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The van was advancing for my stop and we were talking endlessly. I don’t know why, but
amidst our talks, she asked, “you will keep the pinky promise na?” and all my heart replied
was “yes, of course!”. It was just the last five minutes to my stop and the eventful day was
coming to an end. The pain of losing my best friend was growing unbearable and my mind
fuzzily went through all the past years and the bond we shared. Just before the van would
stop, I planted a kiss on her right cheek and said “no pending favours” and wore a faded
smile. it was a kiss for my best friend, my first best friend ever!
She smiled back and looked towards our hands, the fingers still interlocked. As the driver
applied brakes, she tilted towards me and for the first time she came so close to me and I
could feel her warmth. She was breathing rapidly and her face too wore a faded smile now,
as if she knew what actually was going to happen. I still doubt if her sixth sense was so
strong and accurate!
As the van stopped, I pulled my hand and she could feel my pull. She looked towards me
and said “bye!”. But all I noticed were her eyes. Her eyes were filled with some sort of
message she wasn’t able to speak. As if her eyes were trying to convey me something. I
could not manage to look into her eyes any longer as my eyes were getting filled too and
quickly took my eyes off her’s. I pulled my hand out and my fingers slid over her’s and while
my last finger was about to leave her hand, she slightly bent her pinky finger, reminding me
of the promise. I stepped out of the van and went towards the window she was sitting by.
Other students were getting down, so the van was still waiting.
I put my hand on the window glass and she put her’s. I could feel the warmth of her hand,
as if there was no glass in between! The van started moving and the warmth was fading. I
smiled at her and she shouted as the van went by, “we will sit on the third bench in next
class”. I smiled and said “sure!”.
I had enough and could no longer carry the pain. I turned my face and burst out in tears.
The next class was not going to happen! How could’ve I said it to her?!
I lost my first best friend, maybe forever! A void was born!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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