Chapter 998. A Larva Turns into a Dragon


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Ultimately, all of the black sea dragon has only one bone, no blood, no flesh. An empty skeleton is frozen in a thick layer of ice.

After a long time, Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Bobby still didn’t come to their senses. Even Ling Ling, who had presupposed such an outcome, looked at this picture with astonishment.

– These are little maggots? – Mo Fan opened his mouth.

The larvae disappeared so quickly that Mo Fan did not have time to see them. What happened just did not fit in my head.

– Now we wait on the ship. When the time is right, I can tell you where the maggots are, ”Lin Lin replied.

All three climbed the yacht. The thunderstorm cuttlefish floating below had already ceased to produce electrical discharges, and calm reigned in the whole district again. The black sea dragon was no more, but still there was an incomprehensible bad feeling.

As Lin Lin said, everyone obediently stayed on the yacht, waiting.

…… ..

Ling Ling slept very little. All three days that they spent on the yacht, she slept three hours a day. She constantly looked at the computer, as if she was afraid of missing something.

Now is the next day. The dawn sun disappeared behind long cirrus clouds. A beautiful sunny pattern appeared on the surface of the sea.

Mo Fan stepped out of the cabin and yawned loudly.

Stepping onto the deck, he saw Ling Ling, wearing a coat over his shoulders, still sitting in his place and observing.

Mo Fan mentally bowed to the obstinacy of Ling Ling. Other girls of her age begin to act up, even if they are asked to do household chores.

Seeing Lin Ling’s reddened eyes, Mo Fan was even worried. He stood in front of the girl and snapped her head:

– Why so straining? Larvae below, they will not go anywhere.

– This is the biggest reward in my life, except for the Black Church. You know that I am not at all interested in studying at the university, I want to become a good hunter, ”Lin said seriously.

Mo Fan did not find what to say.

“There is movement,” said Ling Ling, not looking up from the monitor.

“I’ll go call for Mu Ning Xue,” Mo Fan went inside and called out loud to Mu Ning Xue.

Bobby he called too. All three were already standing in front of Ling Ling.

– The larva began to move into its adult stage. You three get down into the water and wait. “As soon as the vaccine is ready, you need to pick it up,” Lin said.

“Soon it will all be over,” Bobby took a deep breath, a satisfied smile played on his face.

This experience was the most terrible and exciting in his life. Now until the end of your days you can bait old hunters. Ah, the black sea dragon! Yes, yes, dangerous creature. I personally participated in his murder.

“I will go,” said Mu Ning Xue. She recalled how Mo Fan had recently managed to piss off the storm cuttlefish. Better she goes.

“Wait, wait,” Ling Ling said suddenly, gesturing for everyone to shut up.

Trinity was puzzled. If the larva has already passed into its adult stage, you need to quickly pick up the vaccine and transfer it to the Union of Hunters!

Ling Ling looked into the water and frowned.

– She swims in our direction.

“Well, that’s fine, you won’t have to go down to look for her,” Mo Fan rejoiced.

Ling Ling shook her head. Judging by you expression on her face, something bad happened.

* pi pi pi pi pi pi …

Ling Ling’s small tablet began to issue warning sounds, faster and faster. This meant that the object being tracked was getting closer and closer!

The yacht did not move, so the larva very quickly approached them …

– How fast! – Mu Ning Xue looked at the data on the tablet and saw that the red dot is rapidly approaching.

“I’ll go catch her,” Bobby stood on the edge of the deck and looked down.

The larva was completely transparent and difficult to see in seawater. It only remained to listen to the instructions of Lin Ling. But Bobby peered into the water anyway, trying to notice something. You can not miss this damn grub!

The surface of the sea worried, from time to time the waves beat on the yacht and they could see blue bursts. No one noticed how the water turned black.

At first, Bobby did not even notice this, peering into the depths. Then he saw how a huge black silhouette appeared deep in the sea.

At first, the silhouette was very blurry, but its approach to the surface of the sea made Bobby gasp for breath. This black thing was much bigger than their yacht !!

– Watch out !!

Realizing all the danger, Mu Ning Xue with one wave of her hand formed a strong gust of wind and dragged Bobby away from the edge.

At the same moment, a black silhouette with a staggering force crashed into the front of the vessel. A number of huge swords like fangs in one fell swoop bit off half the yacht!

The metal hull of the yacht was torn. Waves of sea water began to flood the deck. Mo Fan saw a huge black creature. Under the onslaught of such a giant, their small boat will not stand even a minute!

Bobby nearly wet his pants. How nice that Mu Ning Xue managed to save him, otherwise he would have been devoured by this monster!

– Where did another dragon come from ?? Shouted Bobby.

It really was a black sea dragon, he looked exactly like the first. That they could not expect!

– Larva, didn’t the larva float to us? – Mo Fan did not understand what was happening.

– This is it! – through the noise shouted Ling Ling.

Mo Fan was standing on the remaining half of the yacht, splashing waves poured them from head to toe.

Raising his head, he looked at the huge dragon. The dragon sailed fifty meters straight in front of him. The man and the dragon, the roaring sea, the swinging half of the yacht – all this created a strange and terrible picture!


This dragon is the larva !!

Mo Fan clearly felt the colossal power emanating from the dragon, he was much stronger than the first dragon! Compared to him, the first dragon seemed a bug, which could be easily grabbed !!

* loud roar

The dragon opened its mouth, which looked like a bottomless abyss, and issued a long, shrill roar in the direction of Mo Fan.

There was no aggression in this roar, but rather a desire to demonstrate my power to Mo Fang. Mo Fang thought it was a mockery of the little larva.

It was a mockery of little people who believed that they could cope with the curse of the drowned man and did not even know that she had turned into a sea dragon! The most powerful creature into which the larva can turn!

Now she has the power of a black sea dragon! Now she can freely float on the endless ocean, kill and devour whatever she pleases! She will be able to subdue all sea creatures and even miserable sirens!

The dragon larva was not about to attack Mo Fan. By her behavior, Mo Fan understood that she was very proud.

– You think if you turned into a dragon, can you avoid death ?? – Mo Fan stood at the very top of the rest of the yacht, the waves of the sea crashed into his body. There was not a drop of fear in his dark eyes. On the contrary, under the attacks of ice waves, his morale flared ever stronger!

What is this dragon. If it were a real dragon, he would immediately kill Mo Fang.

– Ling Ling, the vaccine on her body? – Mu Ning Xue stood beside. Her beautiful face looked sternly and concentrated as ever.

– Yes! The gallbladder of the dragon is the original larva. We need to kill the dragon and get it! – answered Ling Ling.

Larva dragon, as if she could understand human speech. She looked down upon the wrecked yacht and the little people and snorted sharply with her nose.

Having inherited the intellect of the dragon, the larva felt neglect. Previously, people seemed to be the foremen of fate, she was then weak and defenseless.

If these people were tactful, then, in gratitude for the fact that they helped her turn into a dragon, she would have left them alive. Do they think they can stand up to her ??

She became a black sea dragon !! She is no longer a worm that can be crushed with one finger!

These reckless people came to honor her becoming a dragon!

* loud roar

The long body of a sea dragon ended with a tail very similar to a fish tail. This tail, like the fish one, could be crammed like a fan.

The giant tail rose from the water and hit hard on the rest of the yacht.

Four people threw up, and rising from the impact of a wave dragged them into the open sea.

Mo Fan defended Ling Ling, and Mu Ning Xue defended Bobby. The four of them reached the shallow reefs.

Only here it is possible to fight with the black sea dragon.

Dragon larva was very proud of herself! There was no sense in showing all its power, but she was struggling with all her might. Chasing mages, she abruptly doused them with her magical breath. The breath of the dragon contains a terrible power! It kills all living things as soon as it touches it!

– Be sure to kill him! Do not miss it! – having said this to Mo Fang, Ling Ling ran back.

– Do not worry. This is a real dragon or not, in my eyes – this is a dead dragon!

With these words, fire flared in Mo Fan’s chest.

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