The head of the 578. The onset of the ruler of the undead.


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Fei Jiao did not understand the ostentatious courtesy of Jiang Li, and so he went straight to Mo Fang.

– I contacted you. Zhang Xiao Hou is my student. “Fei Jiao smiled because he received news about Monkey from Mo Fang.

– Oh, sorry, I did not recognize the voice. Said Mo Fan, embarrassed.

Mo Fan had talked to him on the phone before that, and he could not even imagine that he would be so young — in appearance, Fei Jiao was no more than thirty years old. The fact that at such a young age he was already a senior military instructor indicated that he was an incredible person!

– Nothing wrong. I really admire you! No one else would agree to go to the places where the zombie depths manifest, and you not only went there, but also returned my student alive! – said Fei Jiao.

– No one would agree ?! And nothing that I – the supernatural and had no idea about what a zombie abyss ??? Said Mo Fan.

– Ha ha ha! I did not mean that at all. I have often heard about you from my student, and he is so respectful only to you and to us, the teachers. Anyway, you are really an unusual person, I also heard about your achievements! – Fei Jiao spoke friendly with Mo Fan.

In total, there were about fifty people in the hall, most of whom were medium-level magicians. There were several high-level mages, one of them was the senior assessor, Zhu Meng. Everyone looked surprised at Mo Fan, to whom Zhu Meng himself first addressed, and then also Xian’s senior military instructor. All worried only one thing: who is he, is he also a mid-level magician?

Mo Fan, realizing that all the views of others were focused on him, no longer dared to talk with Fei Jiao about any nonsense, and decided to switch to pressing problems.

Fei Jiao, continuing the speech of Zhu Meng, addressed to everyone: “The second time, the zombie depths appeared at a distance of more than one hundred kilometers from the city, and, unfortunately, one of my students almost lost his life then. The third time the abyss made itself felt right now at a distance of thirty kilometers from the outer wall … compared to its previous location, we can assume that it is almost at the entrance to the city! ”

– Each time she gets closer! Said one of the hunters’ legends.

– Yeah, getting closer and closer …

– It was said that the zombie depth has spatial unpredictability, maybe it’s just a coincidence? – said Zhong Zi Shan.

– We also want to hope that this is just a coincidence. However, the third manifestation of the abyss already makes you wonder … – said Zhu Meng to the silent military.

This man was the head of the north tower security. All the military that are serving for ten kilometers of the wall, submit directly to him.

“Why then all of us gathered here?” So that we stand against this deep? It does not make sense to fight with so many undead, all the more so because we are only medium-level magicians. – There was a voice from the crowd.

– The place of manifestation of zombie depths exudes a very strong breath of death, to which even more undead can flock to the level of the leader of the pack or even higher … I hope that tonight, you will all be on your guard, and if these creatures approach the city, you will destroy them! Said Zhu Meng.

– If you don’t need to go to the very depths, then I agree. – sounded the voice of one of the students.

– Senior Assessor, rest easy! It is our magical duty to protect!

– I also have no questions. To protect – to protect!

– I, too, for!

– And I!

Mages, having heard that they should not go to the zombie abyss itself, immediately began to agree to the task.

All those present have already killed the undead. And, since the government said to stand on the guard of the city that night, they did not have any questions. Forty-plus mid-level magicians, and even 4-5 high-level magicians – such combined power is enough to destroy more than one undead!


While everyone agreed, a growl sounded in the north!

This sound hit his ears sharply, as if some force was trying to break into the city limits.

Zhu Meng, Fei Jiao and the north tower security chief immediately changed their faces. Now their gazes were directed to where from where a huge dark silhouette was approaching them …

Mo Fan also looked in that direction …

– Again … Apparently, relying on the strong breath of death that exudes an abyss, this monster is trying to attack the city! – spitefully said Zhu Meng.

– It is not that simple. This monster is subordinate to the hordes of the undead. We cannot resist him so we need reinforcements again. Said the military adviser.

“Too hard to transfer reinforcements here.” Said a military man named Lu Xu.

– Will not work. Our army is too limited, and the undead in the district a dime a dozen. If we do not have reinforcements, the northern part of the wall will be destroyed by the supreme undead! And by that time everything will turn into a sea of blood! – said Fei Jiao.

“Then we must stick to our original plan.” Said Zhu Meng, knitting his brows.

“Senior assessor, this is too dangerous.” The slightest negligence – and we find ourselves buried by hordes of the undead! – said the adviser.

“Advisor Zhu, the city in which I, Zhu Meng, cannot be destroyed!” I will not allow some creatures to rule here! And although our military is not enough to kill all the undead, we can destroy their ruler! – answered Zhu Meng.

Zhu Meng held the highest post in the nationwide magical association. He sat so high, not because of his connections or secret underbelly, but because with every threat he was first in the ranks of the fighting!

It was this force that raised him so much high!

– Do not go! Nothing will come of it! Even if a few people fail, what will happen to the north tower? Who will lead? Chaos will begin here! – Advisor Zhu continued to insist on his.

Zhu Maen liked to go into battle himself personally, but putting himself at risk was very foolish.

“Then what do you propose to destroy this despot?” – asked Zhu Meng.

– We can decide at the meeting.

– In less than an hour they can be much closer than 30 kilometers! – objected Zhu Meng.

– So, too, will not do. – Zhu adviser changed his mind.

– Well, if with me? – among the crowd of magicians he heard the voice of a man with black thick eyebrows. A confident smile played on his face.

All around parted, looking at the brave.

Mo Fan also looked at him, and he was already very familiar to him!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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