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“The last challenge is 137 in the ranking, Zhou Tung!”, Quite enthusiastically summoned Wei Rong to the arena.

From what was the last defiant, Wei Rong admitted how terrifying this student, who had changed faculty, was. From the bodies of those who could not starve this impregnable wall, you can already build a new one!

The fiery faculty, having heard that the last caller is in the front of two hundred, immediately perked up.

Suppose that this Mo Fan can still squeeze magic out of himself, but even with such a scenario, he is unlikely to defeat someone of such strength. Apparently, God still had mercy on their faculty!

“There is nothing to rejoice, this translation was whitewashed by two hundred people from our faculty, none of them now dare to say that they are from the fiery faculty.”


The last caller, Zhou Tun, can be said, their last hope.

Zhou Tong was short, with protruding lower teeth, rather nasty appearance, but with an overly confident look.

He was looking at Mo Fan. I chuckled, then said: “After registration, I was terribly unhappy that I was the last one in the list of callers, and I could not see the hundredth place in the ranking, but you did a good job, waited for me.”

Zhou Tong looked calm, talking to Mo Fang, but in his eyes running back and forth there was something strange.

This is Liu Qian!

Although Zhou Tong and Liu Qian had such a relationship, Liu Qian knew in advance who would be the last caller, and asked Zhou Tong to help him.

Liu Qian planned to thoroughly decorate Mo Fang so that he would spend a couple of months in the hospital.

Liu Qian had his complaints about this transfer, except that he had to pay for his acquaintances. And despite this tired remittance, he already anticipates an easy victory.

… ..

Mo Fan was standing still, his face already white.

These battles have been going on for too long, his magical energy is already running out, in addition to being wounded.

“Teacher Wei Rong, let’s start faster, you should not give him time to rest.”

Wei Rong nodded and announced the start of the fight.

Only he began to say how he was interrupted.

“That’s all for today,” said director Xiao, it’s not clear how he happened to be here.

“Director Xiao.”


Several teachers courteously gave way.

“Mo Fan, you, too, slaz, you should not climb into this harvested network, a quarrel with the fire department will not give you anything good in the future,” said director Xiao Mo Fan.

“Yeah, you are right,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Apologize to Wei Jun, the faculty of fire, to the female students, you just arrived …”, said director Xiao.

“This is … good,” Mo Fan was not stubborn, since director Xiao said that the continuation of all this would not give him anything worthwhile.

Mo Fan apologizing, bowed his head to Wei Jun and admitted his mistake to the whole faculty of fire.

This tyrant looked sincere, but his apologies were neither cold nor hot, the students of the faculty of fire were dumbfounded.

Apologized and left? How can director Xiao just take and wash all his sins?

“Director Xiao, do you think apologies will be enough to launder the reputation of the faculty of fire at the Mingzhu?”, Said Wei Rong, irritated by the incident, raising his voice.

“Wei Rong, leave it, this Zhou Tong is not against Mo Fang,” director Xiao said quietly to him.

Standing next to his teacher, Gu Han nodded; even before the start of the battle, he reported this to Wei Rong.

“He no longer has the strength to continue fighting, how can Zhou Tong not win?”, Said director Xiao, raising his eyebrows.

Director Xiao did not want a lot of people to know about Mo Fane’s real gift, until the world magic competition for sure. Open all the cards will be oh how not profitable. And he said a few words to Wei Rong’s ear.

Wei Rong was not stupid, even though Director Xiao said everything was quiet, he involuntarily threw himself into a cold sweat.

Wei Rong immediately understood what the director Xiao decided to stop the fight … He, too, was worried about the reputation of the fire department!

Director Xiao naturally knew that Mo Fang had four elements, and if the fight continued, Mo Fang would have to resort to the element of shadow. Zhou Tong is naturally not an opponent of Mo Fang, but Director Xiao is much more worried about the World University Competition, because it is extremely important for the entire state!

“If so, then today’s battles are over.”

For Wei Rong, the reputation of the faculty of fire was the most important thing, and since Mo Fan himself apologized, then you can go …

“It cannot be so decided!”

“Let Zhou Tong deal with him!”

“Aha, he said that most of us are worthless, let them fight, or then apologize to everyone personally!”

Today, they have lost face even more, and how can they otherwise regain their reputation if he does not apologize to everyone?

“Isn’t he too insolent? True, he has a lot of strength, and many of our faculty are not rivals to him, but this is not a reason to trample us, if he wants to leave this way, let him leave. ”

Mo Fan immediately caused general anger, now he has no strength, and defeat is obvious, but none of these people have any business to do …

“Are there any people in your fire department?” Shameless, he won 200 people in a row, and now you want everyone to apologize to everyone? Do you want to be disgraced even more? ”, – all views were already directed at the swearing Ai Tu Tu.

Students of the faculty of fire have always been famous for their arrogance, not respecting other faculties. And today they were put in place by a student transferred to them. Here it is justice!

This all made the students of the faculty of fire angry even more, they could not so easily let Mo Fang go.

What is the point of apologizing to everyone, when each of them is waiting, how this haughty, unbridled lad will strike his head in front of each of their legs!

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