his insides!

* Roar

The black sea dragon uttered an agonizing cry, releasing black smoke on its back.

Mo Fan knew that this smoke is very poisonous, in no case should we approach the clouds of black smoke ….

The magician used the mantle of the shadow, which acted much faster than the shield of darkness.

Now, with the mantle of Mo Fan, there was no need to rush to look for a place or an object that casts a shadow, since the mantle itself could create the necessary shadow ….

Against such a monster as a black sea dragon, bloody boots will be just a useless piece of shoes, since they are not capable of drastically changing the situation, but the shadow mantle is a completely different thing!

The dragon turned sharply. The wound on his back still made itself felt, but the most hated for the monster was that he could not find this magician!

Where did he hide?

The dragon attentively peered, sniffed, but could not find Mo Fang in any way!

– Nine palaces!

Suddenly, pillars of fire began to arise under the carcass of the sea monster, five of which roasted his belly!

The fire of this spell is very strong, since in fact it consists of nine volcanoes, scorching everything around!

And only now the dragon realized that fighting these two is not so easy!

The sea dragon looked at the surface of the water, and examined the depth. Realizing that these stupid lightning cuttlefish had already stopped randomly releasing electrical discharges, he decided to go into the water.


Who knew that at that moment when the dragon had already decided to go into the water, his huge carcass would crash down on the icy surface. The ice was so strong that it did not even collapse from such a collision!

While Mo Fan understood the dragon, Mu Ning Xue released her ice sphere, spreading it within a radius of a kilometer, completely freezing everything around. The thickness of the ice reached 30 meters …

– Grab him! – Ling Ling told magmas on the radio.

Mu Ning Xue calmly closed her eyes, and a huge ice sarcophagus sank right in front of the monster!

The dragon, seeing this, became frightened and decided to run away until this coffin pressed him.

The glow of the ice element reappeared, and now another ice coffin fell behind the monster!


The third sarcophagus blocked the dragon on the left.

He tried to jerk on the other side, through the only exit that he had left from this trap, but even there the ice sarcophagus fell!

The dragon looked up when he saw a lump of flying there …

“Five … five ice sarcophagi …

Bobby was stunned. As a hunter, he met many high-level ice magicians, but five … FIVE ice sarcophagi at the same time ??? Is this girl – is she a human being at all ?!

“There is still a grub, now it’s up to it,” Ling Ling said.

– In terms of? Mo Fan asked uncomprehendingly.

– And you yourself see!

Mo Fan looked at the dragon and saw that something strange was starting to happen to him. The monster’s scales began to fade away!

Figs with her, with scales, seemed to be the insides of a monster, which quickly decomposed, and amid all this meat, something white began to appear …

– What else is it? – asked Mo Fan.

“The maggots, the state in which the damnation curse larva dwells before becoming a larva,” answered Ling Ling.

In the body of the dragon appeared more and more of this horror. The maggots ate the monster’s entrails, and the smell around the district was not the most pleasant!

In normal times, a dragon could easily destroy these creatures, but now he only had to humbly lie and watch his body being devoured by small creatures.

Maggots became more and more, and with increasing speed they ate dragon flesh …

– My God!

Bobby’s scream rang out in the air ….

“This is … this is …” Mo Fan, too, could not find the words to describe what he saw.

If he knew that this monster would be killed not by the magic of Mu Ning Xue, but by countless of these creatures ….

Maggots covered the monster’s body with many layers, and the dragon’s organism itself literally melted before our eyes ….

Even Mu Ning Xue did not believe her eyes!

Who knew that seemingly innocuous maggots could make such a thing? From the dragon there were only bones left !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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