Chapter 999. Electric mine, bang !!


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Mo Fan jumped high, avoiding the dragon’s breath wave.

The dragon larva lifted its head, directing the black breath of the dragon directly to Mo Fan.

– Control!

Mo Fan dispelled the control magic around the floating wrecks of the yacht.

All debris rose into the air and formed a solid wall, protecting Mo Fang from the dragon’s breath.

– Deadly silent lightning!

The magician sent deadly thunder rays right into the dragon larva. A beam of light pierced the dorsal fin of a dragon and burned it through.

The sea dragon howled in pain and, lifting his head, began to spew black lightning out of himself.

The black sea dragon had the ability to create lightning, but never used this ability. The larva did it for the first time.

Lightning strikes one after another all around Mo Fang, like merciless devil claws.

The discharges hit the shallow reefs, and all the water around it turned to foam. Mo Fan retreated farther and farther, not wanting to come into contact with these black lightning.

In the eyes of the dragon larva, fun began to play as she watched Mo Fang’s retreat.

Raising his head to the sky, the dragon made a loud roar. Around dozens of lightning appeared. The whole space around Mo Fan, was lit up with electric flashes, and he had nowhere to dodge. It remains only to hope for the protection of the serpentine chain mail.

Mail could not provide complete protection in battle with a creature of the commander-in-chief level. Lightning strikes swept the wave through his body, reaching to the very bones. In my ears rang. Mo Fan thought he was about to faint.

“Al … ele … electric mine!”

Gritting his teeth, Mo Fan tried to absorb the electric lightnings around him.

– You are crazy! – exclaimed Mu Ning Xue, seeing Mo Fang’s desperate step.

The black lightning of the sea dragon was so powerful that to lure them was to dig the grave for yourself. Even the magician of the lightning element would not dare to make such a risky move. If the body does not withstand such tension, then a person can burn out in a matter of seconds. Terrible death!

The generated flow of electricity from the dragon to Mo Fan was arcing at a hundred-meter height and squirming like a giant black snake. In the penetrating electric light every blood vessel in Mo Fan’s body was visible. In such a situation, only ash would remain from an ordinary magician!

“How … just … just for me!”

Mo Fan gritted his teeth, tried to absorb the energy of lightning striking him.

The lightning element is the most unstable of all the elements. Controlling the lightning element’s own magic is already a very difficult task, let alone talking about controlling enemy lightning attacks.

Even if the serpentine mail were more durable. She still would not have withstood such tension. Moreover, Mo Fan, was not going to reflect and dissipate this energy at all.

The sea dragon still roared. The louder the sounds became, the more lightning appeared and the more powerful they were. The dragon wanted to burn Mo Fan alive! But no matter how hard he tried, Mo Fang managed to absorb all the lightning. Now there was a powerful concentration of lightning magic in his body! Not much yet and a catastrophic explosion may occur!

– Try it! – shouted Mo Fan and released all the accumulated energy.

Two streams of deadly black energy rushed upward, connecting in one beam right in front of the dragon. The collision of two streams of energy colored all the space around in black and purple. There was a dead silence. Only flashes of light flashed in the sky!

All energy, blazing in the sky, as if formed in one glowing giant dragon, circling directly above them. This lightning element that can destroy everything in its path!

Steam began to rise from the surface of the sea. Lightning elements hit right on the shallow reefs and dragon! All the scales and dragon skin were charred, and now it was bleeding …

Through the burned skin, one could see that in front of them was not a real dragon at all, but white larvae parasitizing on this creature. The larvae, caring for and protecting their leader, gathered together to form a huge dragon body!

Small larvae fell out of the burned holes in the skin of a huge werewolf larva! After such a powerful attack, the dragon larva became a helpless bleeding creature.

* Hlyup-Hlyup-Hlyup …

Mo Fan slowly bent over, sinking into the shallow reefs. He was deathly pale.

He had long mastered the skill of absorbing the magic of the element of lightning, but no one did it on such a scale.

Many times, Mo Fan thought his body was about to explode due to an over-voltage, but still he withstood. Admittedly, demonization has done him a good service! If it were not for her, then only the serpent mail would not be able to save him.

At this time, the power of lightning many times exceeded all the capabilities of Mo Fan, otherwise he could not defeat the dragon! The defense capability of this creature was very high.

It was worth it!

Mo Fan was already aware of the power of the sea dragon. Even if he had merged with the fiery hetero and used all the power of the magic of fire, and even if Mu Ning Xue had taken advantage of deep freezing, they could have delayed the dragon, but would not have caused him serious damage! Killing this creature at the commander-in-chief level is a very difficult task!

Only through stronger magic and Mo Fang’s courage, could they win!

Mu Ning Xue was horrified by Mo Fane’s fearless act. The girl hit the chills. Seeing that this madcap is still alive, she sighed with relief.

– How do you?

– Exhausted. Hold him, don’t let him go! Said Mo Fan.

– You shouldn’t have risked so much. Of course, I, Mu Ning Xue, will not let this damned grub go! – the girl’s silvery eyes flashed violently. At that moment, icy air began to gather around Mu Ning Xue and soon it was a real hurricane!

“Be careful, you shouldn’t harm yourself,” Mo Fan immediately interfered when he saw the mood of Mu Ning Xue. Looking at all this, he remembered the last case.

The energy was so powerful that Mo Fan immediately guessed – the girl wants to use forbidden magic!

Forbidden magic is black magic that is banned throughout the international community. Mu Ning Xue wanted to use her to strengthen her deadly ice bow. But it was deadly!

Mo Fan knew that the use of ice onions could greatly harm Mu Ning Xue herself and therefore protested.

– Do not worry, I have more or less learned to control him! – Mu Ning Xue understood that he was worried, and, at the moment of the stability of magic, she tried to calm him down.

She did not think that he was worried about herself.

When Mu Ning Xue was average, the use of ice onions was tantamount to suicide! Recoil could knock the whole spirit out of it in one fell swoop!

But, having reached a high level and perfectly mastered the ice sphere, she learned to control her own ice magic of destructive power.

Of course, you had to pay a certain price for this, but the girl decided that it was worth it! The main thing is not to let the dragon larva escape!

Could she just stand and watch how Mo Fan is fighting alone ??

– Deadly ice bow!

Silver pollen enveloped Mu Ning Xue like a small diamond hurricane. Directly in front of her appeared an icy bow, concealing in itself a force comparable to a thunderstorm hurricane! Ice onions seemed made of pearls and looked very elegant.

Mu Ning Xue held her bow tightly, gracefully flexing her fingers. Slowly pulled the thinnest string of ice …

Mu Ning Xue’s clothes flew open, her silver hair randomly evolving from strong gusts of wind. But her snow-white hand calmly and confidently held her position. More and more silver pollen accumulated around, and finally, right under her arm, an ice arrow formed!

– Die !!!

Mu Ning Xue uttered only this short word, but letting out her colossal power seemed to shake everything around!

* shrill whistle !!!

The ice arrow rushed forward! Ice storm streams rushed after her like a huge tail!

Ledyan’s arrow cut the water surface into two parts! The edges of the cut froze in a few seconds!

The dragon larva immediately lost all its arrogance. Throwing off the damaged shell, she went off tail!

The ice arrow pierced through the body of the dragon larva, and it immediately turned into huge chunks of ice! The body broke into smithereens, as if ice sculpture.

* slam !!

The ice arrow passed through the dragon’s body and rushed on! All she touched was turning into ice! Sea, clouds, underwater reefs – nothing could survive! The sea quickly turned into one big glacier. The black sea dragon’s body no longer seemed so dangerous and ominous.

Standing at a distance Bobby almost dropped his lower jaw on the ice! The guy was obviously in shock.

He stood wide-eyed and did not even blink. The sea is gone! There was only ice far around! He has never met such a strong mage of the element of ice !!

He remembered how vilely he whistled after her. What a shame !!

After all this is over, the first thing is not the funeral of the younger brother. He will kneel before Mu Ning Xue and beg to forgive him!

On the other side, Mo Fan has already moved away from the shock. Seeing the sea of ice, he swallowed nervously. He had no words to describe this picture! He saw it not for the first time, but the power of the magic of ice every time hit the imagination!

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